Political Podcast – Sean Plunket vs Chloe Swarbrick vs Damien Grant vs Bomber: This week – Cannabis Referendum, ODT Cartoon, latest poll & Folau saga



‘It’s like having a cocktail’: Sean Plunket, Chlöe Swarbrick find common ground on weed

Radio host Sean Plunket – known for his outspoken views on “woke left” – has found common ground with a Green MP over her advocacy for cannabis law reform. 

Plunket, host of Magic Talk radio’s afternoon segment, invited MP Chlöe Swarbrick to discuss draft legislation announced this week outlining the potential rules if New Zealanders vote to legalise recreational cannabis. 

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Swarbrick, a 25-year-old MP who has led the campaign against prohibition, quickly found common ground with Plunket during the interview, who told her he’s long been an advocate for legalisation of weed. 


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  3. Chloe Swarbrick would be the only reason i would vote Green at the general election next year.
    Intelligent , good humored and genuine.
    She is bloody awesome.
    Bomber it would be great if she has the time too contribute on the T.D.B and give us her insight on how she sees current issues and how that will play out in parliament.
    She has a brilliant career in politics ahead and we need more like her.

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