Let’s hope some of the 46,000 Iraqi soldiers NZ has trained have helped shoot 250 Iraqi civilians


As the NZDF gets caught out lying and covering up an Afghan war crime, (on top of the allegations we passed civilians to known torture units and the fog of war events at the Battle of Baghak), isn’t it time to ask why we are still in Iraq training Iraqi soldiers?

Let’s remember, there was never a justifiable reason to invade Iraq, there were no weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein posed no threat to the West. America manipulated the grief created by 9/11 to justify a war that was never justifiable. The obscene million+ who died and the jaw dropping cost of $2.4Trillion to prop up a corrupt Government is tragic enough, but as the Iraqi Army now turns on its own citizens, we need to ask why we are still in Iraq.

NZ soldiers have so far trained 46 000 Iraqi soldiers, the very same Iraqi soldiers who have this month opened fire on protesting Iraqi citizens…

Iraq protests: Death toll soars past 250 as violence continues, after ‘18 killed’ overnight in Karbala city

At least 18 people have been killed and 800 wounded in Iraq when masked security forces opened fire on protesters in the Shia holy city of Karbala on Tuesday, security officials have said.

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The overnight attack targeted a protest camp erected in the city’s Education Square just 2km from the famed Imam Hussein Shrine, according to witnesses. 

Video footage reportedly taken at the scene and shared online showed demonstrators running for cover, as a constant volley of machine gunfire crackled in the background.

…so why the fuck are we, a liberal progressive nation, training the soldiers of a corrupt country that is now using those soldiers to open fire on their own protesting civilians?

Can someone explain why we are helping train a military force that is now turning on its own people?

How much blood are we prepared to be bathed in by our association with this madness?


  1. I know of a NZDF soldier of Ngati Whatua descent who still struggles with the fact that he obeyed a NZDF order to evict his own people from their land at Bastion Point.
    That really answers your question Martyn. The role of the NZDF is to suppress the struggle for freedom and justice at home and abroad, from Bastion Point to Tirgiran or Karbala. That is why they are supporting corrupt regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, just as they supported cruel and corrupt military regimes in Korea and Vietnam.
    But let’s not fall into the error of thinking that these are “our” military or that “we” are in some way responsible for the evils of the colonial regime.
    The NZDF and its predecessors have been a hostile occupying force in this land since 1840.
    Our only responsibility is to refuse to collaborate with them, to give them no comfort and, so far as we are able, to contain and destroy their military capability.
    We are not morally responsible for any of their despicable acts.

  2. NZDF role is to curry to the USA. The SAS went to the USA selling themselves like used car salesman – or soap and icecream salesmen.

    Soldiers need wars to keep themselves in training. So they go looking for them. Governments provide them to keep the armaments industry in business. Big business.

    Should anyone demur then there’ll be a PM screaming like a fishwife to get some guts, and always, always some slime poltician piously deigning to explain that we have to fight the war on terror.

    Then one can go online and see Markle visit and touch a statue of one of the great and sombre WW1 soldier poets and feel like puking and calling – Just stay away from that.

  3. Hey Martyn get with the program, we are assisting the “exceptional people” to bring freedom democracy (and arms sales) to the poor benighted citizens of these oil bearing countries.

  4. Well because somewhere deep inside The Labour Party they’re dealing with the trauma of finding some guts.

    We can cure toxicity in ourselves but we can’t cure toxicity in others by training solders as well trained as they are. What I mean by that is this was never about democracy. It was about sending the correct signals to the markets that the oil gods are vengeful creatures.

    Israel loves this stuff. They get to say look at what Iran is doing over there, don’t look at what we are doing over here. Y’know and we can find a false sense of comfort in there that we are mending regional tensions. But once Iraq, Syria, Lybia and Lebonon are repaired they will turn there attentions to Israel and the oil gods can’t have that.

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