Consider the distance National are pretending exists between them and Jami-Lee Ross


The JLR charges by the SFO are the worst outcome for National. It means the bloody thing won’t die now and could possibly play out in Court during the election.

That’s a lot of air time for JLR to endlessly claim Simon is corrupt and release the rest of his hidden evidence.

The distance National are trying to put between them & JLR is Peter denying Christ three times before the cock crows.

JLR joined National early & rose through the ranks BECAUSE of the dark skill set they are now damning him for.

His head kicker schtick and House of Cards ethics were crafted BY the National Party hierarchy who saw talent in his Stormtrooper ways. He became a whip, he was a bag man for the boss, he was muscle for political kneecappings.

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Watching National claim ‘no one prosecuted was a National Party MP’ when JLR WAS a bloody National Party MP is a game of semantics to throw the media off from holding them to account.

Remember how this fiasco exploded?

According to National, JLR, pissed off that he didn’t get a promotion he believed he deserved leaks embarrassing details about Simon Bridges.

Simon Bridges, convinced that it was Trevor Mallard who was the leaker, launches a vast investigation and accidentally outs his own Goon as the leaker! JLR (who must have thought he would never get caught), panics and launches a proactive strike claiming Bridges is corrupt.

National hierarchy realise how damaging this all could be, decide to go nuclear on JLR. Paula Bennett then goes on TV and brings up his marriage and a deluge of anonymous accusations of abuse come from women working inside the leaderships offices.

JLR then has a mental break down, suicide attempt and then has the SFO charge him for the crimes he accused National of!

This whole sordid clusterfuck of ego, abuse of power, depression, anger and political toxicity is a Shakespearean Greek fucking Tragedy but everyone is MacBeth with an achilles heal.

JLR entered right wing politics at the age of 18 and was a National Party MP at 25.

He was preened and groomed for his dark arts by the National Party, he is a product of THEIR internal political culture so watching the National Leadership now pretend to have had nothing to do with him is just extraordinarily duplicitous.

Jami-Lee Ross is theirs, they’re responsible for him despite all their deceitful manipulations pretending he’s some rogue lone wolf who was utterly unshaped by their own dark addictions to power.



  1. As I said, Winston Peters is the least of Bridges problems.
    Now, where is the photo of Bridges and those 3 Chinese donors again?

    • @ Bert …
      Simon .. “what 3 Chinese donors were they? I don’t know of any Chinese donors. That’s definitely not me in those pics.” / sarc

      • Haha Mary.
        Reminds me of Judas line to Mary Magdalen
        when denying his association with Jesus.

        “I DON’T KNOW HIM “

  2. I wonder if part of the reason Simon is still there is so he can be amputated if it looks like the rot is affecting the polls.

  3. 100%.

    National were more than happy to strongly endorse JLR as a reflection of their party. Then, once he exposes them and himself as being donkey deep in skulduggery, National attempt to recreate history by putting distance between the party and JLR. They can try and sell that for future deeds, but absolutely not past deeds. That’s akin to a gang of five men conspiring closely together to rob a bank. Everyone contributes to the plan and then rob the bank together. One of the bank robbers (John-Lenny-Rogers) is caught leaving the bank and implicates the other four robbers. Those robbers are extremely upset about developments and cast the liability and embarrassing (John-Lenny-Rogers) from their gang after he admits what unfolded. The gang then attempt to put distance between (John-Lenny-Rogers) and their gang by saying they don’t like him anymore and he’s now no longer part of their gang.

    Is there a court in the world or even a human being with a brain bigger than a sultana who will now believe the four bank robbers are innocent of their involvement in the bank robbery because they are no longer friends with the fifth bank robber (John-Lenny-Rogers) ?

    Good luck trying to get that to fly Soimon Bwidges.

    This is hilarious. The icing on the cake is Bwidges now spouting off about Winston Peters stepping down due to question marks about his “integrity”. Ironically, Bwidges attempted the same BS previously by demanding Jacinda Ardern stand down as PM for allegedly covering up farcical sexual abuse after their witch hunt campaign.

    I think most of us know only too well which vile individual masquerading as a party leader should really stand down due to considerable ongoing information that reflects very badly on his integrity etc.

  4. Consider the ongoing attempts of the Han Chinese dictatorship to colonise this “country”… how’s the Jian Yang petition going, Wokester?

  5. Well put Martyn, Jami Lee certainly did not operate in a vacuum. While he is no friend of the left he inadvertently did the country a service with his audio recordings of Mr Bridges, and hopefully will eventually take Soymun down with him.

