12 months till the NZ election – what does the political landscape look like?


Okay, we are 12 months out from the next election, how are the Parties faring, what are their internal dynamics and what possible strategies will they adopt?

What issues will shape the debate and what curveballs might trip them up?

Here is the political landscape going into Election 2020.

The Political Parties:


We praise the Gods of the Free Market

Issues: Soaring in the polls like no other Opposition Party ever, National has deep internal challenges. Judith Collins is hungry for power and her recent full blown climate denial and pending book is the momentum for her last push for Leader while the corporate elite who coalesced around Key have anointed Christopher Luxon as their chosen one. Simon’s 51% disapproval rate will be a juggling act, on the one hand National intend to enflame the angry white male vote via Facebook, on the other hand, much of the rhetoric needed to shake angry white male voter apathy will disgust the middle ground National voter.

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The Blue Dragons, the Chinese faction inside National, hold an enormous amount of power and donations, as tensions with China rise, this conflict will not go away.

Strategy & Tactics: Be the biggest Party vote on election night and undermine NZ First and the Greens enough by faux supporting The Sustainability Party and Vision to bring them both under 5% and allow the MMP redistribution to do the rest to give National the Parliamentary majority.

Use a highly divisive social media campaign on Facebook to target angry white male non-voters the way Scot Morrison, Trump and Brexit did. It will be culture war memes and very little actual policy. That Simon Bridges has more social media operatives in his office than actual policy researchers shows how far this strategy has progressed.

Use ACT’s resurgence and the possibility of a Māori Party win in a Māori electorate to help it across the line if required.



Issues: Didn’t expect to win the last election, had no 100 day plan, didn’t appreciate how neoliberal the public services were and how immune they are to actually serve the interests of the most vulnerable over the interests of the rich. Made a whole bunch of promises about transformation that they haven’t managed to keep, lack of executive oversight and a Front Bench who just aren’t very good.

Strategy & Tactics: Jacinda has to use that incredible emotional intelligence she possesses and acknowledge the first term didn’t deliver, but was setting the foundations for transformation. She has to articulate an amazing 100 day vision and be prepared to threaten the public service into actually doing as they are told or else. She should seriously consider an electorate deal with NZ First so she has a level of control over the right wing of her Government and allows her to put some distance between Labour and the Greens who are sure to get more woke shrill and alienating as we get closer to the election.

Has to get Grant Robertson to loosen the budget strings for some serious infrastructure investment.

Big promise on state housing build, better wages through stronger Unions, GST off fresh fruit and vegetables and tax free for the first $20 000 are four policy ideas that Labour voters can feel in their pockets. The politics of kindness means jack shit if you are still hurting from poverty.



Issues: Even after Jacinda is falsely accused of knowing and covering up a sexual assault by right wing pundits and fourth wave feminists amounting to Labour plummeting 9.2%, the Greens only gained .1% in the most recent TV3 Poll. The Greens Middle Class Woke Identity Politics is so alienating, the only way they gain from Jacinda is if she personally announces plans to build a nuclear reactor in the Milford Sounds. The Greens over poll each election and haven’t managed to get over their dismal 6.4% 2017 election night result. Possible chance they might actually slide under 5% with TOP and The Sustainability Party both cannibalising their Party vote. An increased awareness of the woke censorship many of their online activists are examples of will become ammunition in the election.

Imagine if screen shots of secret Facebook chat rooms where prominent online Green Activists are banning people for woke thought crimes came out just before the election? That would be very, very, very damaging.

Strategy & Tactics: They must push for lowering the voting age to 16 to hold the youth vote, they must promise to have solar panels on each domestic roof by 2029 and the first $20 000 of income being tax free. The Greens have failed to make inroads on policy that matter beyond their own base and desperately need a big vision idea (solar panels on all NZ Roofs) as a means to recapture the environmental vote because being carbon free in 31 years is meaningless sophistry. Need a strong showing on Cannabis or are going to get trumped by TOPs regulated market model.

