MEDIA WATCH: BSA ‘Jew’ ruling really, really, really bad 


I’m no fan of the brutal, illegal and violent Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, buuuuuuuut, this BSA ruling on such an ugly slur is genuinely jaw dropping in its conclusion…

Decision to not uphold ‘Jew’ slur about All Black slammed by Jewish Council

The Jewish Council has slammed the broadcasting watchdog’s decision not to uphold a complaint over an All Black being labelled a “Jew” on a sports programme.

Instead, the Broadcasting Standards Authority cautioned broadcasters, saying they should avoid language that amounted to casual racism.

In the SKY Sports show Kick-off broadcasted on June 13, the decision said guest and rugby player Bryn Hall gave out a “red card” to All Black Jack Goodhue for his mullet.

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Hall went on to say: “The real reason why he’s running a mullet at the moment is that he’s engaged … [he] doesn’t want to pay for his wedding, so he’s actually looking for Women’s Day or Women’s Weekly to try and get behind and pay for his wedding, so red card for being a Jew, Jack, so there you go mate”.

…Ummmm, last time I checked, using ‘Jew’ in this manner was deeply offensive and unacceptable, it certainly isn’t ‘casual racism’. Using ‘Jew’ like this is formal-wearing-a-black-tie-tuxedo racism.

I think the BSA needs to reflect on this ruling because it’s pretty outrageous to say it and even more outrageous to shrug over its use.


    • SPC: “If he had said Scottish no one would have even complained.”

      True enough. Or Irish: my late father used to say that there’s none meaner (more miserly, he meant) than a mean Irishman.

      Jokes taking a poke at the miserliness of the Scots, Irish and Jews have been circulating since my childhood. Though one doesn’t hear them so much nowadays.

      Characterising them as “racist” is inaccurate and unfortunate. The term “racist” is just name-calling, designed to shut people up and squelch debate.

      • Opinion stated as fact ,,,,,,”The term “racist” is just name-calling, designed to shut people up and squelch debate.” ,,,, not according to every reputable dictionary in the world

        How about the Christchurch white subpremacist,, Lauren Sourthng and stefan the skull molynox are all racists ,,, along with don brash. name calling ?

        20mins 40 secs ,,,, NZ gets a mention

        • Reason: “…not according to every reputable dictionary in the world”

          Merriam-Webster definition:
          Definition of racism

          1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
          2a : a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles
          b : a political or social system founded on racism
          3 : racial prejudice or discrimination

          Are you seriously suggesting that this is what’s happening here? My point stands: name-calling, designed to shut people up and squelch debate. The rise of neoliberalism has a lot to answer for: it’s in the interests of the multinationals that the citizens are forced to accept floods of migrants: that’s the means by which wages are kept low. Any objections to the numbers of immigrants, we’re accused of racism, as in: things you say that I don’t like.

          How do you propose to police what people think, and say in private? You can’t. All that happens is that people perceive that they’re being preached at, and they grow ever more resentful. I know: I’ve heard this from people when they deem it safe to say what they really think.

          What is of moment is what people do, not what they say or think. Our legal system protects citizens against discrimination on the basis of ethnicity. That’s the best we can manage.

          “How about the Christchurch white subpremacist,, Lauren Sourthng and stefan the skull molynox are all racists ,,, along with don brash. name calling ?”

          Say what? I read this out to a member of this household: their response was the same as mine. What are you talking about? Perhaps a spot of editing would help.

          And – speaking of editing – how about you use rows of full stops instead of commas? Your comments would make so much more sense if you did.

          • D Esster ,,,, you wrote as a stand alone sentence and statement of fact;

            ” The term “racist” is just name-calling, designed to shut people up and squelch debate.”

            This statement from you is wrong ,,,,, and at odds with what you have previously written about racists ,,,,, and again I’ll quote your very own writing.

            “As it happens, I agree; individuals can’t be racist.That’s the purview of governments.” ,,,,

            So In the world according to D Esster ,,, not only are there NO racists ,,,, its all just name calling / abuse of people ,,,, because people can not be racist.

            I disagree,,,and for other less extreme people, I linked to a video which exposed racists/ white supremacists ,,,, and their SHARED beliefs.,,,

            Here’s another video which starts of with an image of ‘ The Black Sun’, ,,,, the same symbol adored by the Christchurch racist killer ,,,,,

            • As usual, Reason, I haven’t the least idea what you’re going on about here.

              I suggest that you respond to what I actually say – and in which I’ve been consistent – rather than your misinterpretation of it. It seems that you’re having trouble with compre’ension: as the French nuns who were around in my childhood would have said.

              I have no idea why you’d want to believe the tosh to which you evidently subscribe. You’re welcome to it: I’ll stick with my views, thanks, based as they are on a lot of years of reading and education.

              Give up on your attempt to convert me to your worldview – if that’s what you’re trying to do. It ain’t happening. And give up the repeated commas while you’re at it: those French nuns would ‘ave ‘ad something to say about that as well!

              • I’m not trying to ‘convert’ you any more than I’d try to convert a Laura Sourthng or Don Brash.

                But pointing out a persons own writing / beliefs provides information to how they form their opinions

                Its relevant and related ,,, like your two strange sentences are to your world view..

                ” .. individuals can’t be racist.”

                ” The term “racist” is just name-calling, designed to shut people up and squelch debate.”

                • Give it up, Reason, give it up… I can’t make any more sense of your comments now than when you started. And I started trying to decipher them.

