How Faafoi buys MediaWorks TV and saves public broadcasting 


If Faafoi was bold, he would buy TV3, gut it and relaunch it as a 24 hour news channel run by TVNZ under the editorial auspices of RNZ.

In a fractured media market, we have limited mass market town squares and TV3 is one of them and to lose that would be stupid.

If the Government bought TV3 and relaunched it as a 24 hour news channel utilising RNZ level journalism you could keep TV One and TV2 as they were and use TV3 to focus on news

That way you would have The fourth estate public broadcasting requirements and keep the commercial side of TVNZ. While the channel would come under the control of TVNZ, editorial control would be with RNZ. On the hour general news updates plus specialist shows at the half hour from feminism news to Māori news to Pacifica news to Asian NZ news to right and left wing news. You could have a real plethora of views and voices.

If Faafoi was bold.

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  1. Well the government does have a ‘paper’ surplus that they could use, maybe? Ahh, nah! They’ve had $43m already.

  2. News and documentaries maybe, and related / background info… (Attenborough comes to mind)

    If they could get input/ advice etc from people like Jackson and Cameron, get them on board, reckon they’d be onto a major winner!

  3. Yippee, the government buys another TV channel so the Natzskis have another government asset they can sell off cheaply to their right-wing cronies when they next become government.
    That is what would happen.
    I say they shouldn’t touch it with a bargepole.

    • I don’t think anyone would want to buy it, for the same reasons Mediaworks is getting out. Jennings pretty much said they’re giving it away. Free-to-air TV is dead. TV3 in its current form, competing with TVNZ is a dead duck. A news channel is great idea. Perhaps a similar format to Al Jazeera with a NZ focus.

      • Anything with Garner and Richardson being broadcast, needs to be closed down…yesterday!!!

        Seriously Richardson is a twat.

  4. It’s one idea @ Martyn but it still means there will be a needless amount of over-management in what should be a relatively simple affair in providing public service radio and TV (TV in all its diverging forms) both for NZ’s first people, minority interests and the amorphous mass that is the NuZull Public, AND what Ella Henry describes as ‘plurality’.
    One of the criticisms I’ve always had about the Coalition for Better Broadcasting – not so much a criticism, more that their expectations were never high enough, was that pissing around lamenting over the loss of TV7 (and 6 for that matter), and hoping for a commercial-free PSB channel was not really that much to ask for. IT STILL BLOODY ISN’T
    If anyone tells you, as a lil ‘ole Nayshun knocking 5 mill, that we can’t afford it, they’re simply bullshitting, wedded to a neo-lib ideology, and/or protective of their own interests, egos and disposition.
    The documentary the other day (“Making NZ – the History of Broadcasting in NZ” or whatever it was called) gives a hint to all the shit that has come about over the years, that has resulted in no fewer than the 7 different entities involved in the provision of FTA broadcasting Broadcasting in all its forms – from a content producer to its audience – i.e. a broadcaster).
    Each of those entities has its critics – whether its a moaning musician unable to get funding for a music vid; indigenous producers pissed off with what they consider to be their broadcasting rep); or anyone turned down by NuZull on Ear; or a wannabe political rent-a-voice that RNZ doesn’t want a bar of – for whatever reason.
    Lil ‘ole NuZull CAN afford Iwi Radio and TV (remember the definition of TV above), AND an additonal 2 03 3 radio networks – for want of a better description – providing the Reithian Trinity of educating, informing and entertaining, AND a platform for independents to present a different perspective on all of that.
    What’s preventing all that? Ideology, vested interests eagre to preserve their egos and financial positions, and bullshit artists and spin merchants. If some of them were true to their ideology that incorporates ‘user pays’ as part of their mantra – they’d have done a fucking sight better than their record to date.
    I need’t really get into it all surely, of how it is that a few committed (such as Choice-bro TV and NZPTV) are picking up the slack of those Ideologues, BS artists and spin meisters.
    Even in this environment of what is both convergence AND divergence – we STILL have an utterly over-complicated system of providing the traditional definition of PSB, alongside the need for plurality and alternative views.
    I could go through each of those 7 entities – all equipped with their CEOs, Boards, perks, KPI’s, mandates, gatekeepers, justifications for trips to Cannes or observations on how others are handling things – but I think its becoming obvious enough.
    Have a think about some of it all. Ask yourself WHAT actually is Freeview? Nothing much more than a name or a brand and a means of promoting the fact that there is broadcast content that is not encrypted for which you’re not expected to pay. And a means of ensuring compliance to certain standards. I’m not sure if it even has its own Playout facilities, and if it does – it doesn’t need to
    There’s another body – one that began its career ripped from underneath the lil ‘ole NuZull Public’s assets for monetary gain. Turns out, it became a bit of a wonder boy providing various services for the likes of Vodafone and everyone else FOR A PROFIT (offshore income even). How is it, that this entity should not have its earnings plowed back into the provision of FTA broadcasting – something its assets were originally intended to do.
    Then there’s the advertising revenue the likes of Facebook and Google have ripped from the commercial broadcasters – AND sky TV for that matter. It’s actually Pay-for-TV with advertisements – a double clipping of the ticket. It should have had a levy going back at least a decade.
    So again!!!
    If anyone tells you lil ‘ole NuZull can’t afford PSB (even IF you still think the Reithian Trinity is still relevant – which I do), AND AND AND a pushback or agreement from those independent from it. tell ’em they’re full of shit.
    Short term? Best thing is to get NZoA to pick up TV3’s assets under their ‘platform’ funding stream but I’m not hopeful. Apparently these things take time to consider and there’ll have to be a full inquiry with all steakholders (stakeholders) involved – (excepting the public itself) because others know better, and due process will ensue in the fullness of time going forward

    It really is a shame lil ‘ole yea/nah NuZull doesnt have a written constitution that ensures and maintains the integrity of a public s-s-s-sphere. Without it, there will be a revolution as sure as shit stinks

  5. This government does not do bold.

    It is a micro manager of neo liberalisim and vested interests much like the last corrupt , inept National coalition.

    Anything the Labour party might want too do they have too ask Winston’s permission.

    The Greens have allowed themselves too be subjugated.

    This is MMP and ( neo liberal domination ) in action.

    Totally agree Bomber about TV3 and it and the others are an example of what happens when you allow the corporate control of the news media… get the INFORMAL APPROACH which is –
    ” too simplify or reduce the intellectual content of something so as to make it accessible to a larger number of people ”

    A huge number of kiwis still watch TV and buy in to its right wing bias and crapmania fronted by ” look at me i am a world famous in NZ celebrity ” which is why IQ’s have dropped through the floor in large sections of the population.

    I would apart from the internet like too see a 24 hour news and current affairs channel dedicated too real and informative educational content in this country before we all become totally braindead.

    Not holding my breath.

  6. Isn’t it strange that neo liberalism rules when it comes to worker’s rights and remuneration, but when a propaganda opportunity arises the state must step in to save a crap TV channel that can’t stand in the commercial sector? I say nah! Let it sink into the ooze fro whence it came. And please let it take Richardson and Garner with it.

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