The Liberal Agenda – Stop Trump’s Iran War Now! Emergency meeting, Thursday, 7pm, Unite Union Office


Just weeks after his impeachment, President Trump is trying to force the US and the rest of the world into a senseless war with Iran.

We must stop him.

By ordering a drone strike-assassination of Qasem Soleimani and other top Iranian military officials as they were leaving the Baghdad Airport, Trump has committed a war crime and unleashed a terrifying escalation of tensions..

Trump must be stopped quickly before things further escalate. His thinly veiled threats of nuclear war in no way represent the will of the American people and many there are speaking out against war

As expected, the right-wing propaganda machine is busy justifying the march to war just as they justify all the outrageous behavior of this Administration. But the lies have worn thin.

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We need to hit the streets to show our opposition.

We can’t be fooled by the extremists in the Trump Administration and their media cheerleaders. They will paint opponents of the war as “apologists for Iran”, or “anti-American”, or “naive” — or whatever label they can use to distract us from their corrupt rationale for war.

To oppose war is to recognize the intrinsic value of all human life no matter where they live or what kind of government they live under.

The very real steps towards open war with Iran follows the direct US role in the overthrow of the elected government in Bolivia and continuing economic war to overthrow the Venezuelan government and cripple Cuba.

GPJA needs to be reformed as a broad activist coalition that is able to lead the fight for peace and social justice in Auckland.

Come to a meeting this Thursday, 7pm, at the Unite Union office, 6a Western Springs Rd, Morningside, Auckland to start that job in 2020.

Please join us in denouncing the path toward war against Iran.

WHAT: Organise protests against Trump’s war with Iran

WHERE: Unite Union office, 6a Western Springs Rd, Morningside

WHEN: 7pm, Thursday 9th


  1. Somehow I don’t think a bunch of left wing losers protesting and matching in the street is going to achieve much.

    • Yes but its America and its Trump, so they kind of cant help themselves….moths to the flame and all that

      • Ignore Winkie’s gobbledegook.

        “This is an emergency!”
        “If we spiral into war with Iran, millions could die.
        We have a short window of time to stop it. We need a massive protest.”
        “Everyone, if at all possible, must come out this Thursday, nationwide.”
        Link here Many events are planned across the US.

      • Sam Sam Sam – How can you possibly – albeit generously – attribute a ‘skill set ‘ to a pathetic wee defeatist like Stephen ? A presumably male person seemingly at ease with murder ?

          • My apologies, Sam, for speaking so harshly. You are the epitome of the politics of kindness, which will see the Coalition embed the Nats in the past where they belong, as they tread on decent toes then wail, ” You shouldnta shoved your foot under mine.”

            Perhaps though, they deserve recognition for their heroic efforts in trying to revive the historical NZ Chinese laundering business, and begging for free dogs to comfort little kids disturbed from living in car boots, and aunties’ garages, and granny’s bathrooms, and the wards of Starship Hospital.

          • Pip: Off shoring of jobs has sadly been a common occurrence over the last few decades often owed to corporate politics and poor marketing than to any short comings in production itself. On the rare occasion a product line is given a second chance often due to popular demand and there is no better example of this than Jacinda as a conclusion to rein of Bill English as prime Minister.

            Jacinda is burdened with the difficult task of condensing multi governments both left and right over decades into one unified economy capable of flirting with Climate Change. In the face of this challenge Jacinda decided to delineate Labour Party Policy into 2 points of focus 1) Climate Change which serves to unite a coalition government and 2) more importantly end child poverty which served to conclude Bill English’s welfare algorithms and finalize the greater themes of a coalition government.

            Jacinda negotiated a coalition government deal primarily on the juxtaposition of John Key ruling out a coalition deal with Winston and Bill English having to present the dead rat in coalition negotiations to a man who fought for Māori and lost, Winston Peters, settling instead to preserve his own brand in a system that is increasingly difficult.

            The New Zealand parliament signals the last days of capitalism where the encroaching menace is not a rouge-nuclear-state or single-mother-on-welfare but simply the inexorable spread of civilization and I’ll come back to this.

            The National Party leader is simply a one percenter manifested: A harbinger who has placed all faith in civilization so completely that The National Party of Aotearoa New Zealand is content in remaining entirely ignorant of the secrets they lie about to protect. It’s often said that a good villain is the hero of their own story but National Party leaders subvert this idea in fascinating ways; they see themselves as necessary evils, calmly describing the ways in which vulnerable people and workers will suffer including children that the Ministry of Children want to help build a right wing utopia that elites want. They’re even casual about the people The National Party prefer to displace. They even say there is no place for people not in work, in the society they wish to build. All to build a society that the National Party whole heartedly believes in.

