BREAKING: Feminism 2020 Conference to be held at Parliament


The Feminism 2020 Conference that was gutlessly deplatformed from Massey University has been invited by David Seymour to speak at Parliament 6pm tomorrow, that most sacred of grounds for our democracy.

Some will see this as an even greater insult than having it at Massey, seeing as Parliament is the seat of our democracy, and so might wish to protest or even attempt to disrupt this event.

Protesting is fine and dandy, this is a liberal progressive democracy that believes in human rights,  but aggressive attempts to break into Parliament to stop the conference altogether would be terribly counter productive to the cause as most NZers would recoil at the idea of stopping free speech in the very building of Parliament.

This is a huge political victory for Seymour and the woke’s attempt to strangle off free speech has back fired.

This will end up getting ACT another MP.

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I really wish the woke could have a nap.

My guess will be that the social media lynch mob turn on Trevor Mallard first because as Speaker he has to agree to this. They have 24 hours to crucify him.


  1. “Some will see this as an even greater insult than having it at Massey, seeing as Parliament is the seat of our democracy, and so might wish to protest or even attempt to disrupt this event.”

    So you’re against protest Martyn?



    Gay rights? Marriage equality?

    Anti apartheid?

    Nuke free?

    None of these were achieved without protest

    • You are free to protest as much as you like, but attempting to stop the event from happening inside Parliament would be viewed very negatively by the wider community.

      • I think there’s some confusion about this hecklers veto. There’s a difference between protest because that assumes violence. A rally on the other hand is inherently nonviolent on agreed upon terms where people agree to meet up and have dialogue. It’s just that, Mjoinir brother. It’s like you’ve never corn accords these arguments before and we have to walk you through it.

      • Would that be like stopping trans women from accessing spaces for the sex they identify with Martyn

        Or different principles

            • I don’t want to be totally autistic but do you have a number for what you mean by “many?”

              Even if you strip out gender and sex and feelings and everything and just said that an inanimate rock fell on a human with out consent…, then that imposition of force is still wrong.

              So for example society imposes it’s will on prisoners which is still wrong but we do it to protect human beings so it’s the least wrong thing to do. So then imposing anotomically correct males onto female prisoners is a greater wrong.

              So even though you want to exclude me from the conversation the fact is imposing will onto woman’s spaces is the greater wrong. That is fundamentally why I believe we should have the third toilet.

              • Do you want a separate toilet for gays and lesbians? What about people of colour? Anyone elsewho you think is different, The Other?

                Maybe we can insist trans people sew purple triangles on their lapels. You know, the DANGER you think exists.

                By the way, do you have any data how many transwomen have offended in the way you suggest? Because I can’t find any.

                Or, you can stop with the blatant transphobia.

                • I will not allow you to dodge to question with a whole bunch of cliches that are common on Twitter. You made the claim that many cis lesbians support trans sisters and I asked if you had a statistic or a number. I would have even accepted a gut feeling of support but no straight away you go for the cliche which is more indicative that you’re just making shit up or more to the point reposting bullshit you saw on Twitter here on the Daily blog.

                  • “By the way, do you have any data how many transwomen have offended in the way you suggest? Because I can’t find any.”

                    You haven’t answered that one either. Because you can’t.

                    • You’re such a sophist. Is it 60% of woman who support trans sister or just a minority? If you fail to answer then you’re just being dishonest and I don’t want to talk to dishonest people.

                • Lady Sif – Some penised-persons leave the toilet seat up and putting it down ain’t necessarily nice for the putter-downer.

                  Some don’t lift it up, and distribute little droplets when they shake their penis dry
                  which aint necessarily nice for a non-penised sitter.

                  Raising the issue of separate lavatories for gays, lesbians and people of colour is a bit silly – especially the last, when we are all people of colour.

              • Laby Sif:

                Wait so right now you’re brining up stuff that I haven’t done or even said and I just have to be totally honest because that’s something people do when their ego is threatened. Iv done that before.

                Obviously what you’re thinking is that you are dangerously sensible and you don’t want everything that you’ve said to be fucking stupid so I might not be able to crack through to you if you’re coming from that frame.

                So I would encourage you to not come from that frame because that would turn the debate into a question about was I (Sam) reasonable in the past rather what would be better to discuss is whether we agree on something, and then after that we can move onto wether or not transpeople should be able to enter the woman’s toilet unmolested.

                And be reasonable because I’m ready to fight you over the explanation about why I am reasonable and tell you why I did give adequate responses and then swerve away after that but can’t we at least agree that trans people have adequate support because apart of your critique is that the past is in the past and bringing it up might cause trauma.

                OR if you have justification for the beliefs that you hold which is a different question to the one I asked you about whether you have support for those beliefs. So let’s just agree to disagree for the moment and discuss whether or not the argument is actually sound.