If I had just one piece of advice to the Party I’ve voted my entire adult life for, it would be this simple thought, DON’T GET INTO A FUCKING FREE SPEECH VS HATE SPEECH DEBATE YOU CLOWNS! YOU ARE SO ALIENATING YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO HELP YOURSELF BUT PROMOTE CENSORSHIP AND THE ELECTORATE WILL TURN AGAINST YOU! But obviously I’d say all of this in a nice smiley tone so that no one felt any micro-aggressions.

The Greens are in survival mode this election but have no comprehension that they are.



Issues:Serious grass roots anger at the lack of redneck nationalistic tripe progressed as policy. Winston sells his kingmaker power, but truth is that Winston hates Bridges and Bennett and would never sign a deal with them, better he drop the pretence altogether and cut an electorate deal with Labour and ensure NZ First is a viable power no matter where the Party vote goes. National are never going to give Shane Jones the billions for regional development so Labour is the only dance partner willing to tango. NZ First make most of their money from big regional fishing, tree and trucking interests, they can promote their access to the Cabinet table to those interests and keep the Party financially stable.

Strategy & Tactics: Do a lot of big talking, look like naughty rebels that Jacinda can’t tame and make some ridiculous policy announcement like only citizens should be able to vote.



Issues: Have been politically irrelevant since they haven’t managed to bring in any MPs via MMP coat-tailing, but most recent polling shows ACTs free speech fight and concessions to Gun Owners is working for them. On track to bring in an extra 2 MPs if they play the culture war card.

Strategy & Tactics: Keep hammering free speech from now until the election. Everyone with a social media feed knows that sense of self censorship and woke lynch mobs, if ACT exploit that they are 2.5%



Issues: An astroturf Party built by National not to get over 5% themselves, but drag the real Greens under 5%

Strategy & Tactics: Attack Greens relentlessly. Vernon Tava will be rewarded with some plum conservation job if National win.



Issues: Aiming for 5% with a regulated cannabis market and a far tougher line on climate change won’t be enough. They have some convoluted tax policy, but it’s real geek stuff. If TOP have any hope of getting close to 5% they need to be able to articulate policy far easier than they currently do. On the plus side, 2020 will be a protest vote year and TOP are the ultimate protest vote.

Strategy & Tactics: Communicate the ideas as if the voters are idiots. Currently TOP communicate as if the voters are all working on PhDs. As National plunge into some truly dark spaces with their Facebook advertising, TOP can pick up liberal national voters who don’t want to be associated with political advertising that borders on hate speech.



Issues: There are a plethora of issues simmering away that the Māori Party could exploit. Oranga Tamariki uplifts, mental health, prisons, lack of home ownership and poverty all impact Māori harsher and the narrative that Labour don’t deserve all the Māori electorates is pretty well established.

Strategy & Tactics: Hit Te Tai Hauāuru hard with Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and try to take one of the electorates back and bring in more MPs off the Party list via coat tailing. DO NOT tell people that you planning a deal with National, that will only remind voters of the 9 years of betrayal you previously committed. Keep saying, ‘Independent’ until the day after the election and suddenly announce your place at the table is back with National once voters can’t respond.



Issues: Going no where fast. After the Christchurch atrocity, have had to dump their anti-Muslim rhetoric. Will run as has beens before ever being.

Strategy & Tactics: Pick up the anti-5G, anti-vaxxers, anti-1080, pro gun and anti-fluoridation vote and mix with virulent anti Muslim rhetoric and hope for the best. I’d say the New Conservatives were a joke but jokes take skill and timing. These people couldn’t get laid at a monkey brothel wearing banana costumes.



Issues:Colin Craig was able to gain over 4% with his Party, so there is a Christian electorate out there, but he did that with a very benign Christianity, while Vision is a great name and logo, to date Vision has only managed to offend people with a series of social media gaffes.

Strategy & Tactics: Hannah should be standing in a Maori electorate and instead of tweeting these things should be arguing for Christian Charity and better social services. Currently unlikely to gain over 1% with this hate message stuff.


