Foreign Affairs tweet an outrage in a decent society


In any civilised society this tweet from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs would be an outrage.

This tweet is direct from a racist Israeli propaganda sheet.

Anyone reading it would think the rockets came as an unprovoked attack against the civilian population of Israel.

In fact the rockets were fired in response to two political assassinations conducted by Israel when it simultaneously attacked the homes of two leaders of Islamic Jihad in Gaza and Syria, killing Bahaa Abu Al Ata and his wife in their house in Gaza, and the son of Akram al-Ajjouri in the al-Ajjouri house in Damascus.

So, what a truly heroic tweet from the Ministry. Attack the victims of Israeli aggression while ignoring the main criminals and the biggest crime.

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Gutless. Ignorant. Misleading. Weak. Craven. Obsequious. The behaviour of a weasily accomplice to a schoolyard bully.

As we said in a media release yesterday “Whatever one thinks of the policies and actions of Islamic Jihad they are the micro issue. The macro issue is the brutal, racist behaviour of Israel which has terrorised the Palestinian population of Palestine and the wider Middle East for over 70 years”

The death toll from Israel’s murderous campaign so far is:

Israelis killed = 0.

Palestinians killed = 30+ including some children.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has missed the memo. Palestinian lives matter!

But all the ministry can do is produce computer generated rubbish straight from the racist, apartheid government of Israel.


  1. The Last American Vagabond always has good analysis on Israel and Gaza amongst other things. He often points out that in every scenario rockets, or ignited balloons or whatever come from Gaza, land in some empty bit of land and then lead to an Israeli retaliation. The initial “attacks” from Gaza are never verified. Keep an eye of for this the next time

  2. I guess “we are one” and our government’s pro muslim stance after CHCH doesn’t reach to disagreeing with Israel’s power interests.

    I guess toss the Migrants some parent visas while being photographed for International Multicultural Day, and give the missiles and political assassinations going on in their occupied countries, a thumbs up with a positive propaganda press release!

    Not genuine!!

    The reason Helen Clark got respect was when she caught the Israelis stealing our visas and passports she gave them a public dressing down, likewise David Lange turned our country nuclear free in response to the French terrorist attack and did not bow down to the US… those acts made NZ respected overseas including within those countries themselves!

    The COL and NATZ past them, just seem like desperate publicity hounds, with zero ethics trying to sell NZ off to anybody with a spare $ who might want some milk powder.

    Key and Jacinda may get the woman’s day cover and MSM glory but history and their actions to stand up for what is right and what is wrong, when they don’t gain anything, in fact lose and have to fight hard for what is right, is what makes a politician respected in history.

  3. Thanks John. The NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs appears corrupt, or perhaps just controlled by Israel and the Zionist cabal operating in the NZ Parliament.

    I always thought that NZ’ers were too dumb and unsophisticated to behave as wrongly as this, but I was wrong too.

    • They’re just sticking to the accepted narrative. You can’t say mean things about the Israeli government because that makes you a horrible anti-Semite. Apparently. This is the same hilarious wheelbarrow of disingenuous horseshit Netanyahu and friends have been pushing about for decades. Criticize Israel = You hate Jews, you awful, awful Nazi, you!

  4. I do not know why we’d expect anything else from MFAT. If I remember rightly, in his book “Other People’s Wars”, Nicky Hager illustrated the extent to which MFAT was boots and all into NZ sending the military to the ME, despite there being no reason at all for our involvement.

    And: let’s not forget that, when he went into coalition with Labour and the Greens, Winston Peters was keen on NZ concluding a FTA with Russia. At the time, I wrote to him about it, expressing hope that such a deal could be concluded; after all, NZ traded with the USSR, back in the day.

    I got the most extraordinary response from Peters; it could only have been written by MFAT, and it detailed all of the propaganda, with which we’re wearily familiar, and which the 5 Eyes like to throw at Russia.

    I was so dumbfounded, I didn’t reply. Which lack of action I now regret.

    • D’Esterre – Yep, letters to Ministers get routinely sent to the department to produce a reply – they’re called, “Ministerials”. (Some depts go into panics. )If you can come up with some sort of personal connection (with implication of clout) it helps. The other thing is going to see one at their clinic if you’re in Wellington.I saw two this way, and that gives a personal dimension to what you’re saying – they’re always nice – they’re politicians.

