Political Caption Competition


Under National, welfare is white and everyone is smiling and friendly.


  1. national would be the first to admit; it takes a lot of people on shitty wages and deliberately ratcheted up and outrageously high daily running costs ( to keep our noses to the debt grind stone.) to make a billionaire.
    Read this:
    Lloyd Russell-Moyle is Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown
    The Guardian.
    The very riche we created by virtue of our lackadaisical carelessness with our precious vote have become our worst nightmare.
    Talk about being hoisted by one’s own petard.

  2. A regular pay cheque, huh?
    Coming from the party that ignored the growth of zero hours contracts, thousands of workers moving from being employees to “independent contractors” and tried to claw back a week’s annual leave from workers when Don Brash was the leader.
    There is no limit to the limits that National Party hypocrisy will stretch.

    • They are habitual liars and utter scum. Have been for decades. They’re just more brazen about it these days.

  3. Thank you, countryboy. It is our misfortune that we have no politicians with the moral stature of
    Mr Russell-Moyle, and few, if any, to whom the well-being of people is of any particular concern, or ever will be.

  4. “National believes the best route out of poverty is through the security of a regular of a regular paycheck!”
    (Unless you’re Bill English – in which case they recommend housing benefit fraud…)

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