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  1. Seems a breach of justice why the convicted murderer of Grace Millane is still allowed name suppression after he has been convicted months ago! Even the reason is suppressed.

    Not fair for the victim or their family not being able to talk freely about the case and part of the ‘sentence’ of someone of a heinous crime is their identity is revealed.

    You can see in some circumstances that a person who may be innocent gets name suppression while the Case is in court but after they are convicted????

    Continued name suppression of convicted criminals is not in the interests of the public and more in the interests of the convicted murderer!

    When cigarettes smugglers up on charges with millions in cash in rubbish bags found, get suppression on the grounds of legal ‘hardship’ while they engage their QC lawyer, something is very wrong with the rich and powerful being able get extra benefits from the law that other’s do not get.

    When ever anybody is charged it is obviously hard for their families, it is yet another incentive not to commit crimes!

    Public interest in NZ is increasingly being abused by the powerful who are starting to get more and more legal concessions.

    • And what does this say about the partial sense of justice and openness in NZ? We are more and more like a banana republic run by a posse of rich fellas and wimmin. I thought we wanted to be a developed, highly intellectual nation with good social mobility, busy with skills and achievements – but I guess there wasn’t the money in that.

      Talk is what we are good at; a form of bull-fighting is our national character; confusing the eye with a lot of modern behaviours and achievements that we swish out, and duck away behind from awful truth that rushes at us in inchoate rage (the UN rapporteurs perhaps); we stick with our steely knives and smile triumphantly. I’m drawing the picture so that people can visualise what has been going on for some time in NZ and now, though patently obvious, is still unseen behind the fancy glittering cloak swept out by moneyed mavens.

    This is just the latest twist in a political drama that began in late 2018 when Jami-Lee Ross unleashed against the National Party and its leader Simon Bridges with allegations of electoral fraud.
    He quit the party and is now an independent MP for Botany.

    The Gnats have been saving this up, on the advice of CT and their own machiavellians. (Is there a special tiepin/handshake with obligatory counting of remaining fingers, for those who belong/ed to this august group, in each Party?) No surprise at the accusations, and the timing would have been predicted immediately Ross left the Party.

  3. Quote: There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting. Hope Hicks
    I thought what cliche’ rubbish, and who is ladelling this out to naive people. And what do ya know she’s a public relations consultant! She can well believe her own BS, it has worked out so well for her.
    Hope Charlotte Hicks (born October 21, 1988) is an American public relations consultant who in February 2020 was named counselor to President Donald Trump. Hicks previously served as White House communications director from August 2017 until March 29, 2018….
    A former model, Hicks was an employee of the Trump Organization before becoming press secretary and early communications director for the Trump 2016 presidential campaign, as well as the national press secretary for the presidential transition team.[4][5] She was Trump’s longest-serving political aide at the time of her resignation.[6][7]
    On February 27, 2018, Hicks testified to a congressional committee that she had told “white lies” on Trump’s behalf.[8][9][10] The next day, Hicks announced her intention to resign as White House communications director.[11][12] She left the White House a month later.
    In 2019, she began working for Fox Corporation as its chief communications officer and executive vice president….

  4. Look at these people. Good looking, well dressed, smiling, got it all and got it sussed. Not.
    The hollow area behind these Easter Bunnies is a template for a lot of modern middle-class young to middle-aged parents. No soul, materialistic, not much thought about what being a human entails, what is to be valued, and what are just baubles. Heart-breaking that as affluence has grown, the real person integrated into a mutually supportive society with common modern values of respect and understanding of each other has shrunk.
    The book Affluenza is written by Clive Hamilton, one of his conclusions not necessarily new but needing to be realised: “There is only one inborn error: and that is the notion that we exist in order to be happy.:

    Some from Oliver James,
    “By far the most significant consequence of “selfish capitalism” (Thatch/Blatcherism) has been a startling increase in the incidence of mental illness in both children and adults since the 1970s.” ― Oliver James
    “Human kind cannot bear very much reality’.”
    ― Oliver James, They F*** You Up: How To Survive Family Life

    Neurosis is the rule, not the exception’, and grasping this can help us to see that we are not alone. It is also the starting point for understanding what went wrong and learning that we have a choice: we can simply re-enact the past, or we can rewrite the script.”
    ― Oliver James, They F*** You Up: How To Survive Family Life
    (This seems to offer a way forward. Are we smart and strong enough to adopt and work the idea?)

  5. More on the sad car and family burning in Brisbane. It was a NZ man living the fit and beautiful live in Oz.
    Wrenchingly sad.
    Mr Baxter’s social media shows tributes to his children, including one video from January 8 where he wrestles with his young son and pretends to break his neck.
    A woman filming the video can be heard laughing along with the children, however the youngest boy, Trey, ends up in tears.
    ‘Goodnight my babies’: Car-fire dad’s Facebook posts leading up to horror

    But here is a link by a fervently preaching psychiatrist as to how we definitely can help some people with brain injuries or defects. Maybe we can learn from this and do something better along the lines he has already proved.
    2013 The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen

  6. By the way @ SaveNZ, and carrying on from yesterday – I reckon if I was Blair Ensor, or Dileepa Fonseca, or Gill Bonnett, or a few others I’d be digging a little deeper.
    So far, 2 Indians might very well be worth 1 Chinese among those that consider themselves ‘elite’ but sure as shit the people being ripped off are getting restless and they’re less likely to suppress their anger than the average yea/nah kiwi.

  7. Enjoy the forensic salience of Chris Trotter and the force of Martyn.

    Still think you both should step back from tactics and talk for truth first. You remember how much Churchill was disliked prior to WW 2. But they naturally turned to him in the crisis he foretold.

    Beneath you both.

  8. And the most important thing now is to talk for the larger reality. The only point of Helen’s girl Jacinda chance-winning last time was the premier pulpit. Why National has a good chance. But she’s Helen’s girl.

  9. PLENTY to burn to heat our planet up even more:

    This is rather ‘elusive’, they say:

    The production per country:

    So are we supposed to believe those reserves and production capacities will be capped and sealed any time soon, to keep that CO2 in the ground?

    As we see in the REAL world, nothing of this sorts is happening, and the leading producers will not crash their economies by stopping to produce the shit.

    Prepare for a few metres of sea-level rise in the coming century, or earlier.

    Those wanting to develop waterfronts in Auckland, Wellington and so need their heads read, I reckon.

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