MEDIAWATCH: National promises that if elected, they’ll bring back the Housing Crisis


Incredible interview with Simon Bridges on Q&A whereby Simon Bridges swears that if National win the 2020 election they will bring back the Housing Crisis.

If National get back in, they promise to take NZ back to the Housing Crisis by cementing into place middle class property speculation rights over the working poor, Gen X, Millennials, Māori, Pacifica & beneficiaries.

The secret to Key’s electoral appeal over the 9 years of National in power was making every middle class person think they were multi-millionaire speculators with property portfolios. Because of the deunionised low wage economy and the exploitation of indigenous land and migrant workers, buying and selling houses off each other is the only quick way the middle classes can make wealth and the only way to do that is increased external demand from over seas speculators and mass migration policies.

Simon knows this and as part of building  legacy he needs to see a 20% inflation in those property values so the middle classes can feel rich again, to do that he needs to wipe clean all the barriers Labour erected when they entered power.

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This is why National and ACT must not be allowed to win the 2020 election.

This Labour led Government have bitterly disappointed on a range of fronts, but a National/ACT Government would destroy everyone who is not a speculator, farmer and banker.



  1. Surprise surprise, Bridges is also using the tax cut bribe. Wait, no he didn’t, he stated their was room for it.
    So it was a little like the 10 bridges promise.

  2. Bridges bribes…

    “Bridges will use his speech on the party’s economic agenda in Auckland today to outline the goals for a National-led government in its first term:

    They include:

    • Economic growth at 3 per cent per annum at least (Whatever)

    • New Zealand’s per capita growth rate in the top half of the OECD(Whatever)

    • Reducing the after-tax income gap with Australia(Heard that before J.K.)

    • Reducing the number of New Zealanders heading overseas(Whatever, heard that before)

    • Reviving business confidence( Confidence is fine)

    So all in all Bridges is going to do nothing, hardly surprising he’s at 11 %

  3. The two most disgraceful aspects of what unfolded with the bullshit Bridges spouted actually had nothing whatsoever to do with what he said.

    It was the actions of TVNZ that are in urgent need of investigation here. Bridges and National were astonishingly gifted by the National broadcaster an unchallenged Party Political Broadcast on an epic scale. This political broadcast masqueraded as actual news.

    The lead story for every TVNZ 6pm news bulletin is always the biggest and most important attention grabbing story of the day. This is especially so on a Sunday evening when most people are now home and tuning into the news. There were several big stories yesterday yet Bridges policy announcements for National were farcically the lead “news” story. It was a dream come true for Bridges and National.

    The second disturbing aspect of this diabolical situation was that it all went unchallenged. Ardern as PM is routinely on the TVNZ news but every time her interview is finished, it is immediately followed by Bridges being gifted the opportunity to negate anything remotely positive that may have unfolded in the Ardern interview. That also creates a powerful dynamic that allows Bridges to have the last say and his view is always unchallenged. A free hit. After Bridges lead “story” in the TVNZ 6pm news last night there was no crossing over to Ardern to offer balance. They went straight to the next “news story” on their menu.

    We now have a situation in election year where NZ’s National Broadcaster is exactly that. The National broadcaster. Being gifted the lead story in the 6pm “news” for policy announcement and allowing that policy announcement to go unchallenged was unprecedented and a new low for TVNZ.

    Others can pick the bones from the bullshit Bridges spouted. As farcical as his policy announcements were, they paled into insignificance behind the actions of TVNZ.

    • Second sentence of their Wikipedia page says it all: “Although the network identifies as a national, part-public broadcaster,…….. Yeah, “National” broadcaster alright.

      Being state-owned, you would think the Govt would do something about this unashamed bias.
      Handwringing doesn’t win a war. Key would have wasted no time in sorting this out and not cared about the “optics”. In fact the threat would have been such that noone at TVNZ would dare utter a peep of protest anyway.

    • Yeah totally agree and i commented on another post regarding TVNZ and their bias of the right wing parties.

      I Refuse too listen too anything Bullshit Bridges has too say.