The Election Issues:

Housing: KiwiBuild is a failure, the Government must make a significant ramping up of state house builds and offer first time home owners KiwiBank backed mortgages if it has any hope of combating the housing crisis. For National, middle class property speculators want to go back to the good old days so they will be motivated to vote National.

Infrastructure: National only wants to build roads, Labour wants to invest in public transport. Neither alone will solve the chronic under-investment in infrastructure.

Poverty: Is only going up, at some point Labour have to lift welfare payments or live with the legacy of neoliberal poverty. National doesn’t give two shits about beneficiaries and will continue to use them as a whipping boy into the election. If Labour went with the first $20 000 tax free, that could help beneficiaries without lifting their welfare.

Law & Order: As the country is flooded by cartel meth that is more pure and cheaper than domestic made, a gang war  could erupt at any time between the domestic organised crime and 501s. National can play tough on crime and it will work.

Cannabis reform: This will generate a lot of electoral interest as long as the referendum is clear and easy to understand. Expect TOP to make a bigger play at this than the Greens.

Climate Change: Beyond carbon free by 2050, the Government have jack shit to offer and for those that see climate change as an existential threat, this is nothing. National on the other hand are going full blown denial, this is an opportunity to really nail National to a denier cross and paint them out as anti-science. This is the issue Labour and the Greens can go full attack mode on – the science is clear and Judith’s denial is too good a target. Paint this as a war between enlightenment and an eclipse fearing medieval dark ages. The woke scream that you can never platform deniers yet NZ is one of the largest climate denial country’s in the OECD, progressives should take the debate head on!

2020 Curveballs:

Mass arrest culture: As climate events get more damaging, it feeds the evidence that it is an existential risk and more people will go to mass arrests and civil disobedience in far leader numbers.

Gang War: If the gang war erupts on the streets voters will freak out.

JLR nuclear options: JLR launches his last nuclear bombs at Simon in the lead up to the election manning to only weaken Simon for Judith or Luxon.

Natural disaster: A massive cyclone or earthquake could derail all best laid plans.

Judith’s Book: You only write a book because you are retiring or making an attempt at leadership. Judith ain’t retiring.

#METOO witch trial: Even today, feminist journalist Michelle Duff is still insinuating that Jacinda Ardern knew about the sexual assault and covered it up

We can’t, and may never, know whether Ardern knew of the true nature of the allegations. I would personally like to give her the benefit of the doubt and say I don’t think she did, but the uncertainty is there.

…for fourth wave feminists, if a woman says she has been abused then that’s enough evidence. That Jacinda broke that rule is unforgivable. No outcome will be acceptable until the staffer in question is denounced by Jacinda in public despite no evidence. This corrosive character assassination of Jacinda by her so called allies hands ammunition to the Right and won’t go away.

Free Speech violence: Imagine if the banned feminist conference finds a new venue in Wellington, imagine if that enrages the woke, imagine how out of hand the protests will get, imagine if violence occurs at a free speech protest. The script writes itself. Sigh.

Hong Kong massacre: If China cracks down violently on Hong Kong, National’s allegiance to Beijing will come under immense scrutiny.

Wall Street Meltdown: 2020 is the year many economists suggest will see economic collapse, how will the NZ parties respond? Grant Robertson has kept the budget strings tight for this event, Labour will have the upper hand in providing solutions.


2020 will be the year of the protest vote. Labour have disappointed and National are only going to get uglier in terms of messaging. The woke left are alienating and the alt right are insane.

The odds are on for Jacinda gaining a second term, but it’s going to need some big vision ideas that Labour can actually produce and a willingness to throw some punches at National.






  1. 100% cast iron guarantee to the Government coalition to be returned to power in 2020. It’s National’s worst nightmare.


    If we see bodies being recovered not only will that give the families respectful closure and enormous support by most Kiwi’s, it will also guarantee re-election. The Government will have honoured a really important and huge commitment. Not only that but it will highlight exactly what the Latrine Rodent Party wouldn’t do when in Government. It’s plenty big enough to decide the election. This is exactly why the rat party is so against resolving Pike River but they can’t say that. Instead they talk about it being a waste of money. We know how important money is to the rat party but only when it’s about their bottom line. They were very happy to have Shonkey spend millions on his hobby horse flag referendum despite knowing it would have cost the country at least 80% less if they had just run the referendum as part of the 2017 election. Shonkey knew that but also knew he wouldn’t be around at the 2017 election so personal ambition came first with him instead of what was for the greater good of our country.

