The best news to come out of the Green Party in years


Incredible news today that Anti-poverty campaigner Ricardo Menendez-March selected as Green Party candidate for Maungakiekie.

Ricardo has been a tireless critic of the Government’s poverty, welfare and housing policies.

He has made AAAP the most credible and important voice on social policy and is deeply respected by anyone who isn’t tribal and knows from the coal face that the distance between the politics of kindness and the sadism of MSD staff are a chasm into which the poor are swallowed up by.

His addition to the Green Party comes at a time when they are crumbling in the polls and risk the real possibility of sliding under the 5% threshold.

Ricardo’s nomination is the best thing to happen to the Greens since Chloe Swarbrick.

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Good luck Ricardo. You are going to need it.


  1. ” Good luck Ricardo. You are going to need it ”

    Ricardo is a amazing smart guy who may have made a major mistake.

    He will not achieve anything he believes in or help the people he speaks for by standing for the Green party.

    He will just become another well meaning victim of the neoliberal correction facility.

    He should be standing for a social justice grassroots movement that can field like minded candidates that can stand on a anti establishment platform and will not sell out its supporters or policies at the negotiating table.

    That includes a new green deal that addresses climate change and moves us away from fossil fuels.

    Real non negotiable bottom lines on poverty reduction , humane pay and conditions , eliminating student debt , climate change action , reforming the benefit system by changing the current mindset and cruelty of the current one and increasing the corporate tax rate too include all profits made in this country.

    And can’t be bought out by donations from vested interests.

    Too name just a few.

    That is where Ricardo could really fight for the change we need and get it done.

  2. Yes fantastic news, he is stunning so is AAAP and Child Poverty Action. I do hope he isn’t swallowed up by the other Greens however. The party continues to disappoint. Mmmmm could it be that all politicians believe in capitalism and are simply not prepared to rock the boat.

    Any aspiring Green politicians should have had to done some grassroots activism before being nominated, I mean serious stuff, not just attending one demonstration.

    In Oautahi we have 2 supposed ‘Green’ councillors, (both in the Green Party) who has voted against social housing and against numerous other things including he living wage. The people concerned will give you some vague comment like ‘oh but that is Green national policy, or not I want it to go back to the public for consultation…………… In fact the two of them on the council are pretty much like that. No one here unless they follow local government or go to council meetings would have any idea that this goes on so they will both get the nod again.

  3. So, where’s Chloe going to stand? Or is she going to sit on her laurels and take the list seat to the wharepaku?

    Because when your party is about to be wiped-out and youre not recognising the signs that the writings on the wall, only one thing can happen. You become yesterday’s news.

      • If Greens bothered to stand down in Auckland, it would not split the votes and prevent Natz sliding in another electorate seat.

        As for celebrating another poverty campaigner into the Greens, the reality is the Greens version of campaigning on poverty or their particular take on it, is jettisoning their voters is on the environmental side, because there aint any environmentalists left in the greens MP’s who do anything…

        Not point getting $50 p/w on a benefit if the Natz burn the planet down and rising electricity, food and insurance costs eat that up in a millisecond.

        And that mistake (aka Greens not being perceived environmentally) might cost COL the election.

  4. He comes across as a real warrior for the poor but I fear he will be blindsided like Sue Bradford was and plenty of others who think they can change how society works. There are winners and losers always has been always will be .The civil service is full of people who are winners who have not respect for those they feel are losers and these people are there no matter which party is in power left or right so little will change.

  5. Ricardo has just got a good handle on what he is doing at AAAP, and now he wants to waste his future few years for the Green(wash) Party?

    While I wish him the best of luck, I fear he will get a relatively low list place, and as the Greens may just stumble in on five percent, he will not be one of the handful of MPs that may make it.

    He has a shit show to win Maungakiekie, Priyanca runs there for Labour, and the Nats did also do well in that electorate last time.

    It will be years until he may eventually sit in Parliament, if at all.

    He would be better placed working in his present role at AAAP, holding whichever neoliberal friendly party to account, Nats or Labour, whosoever may form a new government.

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