Salvation Army report on Poverty: If only we could respond to the housing crisis, inequality, climate change and child poverty issues with the same speed and decisiveness we can to keep Concert on FM


The Salvation Army report on poverty is out and it is the usual grim reading of great first steps, but….

Salvation Army report highlights ‘stubborn’ poverty, ‘sharp increase’ in teen suicide rate

Despite “limited improvement” being made in the lives of many New Zealanders, poverty remains “stubborn” for those most disadvantaged in the country, the latest Salvation Army State of the Nation Report has concluded.

The annual report monitors social indicators such as employment, housing, crime, addiction and gambling to assess how New Zealand is progressing socially. 

All in all, the Salvation Army described the results as “a mixed bag”. 

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Although the Government could “take heart” that some level of progress was being seen across most indicators, “poverty at the most disadvantaged levels of our community remain stubborn”, said Lieutenant Colonel Ian Hutson, the Salvation Army’s director of social policy. 

If we can borrow billions for bloody roads, why not a few billion more for real welfare reform?

This Government has pitifully only adopted 2 of the 42 recommendations on Welfare reform because they are too frightened of angering the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind who will rear up on their hind legs and scream ‘why are bludgers getting more’.

To get around not having the courage to raise benefits, Labour needs to create ‘The Kiwi Dividend’ which will see the first $10 000 you earn as tax free. This will inadvertently raise benefits and help working NZers and students and pensions without actually having to raise any of those benefits.

If only we could respond to the housing crisis, inequality, climate change and child poverty issues with the same speed and decisiveness we can to keep Concert on FM.



  1. … ” If we can borrow billions for bloody roads, why not a few billion more for real welfare reform? ” …

    I’m sorry Martyn, but that reminded me of a simpler time a Keynesian time, a time before 1984 when this country was the ideal of social and economic egalitarianism.

    We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are

  2. Poverty is the acceptable face of the current economic system.

    Until we re think our entire approach it will not change and greed , wealth and individualism which are the cornerstones of the current market economics model will continue too create desperately poor and marginalised victims.

    If the middle class are hurting then the pressure will ramp up but they are doing fine with their lifestyles being funded by the big banks and easy credit with high interest.

    These stats which are rolled out every year will soon be forgotten about after the usual hand wringing and uncomfortable questions at the post cabinet press conference where the MSM hope too get one over on Adern but couldn’t care less about those who are existing in those undesirable parts of town.

    • Dabbling will give some relief in places but a change in social policy and the funding for it will need a more socialist core to NZ govt.
      Multinationals are profiting and expanding as is privatisation from the john key bankster legacy.
      The NZ Govt needs to float a lending institution as it did with State Advances in years not too far distant.
      The money made becomes govt profit to be applied to social policy. infrastructure and off setting taxes.

      • They’re, the rich, are firing money into space to find something to do with it. Can the poor please get a good PR firm that can make a compelling case for exploration of the unexplored areas of how to make poverty-fighting an exciting and challenging experience.
        European Solar Orbiter blasts off
        8:07 am on 11 February 2020
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        Europe’s audacious Solar Orbiter probe has lifted off on its quest to study the Sun from close quarters.
        This handout illustration image provided by NASA and obtained February 3, 2020 shows the Solar Orbiter.
        The €1.5bn ($NZ2.6bn) mission is packed with cameras and sensors that should reveal remarkable new insights on the workings of our star.

  3. Devices, Martyn. ‘The Living Wage’ was the great coup of modern Left PR. Whatever it takes for the underdogs, which we , unlike the Right -no-matter -what-knownothings, believe need every support. As being our heart.

    Angers me much like you. Concert v. the young is nothing in comparison. The rule of the people by peoplists. The only moral regime. No party for that.

  4. Fully agree first ten k tax free is an absolutely fantastic idea as labour policy, some of it’s international sister parties have passed similar laws.

    It both progressive and centerist , destroys the idiotic taxcinda narrative, blunts all nationals attacks around tax. Raises incomes for workers and the unemployed , it’s universal so will be popular with everyone. It’s a win win.

    Have that and phasing in universal dental as a policy and fingers crossed (c’mon labour) some of the welfare working groups proposals and that’s the start of a pretty exciting (for NZ) manifesto

  5. There’s plenty of taxpayer money available for aged migrant parents coming to NZ and 150,000 new migrants over 15 years with zero income who migrated here under our rules..

    Super is the biggest benefit being paid out. So they are adding more overseas beneficiaries to it and that cost has to come from somewhere.

    Crickets from the woke though on this issue, no criticism from Salvation Army and the ‘poor’ advocates.

    At the end of the day, migrating to NZ costs about $100k (student fees, cheap job) and on the back of that you can get up to 4 aged parents over to be supported for health care needs, super at 43% of the NZ average wage and their retirement home care which with alzheimers and so forth can be millions as well. The super alone is valued up to 1 million dollars of benefits, so a mere 100k investment to get NZ residency and a degree and job and dual residency and free education for your kids, is well worth an increasingly crap degree and stupid low paid job here.

    “To meet the residency requirements for New Zealand Superannuation, Veteran’s Pension (New Zealand pensions) and most New Zealand benefits, generally, you must:
    be lawfully resident, and
    be present, and
    be ordinarily resident in New Zealand, and
    have spent some time living in New Zealand (a period of residence).”

    “Similarities between a resident and a permanent resident visa[edit]
    The holder of any resident class visa is entitled:[1]

    to stay in New Zealand indefinitely
    to work in New Zealand or in the exclusive economic zone of New Zealand
    to study in New Zealand
    to receive free or subsidised health care at publicly funded health services.[2]
    to free education at state-run primary and secondary schools, and subsidised fees for domestic students at private schools and tertiary institutions.[3]
    to enrol and vote in elections (after one year of residence).[4][5]
    to receive a social security benefit (after two years’ residence for Jobseeker Support, Sole Parent Support and Supported Living Payment; after ten years’ residence for New Zealand Superannuation; varies for other benefits).
    to sponsor a partner, parents or dependent children during their visa application[6]
    Differences between a resident and a permanent resident visa[edit]”

    Maybe woke can get more action on poverty if they work out that the money currently spend on the world ‘s middle class migrants to be supported in NZ, could be at the expense and increasing the poor in NZ.

    When there are more Asian pensioners in 2018 than Maori Pensioners and expected to triple in 15 years and nobody is concerned about it when that is the biggest social welfare expense, then what is going on?

  6. Tax free thresholds do nothing for benefits or superannuation because they are set as net figures, not gross figures, and tax is added to it, not subtracted.

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