    Bridges certainly knows what the undersides of buses are for as various Nat MPs have discovered!

  6. JLR gets a few mentions in Hager’s “Dirty Politics”. It’s a bit rich for him to now be claiming to be a victim of the same.

  7. Are you upset Steve King cause national will be going down, their ship is sinking. But still many of the rich and powerful will vote for them, why? ‘birds of a feather have no morals together’
    In the meantime the vultures like see- more smell blood and the chance to gain more power.

  8. I just scanned both the NZ Herald and Stuff websites. There were no easy to find articles talking about National and the donations. I found a couple talking about JLR and questioning his reliability, but zero articles questioning National and their distance from all of this. Blatant bias by the MSM, but what else would you expect?

    • Yes yet there is still an article by Claire Trevett continuing to attack the PM for being weak on Peter’s. Bias and lazy journalism . Makes you think about all the sordid details of who sleeps with who in the corridors of parliament?

    • Mike Hosking has just written a piece…

      “Minimum wage set to be election battlefield ”


      With the events of yesterday that’s the best he could have come up with.

      • Well I’m glad we aren’t tripping over ourselves to mock the leader of the oppositions double chin or pronunciation anymore. That would have alienated even more potential recruits.

      • When all else fails… it’s time to slap a dead cat on the table. Or go back to bashing the poor by claiming increases to the minimum wage will cause every small business in the country to implode under the weight of labour costs. “Business confidence will plummet!” If business confidence is that fucking fragile, maybe business needs to grow a spine and put on its big boy pants.

        Bill English openly lauded the fact that NZ is a low-wage economy. He claimed it made us more competitive in the global market. Well… people are sick of sweeping up crumbs and being told to be grateful for the pittance they’re given. The cost of living in this country, particularly housing, has reached critical mass and people aren’t coping. The number of beggars and homeless shuffling about the streets of Auckland is mind-boggling. I’ve seen entire families, complete with little kids and babies, dossing down in shop doorways in South Auckland. In winter. It’s fucking sick. I barely recognise the country I grew up in.

        Crap like this is Hosking’s feeble attempt at running interference for his Tory idols. “Let’s not talk about all that dreary political donation stuff… no, let’s put the boot into the working poor! The minimum wage is increasing again?! Why?! It’s because they spend it all on booze, smokes and pokies! Where’s the personal responsibility?! Shameful! Won’t someone please think of business confidence?!”

  9. Personally, all I have to remember to ponder as our beautiful country chugs along while the little fleas do their business on us is that our politics isn’t politics. It’s all about the money. More specifically, our money.
    Therefore; I could be forgiven for thinking that the fleas who pretend to play politics, i.e.By stating “Ohh? Lets Do This! Lets provide dignity via homes to the homeless, let’s make sure the children of the poor don’t go off and try to get a substandard education on empty bellies, lets protect our sovereignty, let’s fiercely protect our oceans and our natural environment.
    But no. Nothing happens. ‘ Lets do this’ clearly means lets do that? Lets do nothing! Because we’re only highly paid politicians. We only have to pretend to do this, being that, which is nothing.
    The natzo’s are simply self-legitimised criminals, so why do we discuss them with such solemn rumination?
    They’re simply arseholes. All of them. Labour too? Arseholes. Holes, of the arse. They’re fucking useless, lazy, greedy fucking arseholes.
    Fuck National!
    Fuck Labour!
    Fuck the Greens!
    Fuck NZ First!
    Fuck them all!
    Except us.
    We’re fucking awesome. We’re awesome because we try our best to navigate the shit storms they heave at us with a guffaw while they spend our money on their backs while our brothers and sisters sleep rough in the gutters.
    Our politicians are very, very lucky that we are who we are and not, say, French or Russian. Or Ugandan. Or anywhere else on earth where the locals will hunt down their dirty politicians and hack them to pieces.
    Liberia! Check out Liberia? The War Lords of Liberia. General Butt Naked ! Ba haha a Vice documentary. Have we got a consulate there? If so? Lets add on a wing then send it a few hundred new staff.
    The Vice Guide to Liberia