              • I have always advocate for the single toilet. You know just like the single toilet you have in your house that all genders have to share and no-one complains about it. For the urinals you can set up a neck high wall that divides it from the rest of the space. Done and dusted.

      • You are free to protest as much as you like, but attempting to stop the event from happening inside Parliament would be viewed very negatively by the wider community.”

        So you condemn the HART campaign in 1981 which saw the Hamilton Springbok game cancelled?

        Or protests to close down arms conferences?

        Or Landoccupation at Ihumatao?

  2. A few words re the ‘Woke’.
    “Woke (/ˈwoʊk/) as a political term of African American origin refers to a perceived awareness of issues concerning social justice and racial justice.[1] It is derived from the African-American Vernacular English expression “stay woke”, whose grammatical aspect refers to a continuing awareness of these issues. ”
    Those words are: What the fuck?
    Moving on.
    Has anyone else noticed another event occurring at what was once our Gubbimint today?
    A few of our farmers are there protesting about planting trees on agricultural lands. Agricultural lands The Green Party bypassed the OIO to to flog of to the fucking chinese.
    Those lands, as if it needs to be explained, are the lands upon which our food’s grown and from which we earn our export revenue. Export revenue which fills millionaire and billionaire bankster pockets and what’$ left is reluctantly allowed to filter through to us to eke out a subsistence existence on.
    What has this to do with feminism I hear you ruffle from your feathers?
    Farming per se, is a family business. Women farmers do as much as the fellers down on the farm ( Wait? Do I hear banjos twanging? My father had an abiding passion for Chopin and played the violin. Just sayin’. )
    My mother worked her arse off. She worked all the time. Do you know how many holidays she had in her scant few 71 years on in this shitty life? One. When she was about 21. She went to Stewart Island with the country girls club.
    Of course, as a country woman, she could switch the power off on the farm and bugger off for a long weekend to Melbourne for some designer-boutique shopping. The animals just park up.
    No. I tricked you. She couldn’t. She worked in all capacities from daylight to dark, seven days a week, fuckers.
    Where’s the reportage of that there what’s going down with our ( women ) farmers at the place where we think our democracy lived and is dying @ The Daily Blog? Not so daily, it would seem.

  3. Say what you like about David Seymour (and everyone will), but he does stand up for free speech, and not just when he likes the topics or speakers. Feminism 2020 is probably going to criticise ACT policies and values, but he got them a place to hold their conference.

  4. I support peaceful protest but not disruption. I am tired of a very vocal minority (the trans lobby)no-platforming and banning WOMEN who believe that women’s spaces should be just that. I have no fundamental problem with trans people seld IDing (we all have out identities), but I don’t want anatomical males in women’s toilets, changing rooms etc. And as for trying to change the biological definition of WOMAN – FFS. Gender is not the same

    • I think youre confused with the TERF lobby

      They’re the ones who you’ve described 100%

      By the way, are you ok with gay men in boys spaces? Like schools, scouting movement, early choldhood, etc

      Because, you know, same arguments used against gay men in spaces where children are. But we got past that, right

      • If you impose your will onto woman with out there consent is a greater wrong than allowing anatomically correct males who are persecuted, into female toilets.

        • Again with the toilets. Do you homophobes/transphobes think of nothing else?

          And STOP telling us we’re having will imposed in us. Newsflash, I CAN think for myself thank you very much.

          We’ve heard the toilet thing in the past, my brother ( gay man in his 60s) had to listen to all that toilet fear rubbish in the 1980s. Peter Ellis was crucified as a pedophile, and that was because of his homosexuality. Claims of child abuse collapsed as kids recanted and the chieh police investigator was discovered have sexual relationships with at least one of the mothers.

          Stop persecuting vulnerable minorities!!

          Grow up!!

          • Consent and the age of consent is a more consistent argument than simply claiming this or that is homophobic or transphobic because consent laws and age limits are written all through out common law.

              • How am I supposed to know what homophobes think?

                Can you even give an argument for that for what homophobes or even I think?

                You don’t even know me. I’ve never once sought harm against homo’s. I haven’t even promoted harm against homo’s. The moderators literally will not accept any comment advocating harm against homo’s. So please take your accusations and shove it up your arse.

    • “banning WOMEN who believe that women’s spaces should be just that”

      Ani O’brian said on RNZ this morning that her group STAND UP FOR WOMEN doesn’t allow trans women as members

      They also want trans women banned from women’s spaces

      So if we’re going to talk about exclusion……….

  5. “That most sacred of grounds for our democracy” LOL….seriously? Lets look at a few uncomfortable truths:

    >Free speech is under attack from that most sacred institution but good on David Seymour. He has my respect and I can’t say that about many politicians these days.
    > Massey is an institution FUNDED BY government. If they were this concerned what was to stop the acting government from interceding? Cue tumble weeds.

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