Wait, WHAT? Labour’s Homelessness ‘policy’ is to charge those in emergency housing 25% rent???


Wait, WHAT? Labour’s Homelessness ‘policy’ is to charge those in emergency housing 25% rent???

Government defends charging rent for emergency motel stays

The Government is defending its decision to charge those staying in motels as emergency housing rent.

It announced Thursday, as part of a $300m homelessness package, that those who stayed in motels as a form of emergency housing longer than seven days would now be charged rent equivalent to 25 per cent of their income – the same amount charged for those in public and transitional housing.

When motel stays were first introduced as an emergency measure to deal with the ballooning public housing waitlist under the last government some tenants were charged for the full cost, but it was later made free.

How is this different from a neoliberal Government?

We are spending billions on roads but are charging those in Motel Emergency Housing who stay longer than 7 days 25% of their income as rent???

And what happens if these homeless in emergency motel housing can’t pay the 25%? What does Jacinda do then? Throw them onto the street?

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How is demanding 25% of those in emergency housing the politics of kindness?

These people need assistance, not a kind slumlord.

This is appalling social policy and it would only be u-turned if it was Concert on AM that was being threatened eh?

Shame on the Labour Party for dressing this up as a homelessness policy.

So Labour are forcing those in emergency housing to pay 25% rent?
NZF are handing photos of journalists over to right wing hate blogs?
& the Greens woke identity politics is so alienating it’s making them politically irrelevant?

How did it get to this in less than 3 years?


    • Marama D was quoted as being comfortable with this and you said I was tough in suggesting benefituries get more help in getting back to work so those that cannot get an increase

      • Supplementary benefits is no statute for a benefit and neither is a benefit a substitute for work. First of all a benefit of $100-$180 is enough for room and board in the poorest areas around New Zealand. So to live in any built up city in New Zealand supplementary benefits like rent assistance and food grants is required and if work is truely a requirement then extra assistance is required just to achieve basic entry level job requirements. Work experience isn’t unpaid. That’s if lowering the unemployment rate is truly desired. At 4% unemployment Labour should have your undeniable support.

  1. Listen to Parliament’s QT and read the Hansard, how Sepuloni turned and twisted herself, arguing there is no ‘dole’ in NZ Inc..

  2. Migrant aged parents need the money to distribute to extended families, didn’t you get the memo?

    Immigration phones are ringing off the hook to get the $625 p/w of non means tested migrant pensions who don’t have to pay any taxes here to qualify, free health and education for their children on the basis of a 2 year work permit or permanent residency. All these needly people from around the world coming to NZ, all need houses didn’t you know!

    Quite hard to work out how the taxes from a Pay N Save operator or Subway manager is able to continue the current social welfare in NZ for the new generations while de incentivising all the high paid jobs from NZ… but hey that debate is for someone else to think about.

  3. Everyone who doesn’t own a home pays rent for their housing and 25% is pretty reasonable. My rent takes 80% of my super.

  4. Mate, guy I work with has been put up in a motel at $800 per week. He gets the dole (don’t know how much) and then get between $500 and $700 a week from our cash job. Good on him just a battler trying to get ahead. And living in a motel in central Auckland suits him. Could he afford 200 bucks a week rent?

    Telling it like it is.

  5. Are/weren’t they paying some motel owner upwards of 1900 dollars to emergency house people for a week. You’d get s small palace paying that on a private rental.

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