    Pike River would be the first part of a eight part plan.

    The second part of the plan for the Government needs to get right is housing. They don’t need to have a squillion houses built by 2020. They just need to build confidence and let NZ see they are on the right track.

    Third part is keep highlighting all the good things they have done that have benefited so many Kiwis. These are Kiwis that were invariably treated with contempt by the rat party in the 9 years of carnage.

    Fourth part of the plan is keep highlighting the damage caused by the rat party when they were in Government.

    Fifth part is show a strong united front with the Greens and NZF. Keep reminding people visually the sun didn’t drop from the sky and how the status quo looks like the best and only option.

    Sixth part is expose Pulla Benefit and her sex abuse allegations for what they really are. DIRTY POLITICS. The Government know from the last poll that some of the shit thrown against the wall has stuck. If NZ sees the truth in this area they will reject the rat party on mass.

    Seventh part is you must control the narrative. The Me Me Me Party is desperate to be back in power and will 100% attempt to derail Labours election campaign with all types of bullshit. I’m certain they already have several dead cats on the table ready to tip onto Labour when likely to have the biggest impact. The Government MUST anticipate this. Have an informed team of people on standby who’ve done their homework and will show any and all allegations are just more dirty politics. Get in the gutter and fight for all Kiwis. To do otherwise is the equivalent of leaving a new born lamb in a paddock surrounded by vicious, desperate and hungry wild dogs.

    Part eight of the plan. Use the surplus to announce big lollies in the 2020 Budget. Take GST off food etc and drop the overall rate of GST to 10% etc etc etc. The Latrine Party will offer tax cuts bla bla bla but the Government now has the power to help all Kiwis….not just those that vote for the Me Me Me Party.

    • Take your blinkers off, the current lot are just as crap as the last. Rising suicide rates, rising poverty, increasing gap between the 1% and everyone else, incompetent ministers, and a PM whos happy to take credit when things go well but knows nothing when things dont. Is it too much to ask for a government that works for NZers? Or are we condemned to suffer more arrogant out of touch politicians, more concerned with getting their snouts into the trough of taxpayer money, lining their cronies pockets, and pushing their own bs ideologies. National or Labour – different names, same old bullshit

      • Martyn whatever your name is….you have no idea what you’re talking about.
        You haven’t a clue on NC policies or what they believe in,and using a KKK pic is ridiculous considering the Deputy of the Party is a ‘coloured’ guy!
        How about printing facts instead of bullshit fake news?
        They also have not published anything against Muslims.
        Their motto is that ALL should be treated equally regardless of race,religion,gender.
        Maybe you should be doing a bit of study before you put pen to paper!
        Guess only intelligent people do that!

    • What makes you think Labour and Greens haven’t already been trying all your suggestions, but are simply unable to achieve anything?

    • Perhaps instead of filling a role of Labour turd polisher in Chief, you might pause to wonder how to move Labour from its right wing neoliberal policies to being a, well, Labour party again.

      • The ship had totally sailed on the unions. Only way they reclaim any sort of power they once had is to get off the fence and throw there weight in behind The Labour Party and unseat the Māori faction as the largest faction with in The Labour Party. Of course if Labour fail to form another coalition government if will be because we’re unable to fix the problems with in the party.

        • You’re right, Union membership continues to decline. It is only a matter of time until they’re completely gone, sad but inevitably true.

    • Well done Jacindafan, positing Pike River First. I would have done the same. The inquiry into what we did in Afghanistan is up there too. Both of these are important for our national psyche, and about how we feel about ourselves as decent sort of people. Neither are anything to do with money, so perhaps they are a challenge for some persons to understand.

