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  1. Personally I’m pleased that Otago are setting high standards!

    One in five Otago med students have qualifications withheld after rort exposed

    Since the doctor on trial for murder studied at Auckland, maybe they should do something about their graduates ethics!

    Suggest testing to check they have the required ethics, do not have extreme views or control issues, and a personality to be a healthy doctor before they are allowed a place and to keep going through the system!

    No-one wants a lying, cheating doctor – or worse – sexual criminal or murderer getting through and taking the place of a much better mentally and ethically able student who now does not have the opportunity to become a doctor.

  2. I’ve said it before somewhere-I’ve often wondered what excuse Trump would find to resign from the presidency or at least withdraw from the coming elections, an excuse which he thinks his base of uneducated rednecks/ bluenecks will accept.
    Nixon resigned to avoid the reality of impeachment. Trump has seen the writing on the wall with recent gubernatorial election losses and might resign to avoid being seen as a loser, searching for a solution that he believes will not cause him to lose face. The recent unexpected visit to Walter Reid Hospital may well be the beginning of a story that a serious medical condition precludes his continuation in the presidency.
    It may be his way out and I live in hope.

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