Great – just what paranoid gun owners need, a massive Police privacy breach – this will get ACT 3%


If you were going to try and offend a group of NZers more, you couldn’t have done much better than this latest fiasco.

Bewilderingly there seems to be some enormous breach of privacy that allows someone to access all the personal details INCLUDING bank account numbers from the Gun buy back scheme…

Police gun buyback website shut down over privacy breach fears

The site was shut down after police were alerted by a member of the public to a potential breach involving the online notification platform for the firearm buy back programme.

The website was shut down immediately and the breach is being investigated. The office of the Privacy Commissioner was also made aware of the issue.

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Police are refusing to give more information about the buy-back data breach.

…when you consider the extreme incel level neurosis and paranoia of the NZ gun fraternity, many whom believe they are the true victims of the Christchurch atrocity, news that the Police have allowed through their incompetence a breach of privacy this large will be like a match to petrol.

Stuart Nash needs to serve that audience a sacrificial head or else the conspiracy theories will take over and crazy extremist elements will dominate.

Politically, Nashy has just handed ACT 3%.


  1. Fully agree. A head need to role but that’s still not going to allay the concerns over Police’s terrible record administering the Arms Act. They have proven time and agin that they are not competent. DIA would do a far better job akin to their management berths, deaths and marriages and drivers’ licences.

  2. The Police, SiS, GCSB are all captured by the same lifelong bureaucrats within the machinery, so much so. Whatever you say and want them to do, that’ll deliberately reinterpret those instructions to mean, we’ll do the opposite because thats what we’re here to do, because we know whats best.


  3. Why so many data breaches in the public service from idiots? We have had treasury, WINZ, police and who knows how many others?

    Could it be that a lot of people in IT ‘leadership’ in NZ have marketing degrees and not many IT qualifications – kinda more interested in money and networking opportunities here and talent is often forced overseas because of our low wages and lack of opportunities for local talent to advance?

    Also helpful for profiteering but no so much for expertise, is the rise of Big 5 and many tech giants, getting rid of their experienced people because you can hire back workers at cheaper rates and get rid of older union contracts and super by getting rid of the more experienced people in tech. Millennials and outsourced personal are just so cheap, and you can charge them out at the same rates to the public service as experienced people!

    No surprises that Google had to pay out millions in age discrimination and IBM are now being sued for the same issue!

    Also with so many degrees nows being rubber-stamped, and cheating now acceptable – we now have the idiot- yet-intellectual class managing and hiring others of their ilk and privacy and data breaches increasingly common!

    NZ lecturer says half of international students in their class failed for cheating, universities turning blind eye

  4. re “…when you consider the extreme incel level neurosis and paranoia of the NZ gun fraternity, many whom believe they are the true victims of the Christchurch atrocity….”…well yes when you consider it was a Jacinda Labour Party and Green Party reaction to an AUSTRALIAN’S act of terrorism

    ( the NZ gun owning fraternity was scapegoated… as were NZ males named and shamed and blamed for the atrocity as “white male supremacists” by certain Green Party MPs…some of whom were not even born in New Zealand)

    ….also this Labour coalition put a ban on freedom of speech I believe and freedom of information….no wonder ACT is gaining support

    (btw there did need to be better gun controls …but it needed to be measured and consultative and not as a blame reaction to an AUSTRALIAN’S act of terrorism)

    • NZ always wants to be world leading. In this case, the first country to blame and punish it’s own citizens for a foreign terrorist attack. Not the first to turn from the normal democratic process to push through a pre-existing agenda unfortunately.

    • Labour ban of free speech ? ,,,,, Australian terrorism ?? ,,, Nah, just a right wing wank.

      New Zealands worst act of terrorism could be palmed off as an ANZAC thing ,,, but the NRA style talking point of ‘ Not NZ terrorism’ is simplistic PR to play on emotions ,,, and ignores many facts..

      The Christchurch sub-premacist thought of himself as a ANZAC soldier ,,,, The New Zealand firing range / gun club where he honed his killing skills, had many members who shared his racist ANZAC ‘defenders culture’,,,, to such an extent that an alarmed and normal shooter / gun owner,,,, made a complaint and alerted the police .

      The Otago gun club is not alone ,,,, with the gun ‘nuts’ component of its membership….

      A decent minority of NZers share some of the paranoid racist and bigoted false beliefs of the Christchurch subpremacist.,,,,

      Political Parties of the right,, cynically pander to these fears and push negative stereotypes ,,, most often our media joins in , validating and hyping fears ,,, ‘Jihadi brides’ and ‘ waves of boat refugees’, being two recent examples of this political fear-mongering ,,,,

      the Christchurch subpremacist lapped up all that crap.

      ‘Free speech”; ,,,, To compound their part in radicalizing the Christchurch sub-ANZAC killer ,,,, National party affiliates such as ‘the taxpayers union’ members, Don Brash etc ,,,, spend Hundreds Of Thousands on Lawyers and court action,,,,, trying to force Council owned venues ,,,,, to be open and available to those who push the bigoted beliefs and racist myths of the Christchurch Killer.

      ie; Lauren Sourthng has a video with the same Title and message / motivation as the Christchurch White Subprems Manifesto …. “The Great Replacement”

      The Christchurch coward tried to scare “invaders” by shooting them ,,,,, She has tried to deter them by increasing their already high risk of drowning.,,,

      Pretty disgraceful by the Nacts to help bring in right wing proxy speakers ,,,, to say the things they would like too ,,,, so soon after New Zealands Terrorist attack.