      If i am going too be lied too i would rather watch Trump , at least he is an entertaining watch ( sarc )

      It started with the elevation of Brash in 2003 too Nationals leadership and a concerted campaign by TVNZ and others to highlight negative news stories about the Clark government and destroy them at every possibility.

      It worsened from 2005 after Brash was unsuccessful in winning the September election but only by a whisker.

      With Key and his campaign of dirty politics which was supported by most media outlets the pressure on Clark and Peters was huge and led too their defeat.

      It is manipulation , propaganda at its worst and is still happening which explains why National remain at 45% in the national polls.

      The National parties friends have infiltrated most of New Zealand’s media but had it been the left wing they would have been crying about a takeover by communism.

      I have stopped watching any news or current affairs on TVNZ and TV3 and unfortunately there is no escape on radio either.

      Just as well for the internet.

    • soimon ten bridges needs to explain how all his policies will be payed for. Is he going to borrow more? In the weekend on Q & A he said he would let foreigners buy houses here again. Why wasn’t he asked, what is the benefit for NZers and how will his party provide housing for the many homeless? It is obvious who national are targeting to vote for them and people need to wake up to this. Do we really want the builders who make more money from building expensive houses cater mostly for rich foreigners at the expense of many NZers . Where is the land to build these houses for rich foreigners ? and who is paying for the infrastructure needed as our infrastructure is buckling at the seams. And are NZers going to be able to buy houses or land in these foreign countries, if not why not when they can come here and benefit from infrastructure paid for using our taxes and our rates paid to local councils. Also soimon ten bridges said national were too slow with housing, nah! national denied anything was wrong when in fact they sold state housing and land and dumped there social responsibility on community groups to provide in the mean time using this money to bump up there dodgy surplus. And how many surpluses did national the so called good economic managers achieve and at what costs to us tax payers? Then there is the issue of wasting our taxes at least 36 million wasted on a flag and the saudi sheep farm deal and this is suppose to be good economic management.

    • And any attempt to restructure TVNZ (at any level) or possible merge with RNZ was quickly met by cries from Bridges as an attack on democracy. Chris Trotter said some time ago that that they who oil the wheels of power will be out in force this election. Oh the irony of it all.

  4. Statistics are saying there is no housing crisis. There have always been enough houses and it’s been an elaborate Ponzi and miss use of information.

    In Auckland the entire city has been in construction mode for the last 20 years and on steroids in the last 6!

    Property expert Joe Wilkes as he explores more of the new developments around Auckland

    Construction starts on Auckland’s next luxury apartment complex

    -There is plenty of evidence around Auckland that the problem is not a shortage of houses but the houses being built are not designed in the price range of low wage NZ which is where the government has been going for decades with their priorities…

    so the average worker not bringing in money from overseas can’t afford to buy or rent them on NZ wages and creating more competition…. and the wages are not going up… $20 p/w for a construction worker…. a privately paid cleaner is costing $30 p/h in Auckland… something is wrong with thinking that low wages and less skilled people on low wages, with wages getting lower and lower in real terms is going to drive innovation and wealth in NZ in particular the construction industry, it’s driving massive imported poverty instead in more and more workers coming to NZ on $20 p/h that after 2 years of work, qualify for welfare in NZ.

    • bridges was talking to the boomers they need buyers for boomer assets in a functioning market prices should meet income not in nacts world

      • Maybe the housing commentators could get somewhere and solve the ‘crisis’ if it was clearerr it was an income crisis! Because there are houses, it’s just people can’t afford them in our deliberated transition to a low wage economy.

        I think 40% of people in NZ are on minimum wages, we are then importing in people who are essentially on poverty incomes of around $20 p/h and that is reducing the industry norms for wages… so in real terms the wages are decreasing, while creating demand of more people needing housing and infrastructure.

        To add to the mess, many industries in NZ are dysfunctional producing for example construction that is very poor quality and needs remedial work very quickly at more than average norms per square meter.So the strategy of building with low wages and deregulated materials and labour is not working to produce affordable houses, it is doing the opposite.