      Whether or not the deceased bodies are able to be brought out from their current entombment, the coalition government is clearly giving it their best shot, and showing the dead and their whanau the respect which they all deserve, and which should have been shown a long time ago. History will thank them.

      Forget about Bennett and the dirty politics; there’ll be more, and the usual gutter grubs ready to hungrily swallow it all, but – apologies for the cliche – if we’re dragged down to that level we’re better looking up and seeing the stars, and even counting them, than greying our minds with matter which belongs on the bottom of boots.

  2. That Shane Jones pic is a shocker. Unless it is a complete fabrication? It’s beyond disgusting.

    And he has a ministerial role – Min. for Infrastructure.

    NOT good for the gov, not good at all.

    • Jones makes me laugh. He’s such a pompous blowhard. The guy can’t answer a question during a press conference without resorting to flowery language, sniffing haughtily and issuing ominous forebodings to this week’s corporate villain if things don’t go his way. I’d like to be able to take him seriously, but he’s just so pretentious. I have mental images of coalition meetings where Jone’s is crapping on about something, and Jacinda’s rolling her eyes and muttering, “For God’s sake, Shane…”

    • Kheala – the shocking fake Shane Jones picture was apparently placed by good Christian party leader Hannah Tamaki on her Twitter account.

      Yes, it is totally repulsive, and she will have followers believing that it is real and not a fake; whether Hannah does her own dirty faking, or whether Hannah has dirty aides to do her dirty things for her, it is bad for Jones, and it offends me as a woman that another woman, Hannah Tamaki would use Muslim women in such an utterly gross fashion, for political purposes.

      Unfortunately, what we’ve learnt from Nicky Hager’s documented National Party dirty politics, is that right wing women are as dirty as the men and sometimes dirtier.

      For Hannah Tamaki, a Maori woman, to do this to another woman of colour, already shown to be a member of a wounded vulnerable group in NZ, I think evil.

      The message she is sending to her followers about Muslim women is evil, and we must show them our support, and show them that the ChCh murderer and Hannah Tamaki, are the odious aberrations which they are.

    • Kheala,

      The abhorrent doctored photos says absolutely nothing about Shane Jones….it does however speak volumes about Hannah Tamaki and that P.O.S husband of hers who would have given her the green light.

      • Jacindafan, one of the worst aspects about Hannah’s dirty mind show, is when mentally substituting her image of a Muslim woman, with another.

        Substitute a Maori woman = deservedly predictable uproar, rallies, and more Harawira explosions, but once, just for once, no accusations of white colonialisms

        Substituent a Chinese woman = minor uproar, but politicians jabbering and murmuring sweet nothings to the MSM and making faux apologies as Nat’s treasurer’s fingers feverishly do the sums on his jade abacus

        Substitute a Pakeha woman = ignite hormonal-fuelled wars of words as to what now consitutes a woman, and whether regular old heterosexual women should be allowed even paper space, let alone to call themselves feminists.

        The Tamakis’ cheap shot was killing two tuis with one stone – Shane Jones, whose mana may be asphyxiating Brian, and positioning Muslim women as targets for the T’s brain-washed followers on motor-bikes to blame for whatever’s wrong in their neighbourhood, by targeting those least able to withstand them. It was pernicious, and it was sinister bullying.

        Where are all the righteous warrior feminists on this one ? Invisible, that’s where.

  3. ” I’m certain they already have several dead cats on the table ready to tip onto Labour when likely to have the biggest impact. ”

    That Shane Jones pic is one of them – It elicits total recoil, total revulsion. In a world of instant memes and visual impact, used adroitly by the opposition, it could have more impact than a ground-to-air nuke.

  4. “12 months till the NZ election – what does the political landscape look like?”

    Bleak as fuck. Same-same.

    • I sometimes wonder if the solution is to let the right back in so they can finish screwing the country up and then we can get on with sorting it out. I think this is why Corbyn and Sanders are having so much impact – both the UK and US are more messed up than we are.

      Don’t despair though, as Boomers die off and the current crop of kids start voting we are going to see a huge change in the political landscape – it can’t not happen!

