Labour’s half billion on education is great but not transformative


I’ve reviewed Labour’s ho-hum conference here, and while bringing infrastructure budget forward is great and half a billion on schools is great and paying educators a living wage is great too – this isn’t visionary from Labour and we shouldn’t kid ourselves that it is.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s all good stuff, but it sure as Christ ain’t transformative.

The lack of a grand vision, the glacial incremental nature of the change and very little to show in terms of achievement for 2 years in power means Labour have a year to put together something meaningful to convince the electorate they can truly deliver in a second term.

I want Labour to have a second term, but I fear they’re lack of dynamism and executive foresight to cauterise problems means they are still a 50-50 chance of being one term Government.


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  1. Can the kids take the $700 of property with them through life, like a quality education?

    I think not!

    Again concentrating on the wrong outcomes in NZ Government!

    More money for construction less money for the actual education for more and more kids in NZ! I’m not happy with the poor materials given to kids at school, maybe the government need to dump educational neoliberalism and actually invest in young people not just the property they temporarily occupy!

    Here a hint, make sure that 100% of kids coming out of school can read and write and do mathematics and have general knowledge and critical and ethical thinking places like Cuba seems to manage it on limited funds! Apparently half the people in prison are illiterate so no wonder they are in jail – what a waste of their lives that might have been different if they were more literate.

    The lack of scrutiny and ethics continues on the upper end of a NZ education, when we have the recent junior doctor convicted of the gruesome murder of an innocent teenager, in between turning up for work drunk, and getting off by getting his lawyer to say his very much alive mother had died. That doctor graduated from Auckland university (NZ universities are becoming known for turning a blind eye to cheating so the $$$ keeps rolling in!) There are dire consequences for society and individuals in NZ with the NZ profit driven, no ethics approach going forward!

    COL is too busy funding big business industry and woke issues, while the kids and materials and system gets less and less for the actual students themselves.

  2. “Great” !
    It’s not “great”. It’s about fucking time, you mean.
    Personally? I see it as bribery. Or a quid pro quo. They’re [Labour] buying our vote so’s their mates, the natzo’s can stay in the shadows with their fat rat deep state natzo mates with OUR end-stage neoliberal-labour money in their pocketsessssss.
    If you’ve got kids and you don’t want to see them on a U$A-esque skid row, you’ll think “ Aw, he’s a nice man that grant.”
    Fuck off, he is.
    He’s just doing the job we pay him to do in the average way he can blunder into.
    It’s YOUR fucking money he’s got his sweaty little mitts all over, and most of that money was farmer made money sequestered by crooks and some of those farmers are suiciding because they’ve been abandoned by you city fellers to be preyed upon by the four foreign banksters taking $5billion a year out of AO/NZ, remember that too.
    I found this crystal ball on the Guardian just now.
    Want to rekindle our once-was stellar trade agreements with the EU anyone?
    Care to conduct a royal commission if inquiry into why those trade agreements fucked out and left us to be savaged by the australians and the chinese?
    Yes? Excellent.
    The TOP party reckons that’s what’s needed. I reckon they’re right but I don’t trust TOP. After watching AO/NZ wither and die over the last 30 or more years I don’t trust any of the bastards. [ Politicians]
    America is not the land of the free but one of monopolies so predatory they imperil the nation
    Will Hutton

  3. Wokester Bradubury’s ability to state the bleedin’ obvious is nice, but not class Leftist in any way, shape or form 🙂

  4. What the country has come down to, in the pursuit of private $$$, it’s started with Rogernomics and now combined with globalism and selling off our country and culture this is the results of letting overseas based socially and environmentally irresponsible business do whatever they want!

    ‘Blatant racism’: Cruise ship guests given ‘pantomime’ Māori pōwhiri at Port of Tauranga

    The left government and wokies are fine with us selling fake degrees and work here, so interesting to see the response to the above which probably even to the wokies is a step too far in saving money!

  5. It wasn’t great, it was a total waste of money.
    It didn’t increase enrollments, it mainly benefited middle class families and could have been much better put to use elsewhere.

    Furthermore, having spent time teaching at University I can say with absolute confidence that we need FEWER people going to University NOT more.
    So many of the kids going to university treat it like a non stop party and many others lack the basic aptitude to derive any meaningful value from tertiary study.

    • When the government ideology for the last 30 years has led with education for profit, obviously they needed to entice as many punters to pay fees as possible.

      Now what used to be a short course or paid training on the job has now morphed into tens of thousands of dollars in fees over years for a degree in the same topic and by making it too expensive for locals to study (domestic adults are down in tertiary) they can instead go to the world and make them pay (with the incentive of work permits, voting, and more residency for the family an obviously beneficial exchange with a pension alone in NZ worth a million dollars and free health and primary/secondary education for all.

      When NZ degrees now can result in people who don’t seem to have life skills or ethics (recent Auckland university doctor graduate convicted of murder

      And cheating is ok now.

      A focus on quality education falls by the wayside with profits hand in hand (and actually winning) with education.

      Once upon a time, there may have been some self reflection on murders and crimes and frauds in NZ and why everything is so dysfunctional from housing to transport not working, but now, not so much. Same right wing arguments that don’t work and the obvious solutions not allowed to be talked about.

  6. Starting a Deal.

    400.000.000 million NZD is an interesting amount, and could well be seen as an initial input for transformational change.

    The question is how the money will be spent, what type of infrastructure will be supported, and how will the infrastructure support contribute to other measures of “green change” (e.g. local employment, use of regenerative resources and materials, power supply from renewables, waste management, etc.).

    One should assume that the governing NZAO executive – which includes members of a green party – would be able to assure that such sustainable parameters and criteria will guide the practical utilization of these funds.

    Certainly, this would maximize the benefits of the budget allocation, and could be regarded as very useful cross-fertilization of labour’s and green’s strategies.

  7. “Before all this, in the midst of reconfiguring ‘the’ Party. I guess me and my bestie had better get down to Levenes and get them to knock up a pot of paint called, “Woke White” and we’ll drop the Red!

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