Labour have to now put light speed distance between them and NZ First


That’s it, warp factor 9.9 Mr Worf…

NZ First undeclared donations: Serious Fraud Office to investigate

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters says his party will review the way it handles its party donations after complaints about its donations was referred to the Police, then the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

In a statement this afternoon, Peters said he welcomed the Electoral Commission referring the complaints to the Police.

“It confirms our prior view that only the police would have the powers to determine the issues involved.”

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Soon after Commission referred the matter to the Police, the Police referred it to the SFO.

…get away, get away now. This is becoming a God damned event horizon black hole and it’ll suck Jacinda down the way it destroyed Helen’s Government.

Forget doing a bloody electorate deal, this will stink to high heaven and if NZ First is DUMB enough to have screwed this up a second time, then it’s the political kiss of death.

You would have thought after the Owen Glenn fiasco NZ First would have been far smarter, to have this immediately passed to the SFO however is a serious political threat.

What the bloody hell have they done?

Winston kicking up a fuss that privileged material has been leaked to the media means jack shit if the material leaked is real and true and enough for the bloody SFO to be triggered into action.

Jacinda can’t be tainted with this, protect the Queen.

Bye bye Winston, it was lovely knowing you.



  1. The result of the SFO investigation will be known long before the election.

    More interesting is Simon Bridges seeming to ask police to avoid any trial of those charged as a result of an investigation into funding of his party until after the election.

  2. It’ll be bye, bye to Labour too!

    No Gweens and no NZF to befriend post election to get across the line puts National back in!

    • Haha loyal to the bitter end. National are toast! Labour could govern alone given National rats leaving a sinking ship. Carter,Wagner and unexpectedly Dowie all retiring.(WHY IS THAT?)
      Were they truely that useless?

      • Good god, you are both full of shit.
        The truth is that it makes a close election closer and could severely test the integrity of both Simon and Jacinda.
        After all, if it is a hung parliament then which one will blink first and take Winston up on his offer?

  3. I thought that the NZF system was a facsimile of National’s. If the SFO are to investigate NZF so should National be turned over, surely.

    • The difference is National treats donations to its foundation as donations to the party, and declares them as such. NZF doesn’t.

  4. Jacinda, just like Joihn Key in terms of substance… so “Left”, so progressive, yeah right 😉

    Does that mean the CGT is back on? *crickets chirping*

  5. “Most transparent government ever”
    Deputy PM and major coalition partner NZ First: “hold my beer”
    Certainly looking good to be an honest campaign by the government too eh.

  6. Hah, MB went to great pains explaining to us in 2017 that Labour need to work with NZ First and form a government.

  7. what has happened to all those comment writers who said Winston was the best think since sliced bread his true colours are coming through again

    • Or the 5% who think Bridges and the four charges already born from Nationals SFO investigation. Where the fuck are those people? Oh their on here commenting Hypocrisy at its worst. I would still trust Peter’s over Bridges…with my life!

      • I have not had a liking for the guy from day one . Over the years he has done little to change my mind.Even when he was working with National I went to various public meetings and left with a feeling that he was very smart and took most people as less than him. I read the media and stuff articles but base comments on how I feel not how I am told to feel that is why I enjoy the daily blog as despite MB usually coming from the left and many back him there is a good balance of other views. This marks the difference between DB and the now defunct Whale oil.

  8. Simon Bridges did that last week. Prescient or what?

    Cindy will be like a rabbit in the headlights of this juggernaut.

    • Agree. It’s good to see the leader of the opposition doing something about party donations. I hope he comes with in normal range of what is expected of the Office of the a Prime Minister.

  9. ” But Labour have a close association in coalition with NZ First, and that must cause problems for them, depending on how it is handled. Especially with the history of 2008 ”

    This would have been a major factor in Bridges assertion that NZF cant be trusted so therefore like in 2008 the leadership has ruled out coalition discussions with them after September 19th , the timing seems convenient with this announcement.

    How long this enquiry goes is another factor and NZF will want it over quickly. before the build up too the general election.

    Adern and Robertson will be watching this unfold as the PM has said she won’t comment on another parties internal business but will extoll the benefits of producing a stable , workable government since 2017.

    It will be in the interests of the government that Winston is cleared but as in 2008 the negative publicity was damaging and played into John Key and his subversives hands nicely.–what-party-candidates-claim-winston-peters-lawyer-said

  10. Meh – prejudging the outcome much? The Gnats have put no distance between themselves and the four charged with fraud – Labour can wait to see the substance of the allegations about NZF.

  11. Ardern should call an early election and stand Peter’s down whilst this investigation goes on. She wont though, because Ardern is a weak, insipid leader who is badly out of her depth. Winston knows this.

  12. Ardern is weak.

    Clark or Key would have immediately had him stand down until the results of the SFO investigation are complete.

    • Clark or Key shoot have stood themselves down while they were under investigation. Clark for that painting and Key for war crimes. Seems only fair in achieving the minimal moral threshold before holding others to that same standard.

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