    • BS, ‘brown folk’ make jokes about Papalagi and Pakeha all the time also in derogative terms, so this is a one sided view that you present.

      White people and Europeans and those that may traditionally have done some wrong, they get attacked by way of collective guilt approach, while others can get away with what they do.

      We have the same BS as with other matters, once equality calls by feminists have led to feminists attack every man where they can, if they do not support feminist views. Same with cultural and race related matters.

      Why do Elections NZ publish all kinds of flyers and so in Niuean, Samoan and a range of other languages, but not in Dutch, French or German, or even Japanese? Some minorities are treated specially it seems, as the eternal ‘victim’, always needing help, others are expected to manage, no matter what their circumstances.

      PC madness has got hold of the ‘so called left’ and is destroying any chance of the important matters to be addressed, which humanity faces, e.g. climate change.

      The news rather focus on the ‘consumer’ and his or her ‘right’ to cheap petrol.

      What a twisted world we live in.

    • Chris Harris: “….Almost as bad as the cartoon in the ODT….”

      Yet here you are, supplying a link to it. I wonder at your doing this, if it’s as bad as you claim.

      Tremain is doing his job as a cartoonist; his stuff is MEANT to provoke, even offend, some viewers, while others will laugh. That’s the whole point of cartoonery. For what it’s worth, I didn’t see it as a piss-take of dead children. Rather, he was using humour to underline the sheer awfulness of measles.

      People of my generation vividly remember the terrible epidemic diseases such as measles, and the deaths. We are empathetic; but that doesn’t mean we’ve had a humour bypass. The young nowadays – especially the earnest types who preach against vaccines – should take note. The epidemic in Samoa is the inevitable consequence of failure to get kids vaccinated.

  1. WTF? Good call Bomber. I note that the the ODT cartoon about Samoa got Garrick Tremain packed off on gardening leave. This is worse.

    • Chris Harris: “This is worse.”

      That’s a bit of a turnaround from your earlier comment, isn’t it? Then it was “almost as bad”. What’s changed?

      In any event: no. It isn’t.

      I fail to see the in-principle difference between people of Irish and Scottish descent (both, in my case) being mocked for being careful with money – stingy, if you prefer – and the same thing being said of Jews.

      • ‘Jews are miserly’, is a conspiracy from the middle ages.’..
        This anti-semite stereotype is played upon by Sasha Baron Cohen,,,,, ‘Throw the jew down the well’ ,,, 5 mins 50 secs

        The Scots myth was spread by the more miserly English ,,, along with the ‘irish are stupid’ stereotype/ humor.


    Now the establishment media are trying to put ‘dirt’ on Kris Faafoi, – claiming he may have helped a friend to get an immigration case settled, so it looks like the dirty politics saga is now being pushed into gear as we understand the Kris was about to drop a new re-established public media TV commercial free voice for the people but alas the establishment media are pushing back as they want to control the hearts and minds of all of us and keep us under their control.
    l so it looks like the dirty politics is well and alive being steered by national no doubt.

    I noticed today in Parliament Clare Curren looked delighted at the news, as she has damaged us all with her miss handling and now must feel the spotlight is finally not on her again.


    • Cleangreen: “….so it looks like the dirty politics is well and alive being steered by national no doubt.”

      Yup. Looks like that to me, too. And it was the Natz last time: no reason to think otherwise right now.

  3. If one of the new royal babies was to suffer an unfortunate demise and a cartoonist used the unfortunate occasion to push a so called point, would it still be deemed acceptable as some here describe. me thinks not

    • doc: “If one of the new royal babies was to suffer an unfortunate demise and a cartoonist used the unfortunate occasion to push a so called point….”

      That’s not what Tremain did. If you’ve seen the cartoon, you’ll know that he didn’t mention deaths; the measles spots got a star billing, though. As was entirely appropriate, given what a terrible disease it is.

      So: your example above is in no way commensurate with the content of Tremain’s cartoon.

      In NZ, we already have our freedom of speech crimped by censorship, both formal and informal. I would not like to see further erosion of it. Cartoons are one of the last frontiers: of course some of them will offend some people’s notions of good taste. That’s the whole point of cartoonery. Bad taste is a subjective thing.

      If public pressure from the woke left results in the censorship of cartooning here, god help us all. The very last thing we need is the unedifying spectacle of this past week: newspaper editors bullied into apologising for cartoons, and silencing said cartoonists.

      For all its flaws, the US does the free speech thing a great deal better than we do. As does France. We ought to learn from them.

  4. Yes just like the term “white” which of late has been bantered about with seeming impunity (which is absurd too as not all European people are white). Good manners and respect for people is never wasted. So on this occasion I agree with you for the most part Martyn.

    • sean: “….the term “white” which of late has been bantered about with seeming impunity (which is absurd too as not all European people are white).”

      Indeed it has. Were people to use the term “brown” or “black” in a similar context, other people would be screaming “racism!” at them.

      As it happens, I’m white: embarrassingly so, thanks to my Celtic ancestry. It’s a characteristic I’ve passed on…..

      On the other hand, sundry extended family members in Europe are most definitely not as white as I am: they marvel at my skin colour. They’re quite olive-skinned, as the saying goes.

      “Good manners and respect for people is never wasted.”

      True enough. However, our free speech rights may from time to time entail causing offence to some people, or groups of people. That’s the way it works, and long may it do so.

      In my view, the flinging of insults at white people and various ethnic groups illustrates that freedom of speech isn’t yet dead in NZ.

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