            Labour will not throw families out on the streets but The National Party will if they have to. Aaaaaand we can congratulate Jacinda for this juxtaposition so that The National Party can exist in their echo chambers that are with out sin.

            In Spite of competing philosophies it is ultimately this juxtaposition that gives Jacinda and National anew lease on life – that capitalism created Climate Change but since East Timor New Zealand has never taking direct action against it as the government was able to keep there own people out of reach until the Mosque Attacks. It’s the revelation that finally gives Jacinda a goal that’s worth risking her career for and for the first time Labour are unable to remain ignorant to what civilization has done so she turns it all around and sails into certain oblivion just to ban guns.

            For hard right gun nuts this revelation is enough to openly threaten a central government and entirely abandon any sense of individuality and outsource all every bit of greater worth and meaning to the greater idea of MSD reform. For right wing ninjas the loss of freedom is akin to the loss of faith Andrew Little suffered as Labour Leader. As leader Andrew Little suffered a similar loss of freedom and abandoned any sense of individuality and all of his self worth and meaning to the greater idea of a coalition government.

            Learning that Climate Change is death and the ultimate source of civilization in the decades since Rogernomics are solely the responsibility of a central government has completely shattered The Green Party’s world view leaving them as somewhat the man Andrew Little was as Labour Leader – listless and with out purpose responsible only for themselves as Jame Shaw uses the Zero Carbon act as a tool to praise National Party MP Todd Muller

            The skilful and thematic genius Jacinda juxtaposed to brake apart slightly the mirrored arch of Labour and National would be impressive enough for a one term government but the fact remains Jacinda can provide a satisfying conclusion to the National Party and civilization as we know it with the resolutions crucially informing each other and carrying just as much weight as each other and proof that – with the remains of a short lived Labour Party Leader used to fashion a better narrative than the properties of a 4 term government have ever been able to do.

        • Pip: “…attribute a ‘skill set ‘ to a pathetic wee defeatist like Stephen ?”

          While I wouldn’t use quite Stephen’s phraseology, nevertheless I agree with him.

          I’m an old lefty; certainly not “woke” – in fact, I think now I’d be considered a small “c” conservative. I’ve done my share of marching in protests, but nothing changed as a result, and I doubt that it will this time, either.

          I was among the many who marched on Parliament, in protest at GW Bush’s insane adventure in Iraq. We didn’t stop him.

          We also implored the Clark government not to send troops in support. But it did, surreptitiously; as we now see, with our troops being asked by the Iraq government to decamp.

          To be sure, if there’s a protest march on Parliament, I’ll join it, though that sort of thing is much harder to do at my age now. But I’ll do it, not because I think for one minute that my protesting will change a damned thing, but for the same reason I did it all those years ago: my own self-respect. And so that the government knows the views of at least some of its citizens.

          • Well I am a social democrat, a Bernie Bro. What I am not is a centrist trying to tear each other apart and talk past each other or fail to be calm and civil and reason together. So we all have different goals because we have different values that underline our democracy. Don’t mistake that device you’re holding for a plea for civility.

            I’m under no illusion that a UBI and Modern Monetary Theory and Wealth Taxes can be rung out of the ruling class with a lot of political struggle and incivility. If used in wise and targeted manners social justice tactics have there place. So if you see the CEO of The Ministry for Children having a nice meal at a nice restaurant then yell at her with me blessing. That said a left that only knows how to shame, call out, cancel, check privilege and diagnose unsavoury motivations of people who disagree with us we will lose a lot of persuadable interests who’s material interests should put them on our side.

            What’s more is all lefties who really do share all the same long term goals often finding ourselves disagreeing about strategy and tactics. So should we advocate demobilising the military or a UBI and raise benefits or are all these radical reforms apart of long term left wing agendas or are they just distractions from the fight against capitalism itself. Should we try and form another left wing party?

            These are all complicated questions for people who’re out of practice using the kind of reasoning logic and skills that are enhanced and sharpened by debate.

    • Because most Kiwis have little clues about global affairs, and are far too busy with feathering their own nests, or for the rest running around like headless chooks, trying to earn enough to pay the exorbitant rent charged by landlords, and for food and the petrol they need for their gas guzzling cars.

      • Marc: “Because most Kiwis have little clues about global affairs…”

        Don’t be too hard on your fellow citizens. They know little about international affairs because the msm here does a shite job of informing them. We get large servings of crap – mostly propaganda – from the US and the UK, dished up uncritically by the local media outlets.

