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  1. The day the music died? Erebus perhaps marks the end of an era in NZ when we were rather slaphappy but had aspirations for the country to be good.
    Afterwards we had the visions of sleaze and lack of probity. Judge Mahon himself felt a distance grown between him and other judiciary when he was outspoken, ‘A litany of lies’. Now we are spectators in a callous, often violent drama that is slapstick, without much hope for happiness for the majority and riven by the disinterest of the materialists in their fellow people, and the outdoors is something to be utilised, with falling tourists and rising profits, and mountain biking grinding down along previous walks where nature was paramount, bird song and call heard, and delicate denizens could live unharmed. Stick together when you find people that still hold to the virtues of human kindness, trust, respect, sharing, reasonable equality, simple living and resistance to dictatorship and ignorant conformity from humans or from fear, or from technological devices.

  2. On the topic of arranged marriages being encouraged in NZ by the MSM rooting for it with no real statistics to go by, and seemingly thinking that arranged marriages are “neutral for womens rights” these are the statistics…

    90% of Indian marriages are arranged which is a practise that supports high levels of violence against women by men and India ranks in the bottom 20% of Gender Inequality Index in 2017.

    “Violence against women in India is actually more present than it may appear at first glance, as many expressions of violence are not considered crimes, or may otherwise go unreported or undocumented due to certain Indian cultural values and beliefs. These reasons all contribute to India’s Gender Inequality Index rating of 0.524 in 2017, putting it in the bottom 20% of ranked countries for that year.[1]”

    “According to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, reported incidents of crime against women increased 6.4% during 2012, and a crime against a woman is committed every three minutes.[2][3] According to the National Crime Records Bureau, in 2011, there were greater than 228,650 reported incidents of crime against women, while in 2015, there were over 300,000 reported incidents, a 44% increase.[2] [4] Of the women living in India, 7.5% live in West Bengal where 12.7% of the total reported crime against women occurs.[2] Andhra Pradesh is home to 7.3% of India’s female population and accounts for 11.5% of the total reported crimes against women.[2]

    “65% of Indian men believe women should tolerate violence in order to keep the family together, and women sometimes deserve to be beaten.[5] In January 2011, the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) Questionnaire reported that 24% of Indian men had committed sexual violence at some point during their lives.[5]
    Exact statistics on the extent case occurrences are very difficult to obtain, as a large number of cases go unreported. This is due in large part to the threat of ridicule or shame on the part of the potential reporter, as well as an immense pressure not to damage the family’s honor.[6][7] For similar reasons, law enforcement officers are more motivated to accept offers of bribery from the family of the accused, or perhaps in fear of more grave consequences, such as Honor Killings[6]”

    • Violence towards women in India is a REAL problem @ SaveNZ.
      I really think its time you got a bit honest though in your campaign by furiously trying to find links to support your argument.
      I was half expecting you to come in here and selectively quote Shakti’s Farida Sultana – all of which she says is true, including where she said there is a fine line between arranged marriages and forced marriages.
      There’s another view on that comfy little corduroy site the Spinoff at the mo as well – FYI
      Farida Sultana’s and Josephine Varghese’s views do not actually conflict with one another.

      Those wiki stats are actually quite interesting when you delve a little deeper too. Such as the situation with rape.

      We can do something about it within ‘lil’ole NuZull that punches above its weight’s borders by not assuming that it applies to ALL. It certainly doesn’t. We could also (if we – NuZull) want to be the wonderful, ethical holier-than-thou global citizens we profess to be.

      Sometimes (though as I repeatedly have to say – I agree with much of what you say), I think you’re fighting the wrong battles – as is Michelle for that matter.

      There also seems to be a lot of ‘”I’m not this or that BUT……….” shit starting to happen in here lately.

      You both should be careful what you wish for, it’ll both bite you in the bum before you know it

      • Yep violence in India is a real problem and does not stop at the airport sadl.

        We also have stretched services in NZ in terms of violence – so rather than thinning out resources so we need to fix our existing problems instead of making them worse with cultures that are far worse in the bottom 20% of inequality in the world!

        As for my links, notice that both yourself and the pro migrants have any statistics to support their arguments so they just try to bludgeon their argument with threats and abuse against anyone who disagrees (not so much yourself generally, but the wokies in general), buy their way with extensive pro MSM coverage and donations and threats to political parties!

        At the end of the day, 2 Chinese are best are better than 2 Indians and Pakhea are fucking useless for donations for list MP seats, presumably Maori don’t even feature as a given.

      • As I have written this lately I am wondering if you are referring to me OwT. I find it often necessary to state the background to any of my criticisms concerning race and immigration to indicate that I am not one who is fully negative and disdainful. It is a case of trying to be objective, and indicating my basic position. The hardest thing to achieve is balance of view and particularly so now as people emotionally defend their favourite opinion ie one that favours themselves most and confirms their continuing rightness about everything! I say this as a general comment not aimed at anyone.

  3. Who can vote in NZ elections?

    Similarities between a resident and a permanent resident visa[edit]
    The holder of any resident class visa is entitled:[1]

    to stay in New Zealand indefinitely
    to work in New Zealand or in the exclusive economic zone of New Zealand
    to study in New Zealand
    to receive free or subsidised health care at publicly funded health services.[2]
    to free education at state-run primary and secondary schools, and subsidised fees for domestic students at private schools and tertiary institutions.[3]
    to enrol and vote in elections (after one year of residence).[4][5]
    to receive a social security benefit (after two years’ residence for Jobseeker Support, Sole Parent Support and Supported Living Payment; after ten years’ residence for New Zealand Superannuation; varies for other benefits).
    to sponsor a partner, parents or dependent children during their visa application[6]

    (Who in their right mind allows voting after living one year in a country, free health and education, jobseeker, DPB, & assisted benefits after 2 years in the country, free super within 10 years for any foreigner living here)

    Relatives also free to tag along and join in the freebies!

    No wonder NZ is so popular – apparently in China people speak of NZ in hushed terms saying “NZ place where government gives you free money” and obviously other communities around the world are keen to join in the welfare bonanza that Kiwi’s are paying for while our government gives away not just the water rights for decades but money for jam for hundreds of thousands of individuals coming each year, who can also vote here!

    Any party that stops that, is going to get a lot of votes, because people are sick of our sovereignty and generosity being unsustainably given away and abused and the woke and MSM rolling out the red carpet for more of the same!

    • Good link, valuable advice for everyone not just millennials..

      “She has some valuable advice for the new activist millennials: “You need to be able to listen, to hear the questions and learn from others. Learn from people who have gone before you.” To have that conversation Georgina is adamant people should be able to pose questions without being labelled ‘transphobic’. “I’ve been labelled ‘transphobic’, for instance. I mean, how bloody ridiculous.”

      Georgina’s take home message: “We need to be able to talk without being offended. Yes, you may hear something you disagree with. So be it.”

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