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  1. This is the free market at work isn’t it? This Whakaari Island tourist approach. You hold out something as exciting and interesting, say there is a risk but of course imply that it won’t affect you, it might happen but someone else will be affected. And people will think, they are just giving it a worst-case scenario, or building up the danger aspect to get people to go there.
    A Professor of Tourism at Auckland University of Technology says:
    “We need to be vigilant. We need to be sure that we do the best we can, but we can’t regulate everything …
    “We have to live with the fact that every time you go into an environment like that, as a tourist, you take a certain risk. It’s a live volcano, you know, that might erupt at any time.

    That warning sounds reasonable. But is it? We certainly can’t regulate nature, but we can regulate ourselves and that has come from us having a marvellous brain which most of us hardly use at all. We can’t throw our hands in the air and slide out from the wish to make money from everything, and being devious, which would prevent tour operators from being too explicit about the dangers, and customers from believing everything they hear.
    Now it will be all clear – the tour operators can provide the photos of the dead and the story about this disaster and no-one will be in doubt. Another thing should be considered; it is hard to regulate business which wants to make money from potentially dangerous activities. The business wouldn’t survive if it was shut down indefinitely because a devastating eruption might occur. Perhaps what would be fair in this relatively unregulated business world, is that the owners must be the workers also. Then they take both the money and profits, plus the dangers and risks; they can then say that they have honestly earned their profit.
    (I put capital letters to Professor of Tourism because I abhor the new approach to honorifics, the lazy cut everybody down to lower case size because it has been decided that people who learn and are knowledgable are not worthy of this little show of respect.)

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