        The only way of finding out that this stuff is propaganda is to read critiques from dissenting commentators and journalists. And good luck with finding any of them in the NZ msm; it’s necessary to go searching elsewhere. Most people don’t have the time or the wherewithal to do it.

    • On the one hand, Steve, leftists like Helen Clark and Phil Goff ( the latter in particular PYM etc) strident anti Vietnam, Marching and protesting, did not stop the Yanks commission of war crimes in a war they ultimately lost to a peasant army.

      On the other hand the anti nuke tests and ship visit protest, also lead by a bunch of leftist, achieved a remarkable outcome.

      These examples of recent history do suggest that Mr Treen has a 50/50 chance of success.

      That’s better odds than a casino where it’s 70/30 guaranteed losses.

      Rule number one in any battle: Never underestimate the opposition.


    • Maybe not, but will achieve more than right-wing losers who sit on their couches doing absolutely nothing at all.

      • Greta was just one kid, who skipped school for such …

        Sometimes, even “The Power of One” is all that is needed.

    • As I’ve written here before.
      Sung to the tune of :
      ” What the world needs now, is love sweet love.
      By Jackie DeShannon
      My version.
      “What the world needs now is drugs, sweet drugs. And not just pot or alcohol, but every one of them…”
      The most comforting thing about drugs ( illegal, or otherwise.) is that none of them will make you wake up Right Wing, and fuck oh dear, wouldn’t that be a fearful thing?
      Imagine! A long night out… Just that one little taste… Then waking up a @ Steven? Jesus wept!
      Suddenly! You’re a smug, self righteous little hanky with a side order of floppy arse cheek and a venal disposition to being bought and sold, and bought and sold, leading to a level of self loathing bitterness no amount of kissing from any sheep paid enough will reverse. Imagine?
      You think I’m joking?
      Read this and be comforted, beautiful people…
      A, The Guardian, report.
      “Sugar Sweet: the pilled-up rave that united Belfast during the Troubles ”

      Trump and his brainless predictabilities keenly exploited by the Right Wing, Dark Side has led to this. An abstract abhorrence without the lurid attraction of the bank-ability of an art work
      I’m going to build a nice retaining wall for my native seedlings with the bricks I’m shitting.

  2. “We need to hit the streets to show our opposition.”

    Yeah, I look forward to a few dozen not so sleepy Hobbits to march up Queen St.

  3. I don’t think we can stop him Mike ; I don’t think he can stop himself. He is not in charge, war on Iran has been on the US agenda for years.
    A curious thought though… Some commentators think that he didn’t know about taking out the top Iranian general until after it had happened. It will be interesting to see if they do actually start a war, clearly this provocation is designed to invoke a retaliation from Iran that will give them the excuse. We have watched the impeachment process unfold and now Warren is holding back passing it on to the senate . Why?
    What if the fight between the Dems and the GOP is for show . And the impeachment trial is awaiting Trump following through on attacking Iran unlike last time when they had downed the spy drone and he called it off when the planes were in the air. I suspect he was not told until the planes were in the air, and likewise this time. So let’s see if he tries to pull out at the last minute again , and this time the impeachment trial suddenly gets passed to the senate and to everyone’s surprise he gets convicted and put out of office and Pence takes over and the deep state gets the war with Iran they have longed for for years. Happy Bolton.
    D J S

    • David

      When political survival is at risk, invoke the Thatcher doctrine: start a war mate.

      Both having a few problems back in the office.

      Why not have a diversion which compels the nation to unite?


    • David Stone: “He is not in charge, war on Iran has been on the US agenda for years.”

      I agree with you on this.

      “Some commentators think that he didn’t know about taking out the top Iranian general until after it had happened.”

      It’s plausible. Up to this point, he hasn’t shown himself to be disposed toward such extreme provocations: words are more his style.

      “…clearly this provocation is designed to invoke a retaliation from Iran that will give them the excuse.”

      Indeed. Anyone who’s been paying any attention at all to the Iran situation can hardly fail to have noticed that, since the overthrow of the Shah (who – for those who are too young to know this stuff – was a US puppet, installed by the CIA many years ago) in the 70s, the US has tried everything in its power to provoke Iran to war. Nothing has been successful. This assassination is so egregious an act that Iran must retaliate: which is the point of the deed to begin with.

      NZ folks who don’t know so much about this issue could do worse than read Nicky Hager. I think it’s “Other People’s Wars” where he talks about what the US has been doing in the Gulf over many years.

