MEDIA WATCH: If you are pissed about Afghan kids dying because of our military incompetence, wait until you realise we are training Iraqi soldiers who are killing their own citizens 


Another brilliant piece of investigative journalism from Stuff Circuit, this time the possibility that undetonated weapons on a NZ firing range in Afghanistan killed 7 children…

Blast from New Zealand firing range ammunition kills Afghan children

Seven children were killed in an explosion caused by a device left behind on a New Zealand firing range in Afghanistan, a Stuff Circuit investigation has revealed.

The children are among 17 civilians killed or injured in incidents connected to unexploded ordnance on New Zealand’s firing ranges.

The previously unreported tragic legacy of New Zealand’s 10-year deployment to Afghanistan is the subject of a Stuff Circuit documentary, Life + Limb.

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…the fact that we’ve agreed to spend $10m to clean up this toxic legacy suggests our NZDF know we are responsible despite their claims that it could be Russian or American munitions that exploded.

No one spends that kind of money unless they have to.

This is just the latest example of how this immoral deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq have stained the honour of our armed services.

We handed civilians over to known torture units, received information from torture, was involved in a friendly fire incident, desecrated bodies of the dead and of course we killed and wounded 21 civilians as part of a SAS revenge attack that went wrong.

On top of all of this, we now have a serious question over our training of Iraqi soldiers now that the Iraq Government have turned those soldiers against protesting civilians…

NZ soldiers have so far trained 46 000 Iraqi soldiers, the very same Iraqi soldiers who have this month opened fire on protesting Iraqi citizens…

Iraq protests: Death toll soars past 250 as violence continues, after ‘18 killed’ overnight in Karbala city

At least 18 people have been killed and 800 wounded in Iraq when masked security forces opened fire on protesters in the Shia holy city of Karbala on Tuesday, security officials have said.

…it is time for us to cut our losses here and leave these ill moral open ended war zones where our involvement is only exacerbating injustice not preventing it.


  1. Well perhaps everyone can take a leaf out of John Key’s book, and email the effete bunch up in Parliament to get some guts – and get out of Afghanistan.

    Expecting principled decision making is too big an ask.

  2. Heh don’t worry, we will just tell the hobbits it was “DEM RUSSIAN’S” none of them will notice that the Russians left Afghanistan thirty years ago.

  3. From the response to this blog, i would suggest that the average nzilder really doesn’t give a flying F about children being killed as a result of our licking murica’s d—!

    • G.A.P. The average NZ’er doesn’t give a flying f about children. Period. We abuse and batter and kill them in record numbers, and the most collective passion ever show in NZ about children was the anger at Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking bill – which some still whinge about.

      Imagine a country which legislates about what degree of violence against children is ok. We’re it. Our extraordinary attitude towards, and frequent lack of concern, about children, could be one of the reasons govts get away with chronically under-funding beneficiaries – most folk don’t care.

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