      If you don’t mind me saying so, I’d look at having another go, and say what you’re saying here, that you were dumbfounded – great word – and would like to discuss this further in person – see what happens – or you can say you intend raising it personally with your MP – which you could. Ask a couple of questions. Chances are Peters may not even know of your letter. Or you can nab him at The Green Parrot, but you may have to go there a lot, and Peters being quite a proper person, perhaps may not be the most amenable to being nabbed…

      If, however, MFAT is doing the 5 Eyes stuff, that’s very dispiriting – but you may have got a junior idiot fobbing you off, that can happen.

      • Snow White: “…they’re called, “Ministerials”.”

        Indeed. I remember being in a provider service, and having to deal with the consequences of ministerials. But back in those days, one could guarantee that the minster in question had read the correspondence and was au fait with whatever the issue was.

        “…I’d look at having another go…”

        Yeah, I’d thought about that. If he’s re-elected, I certainly will give that some consideration.

        But I note that he just abandoned the whole idea: it sank without trace following the false flag chemical attack in Syria. So I wonder if there’s any point, really.

        Nowadays, I think that we’re doing ok if our governments don’t drag us down the rabbit hole of US/UK imperial war adventures, and put our young people’s lives at risk to no purpose. I no longer harbour any expectations that they’ll think or act independently, or follow the non-aligned path.

        I remain astonished that he’d put his signature to a letter of that sort, without reading it. It wouldn’t have happened in my day!

        “….nab him at The Green Parrot…”

        Heh! Yeah, we drive past it every week; have eaten there a few times, even. Never seen him there, though. I do wonder if his frequenting of it is somewhat exaggerated. But then, he’s not in the first flush of youth, is he? Maybe he prefers earlier nights nowadays.

        “If, however, MFAT is doing the 5 Eyes stuff…”

        That’s what the letter consisted of. Propaganda from start to finish. MFAT is up to its eyeballs in 5 Eyes (as Hager demonstrated). It also conflates foreign policy and trade.

        Michael field comments here on how badly-served we are by the msm, who simply aren’t up to the task of reportage on foreign affairs or on the formulation of foreign policy. See this:

        “New Zealand’s media has abdicated any role in reporting on or defining the country’s foreign policy. It accepts a line that foreign policy is about trade while the actual policy itself is worked out behind closed doors, and in this case, by Foreign Minister Murray McCully.
        As one New Zealand diplomat put it, commenting on this issue, New Zealand ” diplomacy is still conducted very much in secret, indeed much more so than in other democracies”. The diplomat added the New Zealand media didnt have the specialists to pursue international issues”. Using the Official Information Act to find out what happens is no longer effective as it had been “gamed by ministers and comprehensive PR has been a hall mark of the Key regime.””

        I doubt that anything much has changed. We cannot trust these people.

    • D’Esterre – True story from a journalist a few years back. He applied for a USA Visa, and got a letter from, I assume, the American Embassy, asking him why his car had been parked on a specified date, x number of metres from the Russian Embassy in Messines Rd, Karori. Yep, his car had been there, and nope, he didn’t know that the Russian Embassy was there too.

      • Snow White: “Yep, his car had been there, and nope, he didn’t know that the Russian Embassy was there too.”

        Hahahaha! Jeezus wept…….is it possible that these people could be so blindingly stupid? Answers self: yes, Virginia, not only is it possible, it really is so.

        We went to the US in the 1990s, when that odious, randy old goat, Clinton, was in the WH. And about to be impeached, but that’s another story.

        As far as I recall, we didn’t need a visa. I recall much hilarity and eyerolling at the ridiculous questions asked on the entry card. Seriously? we asked each other. They’re asking THAT? Clearly, official stupidity in the US has considerable provenance: they’ve all got FITH syndrome.

        I remarked to family recently that our family name would likely prevent us even getting across the border now. Not that I care a good goddamn about that; if I never ever have to go through LAX again, that suits me just fine.

  5. All it is really is confirmation that our government and in particular our media, are no longer independent and now fully comply with whatever they are told to say by the five eyes partners. No question.
    It’s at least a relief to no longer feel sad or disappointed when reading garbage like this. In fact it is quite enlightening to realise you weren’t going mad all these years.

    • Kaya3: “….in particular our media, are no longer independent and now fully comply with whatever they are told to say by the five eyes partners. No question.”

      I’m a boomer. As far as I have been able to tell, they haven’t been independent in my lifetime; possibly ever. Before WW2, it looks as if they were the tools of the British Empire; following the war, they became the tools of uncle Sam and the 5 Eyes. And so it remains.

      “It’s at least a relief to no longer feel sad or disappointed when reading garbage like this. In fact it is quite enlightening to realise you weren’t going mad all these years.”

      Heh! Yes indeed. I and many of my cohort feel the same way.

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