      “Happy Bolton”

      Ha! Exactly. In my view, this has Bolton’s fingerprints all over it, regardless of his having been fired. In fact, it may even be because he was fired that he’s managed to engineer this. That man has had an insane obsession with Iran, and with going to war there, for all the time that he’s been in public office.

  4. Make Lord Farquat of Shrek saying a meme…

    “Some of you may die.. But it is a sacrifice, I am willing to make.”


  5. Good ol’ Right-wing Mike… how about the Uighur…? No urgent meeting for the genocide of Uighur? *crickets chirping* Oh, that’s right, you’re in the pocket of the racist Han Chinese dictatorship…

    • Castro: “…how about the Uighur…? No urgent meeting for the genocide of Uighur?”

      Oh good grief! Surely you don’t persist in believing that furphy? It’s the Yankees and their MSM poodles putting that story about. Without substantive evidence, I’d add.

      Give it up.

      • Come on, there may not be a genocide being committed by the Mainland Chinese, but there are ‘training camps’ for Uighurs, which use kind of indoctrination and inhumane pressure to force Uighurs to not live their culture and faith, and become more like ‘mainstream’ Han Chinese citizens of China:

        Some would say that meets the criteria of concentration camps, a bit like the Nazis used in the early years of their power, before they set out to turn them into mass murder camps (which happened during WW2).

              • Marc, this was directed at the Diversion troll post by ‘Gastro’. Your reply to D’E was excellent, btw – but when the thread starts to go on from there, as it threatened to do with J.W’s comment, then Gastro has succeeded in diverting Mike Treen’s call.

                Look at what he’s been doing (Gastro) – posting that same message under all different posts. None to do with his topic and all serving as bait. It’s an example of diversion troll tactics.

                • Sorry, but your comment was made to someone else, and there is no ‘Gastro’, you must mean Castro, nothing to do with the late Fidel, by the way.

          • You are a bit blinkered, mate, Wikipedia is rather independent of the US government, it has nothing to do with the US government and I know you take the piss when you try such a cynical remark re China:

            For you and some others the ONLY evil place and system and government is the one in the US, full stop. Never mind other super powers and what they do.

            • If you are referring to my question then I do know how Wikipedia runs and have contributed occasionally over the years.
              Wikipedia is not an authoritative reference but many articles are very helpful.
              Political subjects I treat with caution.
              For a balance research on Uighurs and retraining camps Wikipedia is hopeless.

        • Marc: surely you don’t take at face value everything you read on Wikipedia?

          I reiterate: unsubstantiated claims by the US and its msm poodles are propaganda at best, outright lies at worst. Because of its modus operandi, Wiki is prone to being manipulated in this way.

          It puzzles me that you’d want to believe this stuff; I assume that you’d consider yourself a left-winger? No left-wingers I know take at face value anything they read in the msm; they’re well aware of the extent to which we’ve been propagandised and lied to, over many, many years. Don’t believe those just-so stories coming from western news media – in particular, the US media.

          • 100%
            Often I don’t bother adding detail to my comments. For those who don’t pick up the drift then detail probably will go over their heads anyway.
            Bigger picture patterns over the longer term are not picked up by youngsters all fired up with the latest discussions they have “discovered”

  6. Yawn!

    Obama approved 563 drone strikes on foreign soil during his time in office.

    One missile from Trump and the left sets its hair on fire.

    • Yeah but Obama is a black man and a Democrat so its quite different Andrew. You are obviously not a lefty so you dont understand.

      • 563 droned under Obama seems light. Could be just a total for the whole yr, at least one of which would have been a general in someone’s army.

        Where Andrews premise fails to lead logically onto his conclusion is loads of lefties was hard against Obamas drone policy including Senator Sanders.

        Just because you don’t hear the objections of the left in a woke echo chamber does not make dogma into gospel.

        • “Just because you don’t hear the objections of the left in a woke echo chamber does not make dogma into gospel.”


      • Wiking: “Yeah but Obama is a black man and a Democrat so its quite different Andrew. You are obviously not a lefty so you dont understand.”

        Haha, very good!

        When Obama was first elected, we in this household thought he’d be a useless president, precisely because he’s black. Not for inside-out reasons, but for outside-in ones. People would be wary about criticism, lest they be accused of racism. And he would see any critique through the lens of his colour; thus he’d see it as racist.

        And so it turned out. As we predicted, he was useless. Though he could give a good speech; unfortunately, as it turned out, that was all he could do.

        • Words fail me.

          There is no way of answering this comment that would not draw further racist comments from others.

          Also, it is in no way helpful to, or contributing to the subject of this post, the call for an emergency stop war meeting.

