Putting the Me into Millennial – why ‘Ok Boomer’ is identity politics gone awry



Boomers grew up under post war Governments that knew the danger boom bust capitalism posed to democracies. If you don’t care for your citizens they radicalise and turn to fascism and communism. Hence the cradle to grave subsidisation of Boomer lives and the economically privileged position they attained in society.

Millennials grew up ensconced in neoliberal culture where the individual was Über Alles. Robbed of class solidarity and splintered by identity politics they were told everyone was special and that specialness demanded trigger free safe spaces in case they felt their specialness threatened. without the political muscle to  change the neoliberal economic hegemonic structure, they turned to the ruthless policing of micro aggressions instead and living with the grim reality of climate change, managed to make themselves a squealing generation that alienates rather than builds.

Within this framework, it’s easy to see how ‘Ok Boomer’ is really just an extension of Millennial Identity Politics which our middle class Greens excel in…

Why it’s time to ditch the ‘OK Boomer’ meme

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Like much of online culture, “OK Boomer” tells us something about the cultural dominance of upper-middle-class youth. These young people are surrounded by baby boomers who’ve “hoarded all the wealth” and polluted the planet in the process. They haven’t had to witness – or deal with the ramifications of – old age and precarity for millions of working people in that generational cohort. Instead they get to revel without self-reflection in oedipal angst about their elders – many of whom were kind enough to pass them their ill-gotten privileges.

…As a Gen Xer I can’t stand Millennials or Boomers, but as a class leftist the delineation of power in a society is the 1% and their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us.

The point of defining Boomers as a generation is to point out that they lived with Governments that saw the necessity of subsidising their citizens lives rather than leaving them to the free market and user pays.

Identity Politics splinters and divides so there can be no chance of gaining the 51% democratic majority and while indulging in it makes our ability to seize back politics from the 1% and their 9% enablers far more difficult, it’s funny as hell to see Boomers who attack Millennials for being snowflakes become so triggered by a two word phrase.

Meanwhile, Gen Xers and Millennials continue to live with the economic decision to adopt user pays free market dynamics to turn houses from homes into investments…

Home ownership at lowest level in 70 years, economist says Baby Boomers to blame

Johanna Knox used to own her own home, but being on a single income and facing higher house prices, it’s no longer possible.

“This was 20 years ago, and the difference from then to now is just incredible, especially when you consider how little wages have gone up.”

Knox’s situation is increasingly common – new Census data shows New Zealand’s home ownership rates are at their lowest level since 1951.

…we have all been betrayed by neoliberalism, when Millennials and Gen Xers become the largest voting block in the 2026 election, the enemy to defeat is the naked capitalism that benefitted so many Boomers, not the Boomers themselves.


  1. what you cant stand any one older or younger than you ?

    you poor man , what an uncomfortable life you must live .

    and you find it funny when some body stands up for what they believe in ?bully them by calling them snow flakes.

    what are you the son of a redneck ?scratch that thinking a little and thats what you will find

    I really dont like ageists in whatever form they take .and I dont have a lot of time for those who make excuses for them .

    where are these boomers that attack millenials ?

    youve got a hell of an imagination I will give you that .

    its a pity you dont use it to imagine those of us of the boomer generation who have been fighting the good fight probably from before you were conceived and how insulting it might be to some us to be used as political brownie points by some self serving politician posing as a green

    and you dont think that may of us boomers are also suffering , get off the grass Martyn please .

    • Well let’s not get heated. Y’know ageism also includes mistreating children so I don’t want to heat things up by assigning blame because that will likely trigger some trauma from a hundred years ago when kids had to walk to school.., in the snow…, with no shoes but I digress.

      Y’know probably every child that’s been has probably got a little story from school they roll out for the opportun time. It’s pretty easy to single these guys out. The easiest example is The National Party. National actually have policies to increase the likeliness that the elderly and poor children will be humiliated.

      It’s just classic bullshit Y’know? Society should be synonymous with good health and healthy living. It is the salesmens responsibility to part normies with they cash.

    • “the enemy to defeat is the naked capitalism that benefitted so many Boomers, not the Boomers themselves.”
      yes retired man this is actually the guts of it, did you miss it. I’m like Martyn in that I see the Boomers have had it so easy, yes easy mate compared to whats happening today, but the blinkers are firmly on, ignorance arrogance, uncaring bloody selfishness and over opinionated hot heads all round. Good article Martyn keep it up.

  2. please if you will , delete my comments here above .

    as you say its going to be difficult enough to gain the 51 % needed for a second term

    much tolerence towards the behaviour of all of the parties in the government is going to be needed . otherwise its the tories back in power nastier than ever. if thats even possible.

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