    • They’re probably wondering why you feel that way @ Countryboy – which, if it wasn’t so serious would be as funny as a fart in a lift.
      And what I find amusing is all the buzz and spin talk that goes with it.
      Admittedly, there are a few valiant warriors in our public service and a few among politicians but collectively, with their generic managerialist, risk managed mindsets, they don’t contribute to the public interest or serve the public unless it doesn’t inconvenience themselves or their career aspirations..
      Being the least worst doesn’t seem that honest or genuine to me, but its the way it all works these days.
      And as for corruption ( and honesty for that matter) – it’s become very fluid in definition.
      But like all crooks, they eventually fuck themselves up – you just have to hope it happens before they pop their clogs

    • You forgot ‘Fuck Act’ countryboy as seemore is already trying to get some leverage doesn’t leave us much options to vote for

    • ….’ The natzo’s are simply self-legitimised criminals, so why do we discuss them with such solemn rumination?
      They’re simply arseholes. All of them. Labour too? Arseholes. Holes, of the arse. They’re fucking useless, lazy, greedy fucking arseholes ‘….


      Inclined to agree.

      And the rest of your post is the stuff revolutions are made of , – in OTHER country’s. It is a pity that the phlegmatic NZ populations wont force a regime change in the typical NZ way…. marching on parliament with rolled up newspapers , banners and flour bombs. Give em a good inking. They are very lucky to have us NZ’s as their fiefdom. In other country’s they would be hung upside down publicly by now for what they’ve done over the last 35 years…

  10. If I recall correctly the tape made by JLR shows us Ross discussing laundering large donations to avoid detection with the leader of the National Party, aka Simon Bridges. Bridges didn’t comment or did not comment directly about that part of the discussion but a direct inference is he was absolutely aware of what was going on and one could argue it was so normal to launder donations in this way that it simply wasn’t worth commenting on.

    So if this was any other crime, such as drug dealers discussing their criminal business, such as laundering their ill-gotten gains, the very person the police would want would not be the bag man so much, it would be the top man. Surely as night follows day they would! They would say the Prez knew all about laundering because how could he not know and was, therefore, a party to it.

    So how in Gods name has Bridges not been charged or in the very least dragged into this investigation?

    Is it because he is the leader of the National Party? Seems to be!

    Electoral laws are not worth the paper they are written on. The authorities charged with their oversight are too pathetic and scared to enforce the and the politicians know it!

  11. They seem very buddy buddy and close in the old days… planning attack adds and how to promote list MP’s on the backs of how ‘valuable’ their ethnicity is to the party while reducing the fuckng useless ones.

    Jami-Lee Ross: Good thanks, buddy, how are you?

    Simon Bridges: Good, buddy, good. What’ve you been up to? Anything exciting?

    JLR: Just been meeting with a few people this afternoon. Malcolm Alexander, your good friend, and Stephen Selwood.

    SB: Yeah, they’re both my mates. They’ve never really done me any favours but that’s the way it goes. [inaudible]

    JLR: [laughs] Hey um you know at Paul Goldsmith’s function you saw those two Chinese guys, Zhang Yikun and Colin? You had dinner at their home?

    SB: Yes.

    JLR: They talked to you about a hundred thousand dollar donation –

    SB: Yep

    JLR: That is now in.

    SB: Fantastic

    JLR: What would you like done with it? It’s currently sitting in a Botany electorate account.

    SB: Mmmmmm yeah that’s good, I’d need to-I’d say – By the way, on that, just before we get to that. I promised them that we would have dinner at my place, that you should come. I mean, we might as well make a bit of fun of it. The only thing that would be good is if they brought the wine because they’ve got better wine –

    JLR: [laughs]

    SB: – when I move into my new house so that’s probably…we’ve got to sell ours. It could be earlier but it’s probably around September so we should make good on that cos otherwise I’ve lied to them, cos I’ve said it a couple of times now. We should definitely do that.

    Um look, I just think we want it for, uh, the advertisements and the like, you know? We want it for the things that we’re gonna need to do over the next year or so, sort of outside of the – not outside of the party but um, uh, you know, like I say we want to do some more attack ads – say we want to do another regional fuel one, say we want to do an industrial relations one. We just want to keep doing those things, right?

    JLR: Yeah

    SB: So look, I’ll tell you what. I had cancelled it because I’m at a Chinese function and I’m gonna be bloody tired. We could meet this evening briefly. We could talk about this.

    JLR: Oh okay, um, if you want. But we’ve all accepted that you’ve got stuff on. I’m not calling about that.

    SB: Nah, I’m just trying to think.

    JLR: I’m just aware there’s – the money’s fine sitting there in the Botany account. I don’t know what your arrangement is with Goodfellow or not, that’s all.