          • Kheala: “There is no way of answering this comment that would not draw further racist comments from others.”

            If that’s aimed at me, it seems that you haven’t understood my comment. If it’s aimed at Wiking, you’ve missed the point of that comment as well. I suggest that you reread both.

            “Also, it is in no way helpful to, or contributing to the subject of this post, the call for an emergency stop war meeting.”

            If you scan through the comment thread, as I’ve done, you’ll see that many comments are only tangentially connected to the subject of this post. Which, I’d point out, is par for the course regarding comment threads on blog posts in general.

    • Winston Peters put out a statement over the weekend expressing the need for restraint, discussion and peaceful resolution. He should express concern, the Iranian general assassinated was an ally of America, at least in the ‘fight on terror’. If the US is willing to kill a friend, why would it care about killing anyone, anywhere at any time? No administration (certainly no military) in the world is safe from American murder, not innocent civilians, second-in-charge or heads of state. Is Ron Mark next? Jacinda?

  7. Trump is the first US President in decades who has NOT started a war. In that regard this Op-Ed is in the league of the brainwashing MSM.

  8. Protests have already begun in cities around the US and elsewhere in the world.

    USA Today – “Outraged Americans condemn US actions in Iraq and Iran. ‘Enough with this nonsense!’ ”
    USA Today photo gallery here

    On Saturday anti-war protesters assembled across the US and around the world to protest the administration’s action. From Times Square to Washington DC, from the Trump Tower in Chicago to Denver Colorado, rallies and protests were held in more than 70 cities around the US. Protests were also held in the UK and Canada.
    “For all who believe in peace, for all who are opposed to yet another catastrophic war, now is the time to take action”

    Reuters link
    Speakers at the Washington event included Jane Fonda, who said, “The younger people here should know that all of the wars fought since you were born have been fought over oil.” And, “We can’t anymore lose lives and kill people and ruin an environment because of oil.” (My emph.)

  9. Trump has not been impeached. You need to get that correct. Secondly, where were the street protests when the previous administration carried out similar attacks. Or is it a case of Trump bad no matter what? Iran is more vulnerable than you think and escalation would not be of benefit. A few key power stations taken out or their oil fields would cripple the military and the Iranians know that very well. Even their threat to SLOC can be easily contained. Putin does not want this conflict to escalate as he’s getting bogged down in a Syria.

    • Perhaps a bonfire and burning Trump effigies would enhance the atmosphere down by the US Consulate in Downtown Auckland?

      • With 600 children’s pictures, signifying the 600 children who have been killed by drones and other weapons in their murderous attacks in Afghanistan alone, during 2019. (Maybe with a few dozen burnt toy koalas thrown in for the heck of it.) That is what they are freaking well doing! Now! As you’re reading this, more children are being maimed and killed, let alone those losing their homes, their families, their entire world. And, we’re all losing that, ultimately.

      • By our silence, by our reluctance to act when sadists rule the world, we ARE participating, we are joining in their atrocities. Silence is no longer an option.

        No wonder the planet is over us. Like a big old St Bernard that’s covered in fleas, it’s starting to wake up. Just a bit of a twitch here and there so far.. wait till it really starts shaking them off.

  10. When there is a retaliatory drone attack on Donald Trump, the Americans will finally wake up to the fact that the Iranians are not merely a bunch of spear waving natives.

  11. “To oppose war is to recognize the intrinsic value of all human life no matter where they live or what kind of government they live under.”
    Try telling the Mad American Evangelical Tribes who have Trump sucking up to get their vote. They think he is JC or God come to save them. With a bit of luck he might lead them to the promised land some where at the end of the Galaxy or better still Since he can walk on water, they could all follow him off the cliff. You people think its bad living in NZ far away. Its a hell of a lot worse living here in America.

  12. It’s not right v left either, Mike, in the US. I’m a leftie, but lately have found way more anti-war sanity among conservatives at, say, The American Conservative than among ‘liberals’.

  13. With the madman in the US and his puppy Etonian fool Boris in the UK I don’t want Simon in charge of NZs foreign policy in 2020. He’d follow Sir John’s “get sum guts” ( but not for him or his kids) policy which means ‘where America goes we will follow’. Think of the repercussions for your own kids or grandchildren.
    I have more confidence in the decisions of Jacinda, Kelvin, Winston, James and the rest of the coalition. None whatsoever in Simon’s confused, conflicted opposition. I await the proclamations of National’s mercenary-Sorry (‘private contractor’) MP. Sorry again but -I’ve forgotten his name.( actually not sorry).

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