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  1. Bolivia is now being run by extreme far right Christian fascists led by Jeanine Añez who believes the indigenous population to be Satanic. I guess this is the warped reasoning that allows “christians” to shoot, maim and torture a whole race of people without mercy and then seize property and resources for their paymasters and cheerleaders in the States. Trump is in raptures. Bolivia is a very sad development. Latin America is beginning to look like it is slipping back to the dark times. This from Medea Benjamin on the ground in Bolivia.

  2. Finally getting the free to air TV channel like TV7 finally that is our public media that we can have cover our stories ‘not just the ‘Auckland wellington Dunedin/Queenstown lobby noise’ so the regions all may finally now have a voice.

    Yeah good one as a press release will come at Xmas the media are saying today.

  3. Government pumping $400m into school property, almost $700 per student

    (Can the kids take the $700 of property with them through life, like a quality education? I think not! Again concentrating on the wrong outcomes in NZ Government!)

    More money for construction less money for the actual education for more and more kids in NZ! I’m not happy with the poor materials given to kids at school, maybe the government need to dump educational neoliberalism and actually invest in young people not just the property they temporarily occupy!

    Here a hint, make sure that 100% of kids coming out of school can read and write and do mathematics and have general knowledge and critical and ethical thinking places like Cuba seems to manage it on limited funds! Apparently half the people in prison are illiterate so no wonder they are in jail – what a waste of their lives that might have been different if they were more literate.

    The lack of scrutiny and ethics continues on the upper end of a NZ education, when we have the recent junior doctor convicted of the gruesome murder of an innocent teenager, in between turning up for work drunk, and getting off by getting his lawyer to say his very much alive mother had died. That doctor graduated from Auckland university (NZ universities are becoming known for turning a blind eye to cheating so the $$$ keeps rolling in!) There are dire consequences for society and individuals in NZ with the NZ profit driven, no ethics approach going forward!

    NZ too busy funding every big business industry and woke issues, while the kids and materials and system gets less and less for the actual students themselves.

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