How right wing climate deniers are spinning Australian Fires and how to avoid their climate denial lies 


Right wing climate deniers freaking out that the Australian mega-fires are forcing people to dump their apathy and denial in favour of demands for real political action are desperately spinning that the obscenity of this current out of control and unprecedented mega-fire is really just poor bush management, self inflicted arson and a normal reoccurring natural event.

This is just lies.

First of all, this is not normal, forests that have never burnt before are now burning because of the extreme temperatures…

Bushfires devastate rare and enchanting wildlife as ‘permanently wet’ forests burn for first time

What are the links between climate change and bushfires? – explainer

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…secondly it was not poor bush management that caused this…

Factcheck: Is there really a green conspiracy to stop bushfire hazard reduction?

Wytaliba had been back burning before fatal fire: Sparks

…and thirdly, the arson starting these fires, while a human event, doesn’t mean the mega-fires generated are just human blunder! Those mega-fires have been caused because of conditions generated by the dryness and extreme heat from global warming!

Ultimately the problem for NZ climate deniers & their corporate polluter mates is that while they attempt to minimise & underplay the climate crisis, the rapid decline in the environment will keep interrupting those lies.

We must not allow them to trade their lies unchallenged.

I close my eyes, only for a moment, and Hawaii’s gone
All my coal, fetish sell-out dreams, a monstrosity

Adjust to the wind
All Firefighters adjust to the wind

Same old song, poor fire management and nothing here to see
All I do, stumbles in the news by people refusing me

Adjust to the wind
All Australians adjust to the wind

Now, NZ hang on, orange skies last forever now the earth dies
It slips away
And all my coal won’t another minute buy

Adjust to the wind
All New Zealanders adjust to the wind


  1. Rupert Murdoch should be arrested for his crimes against reality. He gives his children Scots names so he knows very well about our ‘fair go’. I’m glad he ‘got on’ in Irish Australia but he knowingly destroyed realism. Hung, drawn and quartered.

    Still fkn alive , and happy. I’ll give him the benefit of not knowing as much as his foolish youth. That he helped destroy our future for power. I couldn’t bear his guilt.

  2. ‘Last year a number of places in New Zealand experienced their hottest year on record, including the Chatham Islands, Blenheim, Dunedin, Rotorua and Invercargill.

    Craig Kelly interview: senior government MPs distance themselves after Piers Morgan lashing
    Read more

    In early 2019 a huge bushfire in Nelson spread to 2,000ha of land and caused 700 people to flee, while in 2017 the Port Hills fire destroyed nine houses and led to the death of one person.
    The rising scale of summer fires in New Zealand has led to fears the country is becoming more “flammable”.

    George Perry, professor of environmental science at the University of Auckland, said that on average 4,000ha of land was burned in the country each year, with the average fire size being less than four hectares. The country’s vegetation was not highly flammable, as Australia’s eucalyptus trees were, but hotter and longer summers due to climate change were making the country more likely to ignite.’

  3. Lets hope sea levels rise and put the fires out! Then all the tauiwi leave Australia and seek refuge on Manu Island. And then the whenua can return to the Aboriginal tribes to protect the whenua.
    Thats what ‘we’ all want ay? Too, protect the environment at any cost! Its a better plan than gluing yourself to shit and having a tantrum.

  4. I’ve been trying to put out as many localised conspiracy fires as I can on Facebook. Unfortunately they just don’t want to listen. I’m beginning to think that a lot of mostly older people (usually white) are just not wired to be able to comprehend the idea of man-made climate change. And now they are even attacking their own young (the Millennials) who are

  5. And it’s not just the warming – the effects of this rapid warming are shaking and potentially breaking the earth’s crust. Jamie Seidel – What Our Future Looks Like
    “All over the world, evidence is stacking up that changes in global climate can and do affect the frequencies of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and catastrophic sea-floor landslides. Not only has this happened several times throughout Earth’s history, the evidence suggests that it is starting to happen again,” Professor Bill McGuire warned back in 2006.

    If the significance of the Aus mega-fires has started to sink in, Seidel’s article is even more sobering.

    Martyn has also covered this in detail at this link: The only decade news review that matters It was posted before the full horror of the fires became apparent (Mallacoota, and NSW South Coast).