      Free speech does not require my city council to support support this trash

  5. The police need to look at their own security systems and fix them rather than typically immediately absolving themselves of fault even before they have looked into the breach, and pointing the finger of blame elsewhere.

  6. If 250,000 is correct then FAL owners are 1 in 20 of the population, then I think you’ll see a big jump in ACT support at the next election, many of them will have families that will also vote in concert. Labour probably though that most ‘gun nuts’ would be stereotypical national voters but that’s not necessarily always the case, a fair few labour voting FAL owners (and would have a hard time voting labour again) are now are floating where they will place their vote and they will likely go to ACT. Even previously national voters are feeling sold down the river. I wouldn’t be surprised if ACT hit 4-5% on party vote alone especially if you count in families of those whom have seen the suffering of terminal illness.

  7. “when you consider the extreme incel level neurosis and paranoia of the NZ gun fraternity”

    I’m not a gun owner myself but several of my friends are, and without exception they are successful and rudely sane married men. The paranoid & neurotic are those that would fail the background check. Interestingly neither the commissioner of police nor Nash would be able to obtain a gun licence because of their ‘priors’. Would you?

    Is the gun owning community unreasonable or irrational in their fears? Here we have a government ramming through gun confiscation whilst at the same time formulating hate speech laws that run contrary to the Bill of Rights Act. We have the same minister attempting to impose a ‘thought police’ bureaucracy for the 2020 election which would, naturally, fall under his control.

    So the fears of the shooting community seem awfully rational to me! I never thought NZ would turn on a dime and head down this dark road.

    But yes – it looks like they’ve gifted ACT an extra couple of MPs. Thank goodness, because throughout this saga only Semour has been a principled voice for our rights.

    • Angry andrew often paints a Incels distorted view of the world …. which he tries to ram down every ones throat .

      “The main legislation covering “hate speech” is the Human Rights Act (HRA) and the Harmful Digital Communications Act (HDCA).”

      “……the HRC has long called for its review, saying it has major omissions – currently, it doesn’t not cover hate for reasons of religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation. ”

      Your a bit of a bullshit rammer ,,,,Andy

  8. The Weimar Republic also maintained a firearms registry and guaranteed no breaches. Hitler used it to disarm the Jews. The U.S. Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 (FOPA) revised many provisions of the Gun Control Act of 1968. Today, FOPA makes it illegal for the national government or any state in the country to keep any sort of database or registry that ties firearms directly to their owners. Pettifoggers in New York, Chicago, et al., simply wink and do it anyway. Ardern should have known better but her zealous fetish to disarm her little people control her like she wishes to control Kiwis. Seems this is a common trait for big governments.

    • If I were Labour and wondering what the hell we could use as a election campaign ,,,,, I’d be praying for military weapons hold outs,,r ,,,,, especially if they are using paranoid deranged speech such as ,,,”Labour are like ” weimar Germany with the PM a “Zealot” with a “fetish” to control NZers .”

      Statements like that should be worth + 10% for Labour ,,, which is fair enough as citizens guns preventing the Holocaust is a debunked NRA myth

      New Zealands worst terrorist attack was partially the result of Nationals right wing dirty politics ,,, feeding sick minds with racist dog whistles ,,,

      And they are still pushing for the preachers to the Christchurch white subpremacist ,,,,, hate preachers who told him he was right ,,,, they are still pushing for councils to provide them a platform ,,,

      they might as well be pushing for the Christchurch killers Manifesto to be given a fair hearing
      20mins 41 Secs

  9. Again your comments deserve a QED

    The guy who did it was a lone AUSTRALIAN terrorist who had visited many countries including Israel several times, North Korea and Pakistan …he was one out of the box

    lets not tar ALL New Zealanders with this AUSTRALIAN’S act of terrorism and mass murder …or you will cause people to think you are not a New Zealander but a mischievous trouble maker with an agenda…. not unlike the AUSTRALIAN terrorist who was intent on destabilization of New Zealand and has caused increased surveillance, restrictions on freedom of speech and information

    New Zealand used to be a an OPEN SOCIETY

    • Your strange way of describing the terrorist attack in Christchurch as an Australian crime ,,,, is just about as stupid as saying New Zealanders will ALL be tarred as terrorist, due to the crime taking place here.

      You misrepresent and were wrong about the little Aussie coward…..According to his own ” Great Replacement” manifesto and all the writing on his guns ,,,,, it was the alt-right, white neo fascists in Europe and the Usa he was primarily hoping to emulate and invigorate.,,,, He was part of a large mainly overseas network for whom he wished to be a hero and get fame.

      Your the one wanting the right to have military style assault weapons ,,,, yet you accuse me of being like the Christchurch killer ,,,, thanks for the laugh.

      I’m all for free speech ,,,,, but Im not for national party affiliates trying to force publicly owned venues to host speakers of the christchurch killers ideology ,,,

      .BEFORE the Christchurch attack National had already tripled the Govt surveillance budget ,,,, put restriction on protest / free speech etc.

      If people were better informed ,,then incorrect claims about the christchurch killer would be harder to use ,,,,,

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