        Likewise NZ’s inability to plan for disasters (draining the aquifers fracking linked to increased earthquakes (more than doubled since fracking began in NZ) and in the US building on unstable land aka Bella Visa, the Red zone in CHCH…

    • joe wilkes videos are an eye opener housing crises has scam written all over it wrong houses in wrong locations at stupid prices with no faculties or infrastructure
      not to worry boomers no bridges will keep the prices up until you can cash out

  5. Like as if the housing crisis ever went away. LOL

    My place went up more in value under Clark than under Key. Bring back Helen!

      • Kevin Dowd,

        You having difficulty spelling the name “Helen”? . Many Australian’s having learning difficulties. Condolences there. We have a few misogynistic gits over here also that have great difficulty with females in power. Best you stay in your cave and avoid being bullied by any of ladies.

        You do appreciate that Helen is not only a superb ex Labour PM, but she’s also a close personal friend of Arderns. How dare she have the audacity to give a shit about New Zealand and be supportive of her close friend and party.

        John Key as an ex National Party PM would never of course be supportive of Bridges and the direction he’s taking National.

        Give yourself an upper cut and then snuggle back up with your dingo. Good luck with your issues xx

  6. For someone who constantly prefaces what he says with “the reality is….”, Bridges seems far removed from what, in fact, the reality -almost any reality – really, really is!

    • Bridge is a poor man’s John Key. Key used to preface almost everything he said with “Actually, I think you’ll find that most New Zealanders…” and then he’d go on to pull something out of his arse in order to justify whatever nefarious scheme National had concocted this time around. Bridges attempts the same. He’s just not very good at it.

    • True. Whenever a politician says, “The reality is…” prepare for a load of biased spin. Just like when the car salesmen said, “Let’s be honest…” you had to prepare for a load of one-sided waffle.

  7. I agree with most of what the Nats say save allowing foreign ownership which in my view is a big part of the reason we ended up here in the first place. I’d also like to see money used to fund state housing and legislation passed to make it easier to import pre built/pre-fab homes. Plus a cap on immigration which has placed extra pressure on housing.

    I doubt I’ll see any of this from the Nats or Labour based on past experience so I’ll defer taking part in the election farce until I do (which might be never but who knows)……

  8. National will introduce what suits Nat supporters. Wouldn’t be surprised if in desperation, Simon announces the introduction of workhouses, which will give shelter and employment for the impoverished! Paula Bennett will be minister of that portfolio!

    • loloololololololollolololololololo concentration camps for the homeless for efficient and orderly management by dork no bridges

  9. Back in 2008 a certain Leader of National promised no increase in GST. History has shown how shallow that promise turned out to be.

    And so whilst Bridges will do a typical Copy and Paste from their beloved USA Trump-style Pout I can guess his pre-election promises will be as empty as John Key’s pre-election promises.

    But this time Simon Bridges does not have Aroha Ireland to gain additional votes from for photo opportunities. I believe Aroha now lives in Australia and is having a better life than she would have had under a NZ National government.

    The “Brighter Future” that National once promised has become ironically enough an advert for Air NZ. Air NZ being the same company John Key happened to be on the board for and now wannabe National Party leader Chris Luxon was CEO of.

    All in all the brighter future and any tax cuts will not suit any low income NZer because National hate low income NZers but depend upon us for votes and to tax into oblivion. Because it’s likely that any tax cut will be the give with one hand and take back more so with the other.

    We only know National and Bridges will never ever part with any of their own money on anything unless they can get something out of it for themselves.

    It shows National still have that cavalier attitude to spending our(NZ taxpayers money)on mostly ego projects.

  10. A bit like inequalities aye Andrew still here and getting worse why is that? and under national they get even worse why is that ?

  11. ” I see poor people ”

    Well who else is going too help enrich the National support base by working for next too nothing for more and more hours with no rights and unaffordable rent and costs.

    Financial enslavery.

    The willing horse is always tethered.

  12. man the guys a dork its some kind of sick joke house are 9 times income you would think he would want to unwind the bubble and defuse the debt bomb nooooooo! this dork will send younger generations of new zealanser right off the cliff just so the boomers can cash out all that debt has to be tranfered to genx and the milleniels so boomers can live it up in retirement and banks dont lose

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