    SB: I need to talk to him. I’m actually seeing him tonight, I wonder if I should..

    JLR: I don’t think we can-

    SB: I should wait and get the right words.

    JLR: I don’t think we can raise tens of thousands and completely keep him out of the loop.

    SB: No no we can’t.

    JLR: Maybe if you’re just honest with him about it.

    SB: I think that’s right. Look, I’ll raise it with him but we should probably just think it through. I mean, it can be in the party but I do just wanna make sure we’ve got that money to do those sort of things, right? Don’t you think?

    JLR: Donations can only be raised two ways – party donation or candidate donation. Party donation has a different disclosure which is fine, and the way they’ve done it meets the disclosure requirements – sorry, it meets the requirements where it’s under the particular disclosure level because they’re a big association and there’s multiple people and multiple people make donations, so that’s all fine, but if it was a candidate donation it’s different. So making them party donations is the way to do it. Legally, though, if they’re party donations they’re kind of under Greg’s name as the party secretary, so –

    SB: So we need to tell them, I get that. I get that. I’m going to tell him – I think he’ll accept it, I just need to explain to him what it is I want it for. Uh, unless I get him to come along to, unless I get him to – leave it with me, I might talk to McClay as well, see what he’s got up his sleeve. Cause Peter is going to be at this meeting with me in Wellington, that’s all. If I then brought him after that – good work though man, that’s a lot of money.

    JLR: Yeah they’re good people. Now there’s no catch or anything to it. You may recall at the dinner they did discuss candidacy, and another Chinese candidate.

    SB: Two MPs, yeah.

    JLR: Colin Zheng, the younger one, he’s put his name in for candidates college and so I assume he’ll get through candidates college and we’ll just make some decisions as a party further down the track as to what we want to do with candidates.

    SB: I mean, it’s like all these things, it’s bloody hard, you’ve only got so much space. Depends where we’re polling, you know? All that sort of thing. Two Chinese would be nice, but would it be one Chinese or one Filipino, or one – what do we do?

    JLR: Two Chinese would be more valuable than two Indians, I have to say.

    SB: Which is what we’ve got at the moment, right? Your problem there is you end up in a shit fight because you’ve got a list MP – you’ve got two list MPs – it’s a pretty mercenary cull – sitting MPs, all that shit. And then we’ve got the issue of – we could end up getting rid of some list MPs if we want and bringing in some of those new ones, and if you do that you’re just filling up your list even further with ones that you’ve gotta sort of look after – I mean I reckon there’s two or three of our MPs, not picking up obvious ones like Finlayson or Carter, but actually we just want them to go. You know? Like Maureen Pugh is fucking useless.

    JLR: Yeah, I know. Carter, Finlayson, Nicky Wagner – they don’t really need to hang around.

    Simon: Yeah, but then, we get, yeah, yeah, we don’t want them to go this year though.

    JLR: Oh, no.

    SB: We don’t want them all to go, we want to do it well and we just want to think it all through. Look that’s really good, well look thanks for that, I’ll consider when I have a [INAUDIBLE] and send you a text, I’ll do that in the next half an hour if we’re going to.

    JLR: OK, all good.

    SB: Hey that’s awesome, man. Talk to you soon.

    JLR: Cheers, bye.

    SB: Cheers mate, bye.

    • Thanks for that saveNZ i had forgotten the complete wording of the conversation. This shows the utter contempt that the organisations supposedly investigating this corruption have for the voters of New Zealand. Ably assisted by the msm repeaters, ooh look over here WP and his crew are bent, JA and her crew aren’t doing much (possibly right). When there are actual recordings of soiman organising the donations, it is “nothing to see here little people move along now”, they charge the donators, WTF???

    • And remember, this is the tiniest glimpse behind the curtain. I’m fairly certain odious conversations like this take place every week in the corridors of power. This is the National Party stripped of their mask of respectability. This is the sort of shit they dream up to pass the time. Lawmakers searching for ways to do an end-run around the law for their own selfish purposes. “Yes, we know it’s all dreadfully unethical… but it’s a useful strategy likely to help us back into power, and no one’s going to find out unless someone opens their gob, right JLR?”
      If Simon’s learned anything from this (and he probably hasn’t because he seems surprisingly thick for a “former Crown prosecutor”), it should be to never pass over your minions. If JLR had been suitably rewarded for his dirty antics on National’s behalf, none of this would have come out. A disgruntled employee is like a naked flame in a fireworks factory.

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