    (As I am about to click “Send) another earthquake has struck right here..)

    • There are all sorts of unknown but probable consequences that are not even incorporated in the IPCC reports.
      Deforestation not only destroys the water cycle whereby moisture is taken from the deep earth, released into the atmosphere, and while the moisture content may not increase hugely it is enough to result in rain that no longer falls. This is apparent in WA and areas in NZ like Marlborough that have been stripped of trees. And forest also moderates surface temperatures, as anyone who spends time in the bush knows it is cool in the day and warm at night compared with deforested areas. And then you have the impact of bitumen and concrete capturing heat during the day and releasing it as infrared during the night. All this compounds the issue.
      But to me the most important is the storing of heat energy in the oceans. As the oceans heat, thermoclines form which mean a layer of warm water forms over a layer of cold water, and aside from increasing sea surface temperatures, the warm water is bereft of nutrients which means phytoplankton cannot grow and so CO2 absorption is rapidly slashed. The oceans account for most of photosynthesis and conversion of CO2 to O2.
      So the future is far bleaker than depicted, and catastrophic end of life and severe weather events closer than imagined.
      All we can expect now is a fight to survive, which the right paint as “adaptation”.
      Prepare yourselves.

    • The Seismic Link Between Fracking and Earthquakes

      “Ohio regulators did something last month that had never been done before: they drew a tentative link between shale gas fracking and an increase in local earthquakes. As fracking has grown in the U.S., so have the number of earthquakes—there were more than 100 recorded quakes of magnitude 3.0 or larger each year between 2010 and 2013, compared to an average of 21 per year over the preceding three decades. That includes a sudden increase in seismic activity in usually calm states like Kansas, Oklahoma and Ohio—states that have also seen a rapid increase in oil and gas development. Shale gas and oil development is still growing rapidly—more than eightfold between 2007 and 2o12—but if fracking and drilling can lead to dangerous quakes, America’s homegrown energy revolution might be in for an early end.”

  6. If we take Australia’s average air temperature at 1970 as the baseline.Up until 1960 Australia’s AAT ( Average air temperature) was .5C below the 1970 level. From 1970 to 2010 AAT was .6 above the 1970 baseline. From 2010 to 2019 AAT increased to 1.5C above the 1970 baseline. Overall there’s a 2C increase above the 1910-1960 AAT. Australia is heating up and drying out and climate zones are shifting. I.E. Australia can no longer grow wheat in Victoria and the South. There is a deep ingrained denial of the Climate Crisis in the political class. Clearing bush undergrowth is a red herring.

    • the denial ism is for public consumption i bet the elite are shifting there money out of sun set industries they block and deny until there out .and the masses bare the losses and social cost

  7. On December 28th a 4.7 mag quake struck Puerto Rico. Since then, “more than 400 quakes of at least magnitude 2 have hit Puerto Rico’s southwest region. Eleven have been magnitude 4 or greater, according to USGS.”
    Yesterday it was a 5.8 quake. Today, a 6.4.

    “Electricity went out across Puerto Rico as automated systems shut down the island’s power plants, recalling power outages that lasted 11 months after Hurricane Maria, which caused the worst blackout in US history. The North American and Caribbean tectonic plates meet in this area, but the quake doesn’t appear to be the result of those plates grinding together, according to USGS. Instead, a release of energy and stress inside the Caribbean plate seems to have caused the shaking.”

    A Kiwi couple are over there and they note there was yet another, a 5.8 shortly afterwards. one-news/world/hawkes-bay-couple-woken-violent-shaking-6-4-earthquake-rattles-puerto-rico

  8. Biggest funders to climate change deniers….

    Work of prominent climate change denier was funded by energy industry

    Biggest US coal company funded dozens of groups questioning climate change

    9 out of 10 top climate change deniers linked with Exxon Mobil

    The energy charter treaty considered one of the world’s most dangerous treatys and operates largely out of the public eye…

    Australian company sues Sweden for $1.8 billion for phasing out uranium mining

    Aura Energy Ltd, an Australian company also listed in the UK, has lodged an ISDS claim under the Energy Charter Treaty for US 1.8 billion compensation from the Swedish government because in 2018 it decided to phase out uranium mining for environmental reasons.

    Read more:

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