      • Actually it can. Think about how generations vote the same way as thier parents.
        And as the boomers die off and you have a whole new generation, this time having inherited wealth and property. Just watch them defend their new found position.

    • “12 months till the NZ election – what does the political landscape look like?”

      Bleak as fuck. Same-same.

      I don’t agree countryboy.

      National’s priority is the wealth of their voters. They encourage selfishness.
      Labours priority is people.

      National get it wrong and they ignore and deny.
      Labour get it wrong and they own it and say “we need to do better”.

      National are divisive.
      Labour are inclusive.

      National want to having a playing field that only works for their supporters.
      Labour want a playing field that works for everyone.

      National have a leader who wouldn’t make a leaders arsehole.
      Labour have a magnificent and inspiring leader.

      National embrace dirty politics.
      Labour embrace the kiwi way of doing things where fair play rules.

      National have some vile individuals calling the shots. Bennett and Bridges….Collins just behind.
      Labour don’t have Bennett and Bridges etc.

      National create a NZ that is not good for future generations.
      Labour create a NZ future generations will enjoy as we have.

      etc etc etc etc etc

        • Keep on guessing Wiking.

          I don’t represent the left or speak for them. I’m my own man with my own perspective. You should try it some time.

          Everybody embarrasses themselves along the way. Take you for example. You’ve just made yourself look like a bitter and resentful National Party supporter that doesn’t have the brains you were born with.

          Get well soon.

      • I understand @ JACINDAFAN. No, really I do. Good drugs can make life so much more, shall we say? Cuddly. Fluffy. Snuggly.

        Somewhere after a Post trance party rave in Berlin.

        ” Do you, ‘First experience with proper E ‘ Take this fence post to be your lawfully wedded wife? ”
        Groom says with a swoon…:
        ” I do…. it’sluvly…. knows me better than myself…She’s my soulmate… “

        The ONLY politicians I know of who are worthy of addorration and trust are dead ones.
        MJ Savage. Norman Kirk. Rod Donald. David Lange. ( He quit as PM when Labour’s caucus allowed that little pig-rat combo douglas back to the fold.
        Lange said ; If douglas is allowed back in? I’m out. )
        adern isn’t being open, honest nor upfront. If she were to be? We’d see a New Day. A New Dawn. A new life for you and me.
        Nina Simone. https://youtu.be/D5Y11hwjMNs
        What’s been done can’t be undone. What’s been seen can’t be un-seen. What’s doubtful can never escape the skeptical mind.
        What you say here @ jacindafan is simply a few lines of logical fallacies at best.
        In real-real land? We’re in the shit and the shit’s getting deeper.
        Why, you ask?
        Because a few politicians some years ago fucked our trading relationships with the UK, Europe and the USA to grift then sequester vast sums of money that should have come back into our economy so those trading partner guys WERE FORCED! To go elsewhere. And now? Borrowed to the hilt with massive private debts mounting? Auckland’s full of bankster prey in absurdly over inflated Herne Bay huts while our actual, money earning agrarian hinterlands are so backward they make the film ‘Deliverance’ look like an artists quarter in Paris on half price Afghan hash day.
        We’re better of with national.
        They look like scum bags. They act like morons. They feed on our blood sweat and tears. They sell us out then laugh at us when we fail through no fault of our own. They brain-fart out the most backward, absurdist, nonsensical gibberish that only day time TV addicts could watch with interest. They. Are.Vile.Politicians.
        But we can see them. We can keep an eye on them. Like all prey. We’d best keep an eye on the predator. In this case it’s national.
        What about Helen clark? All cosy, smoochy, fluffy-snuggles with that lumbering ox in a frock shiply? Dob in you neighbour shipley. Best buds to fucking hideous, odious ruth richardson?
        They never went after the criminal eilte who fucked AO/NZ? They, instead, went after the victims of their crimes. What better way to hide?
        Adern? Side by side with tony ‘smiling-snake’ blair as he launched an attack on a country we had no beef with. But what about 9/11 you ask? Fuck off! I say.

  5. Nothing wrong with restricting voting rights to citizens only. NZ is one of only four countries in the world that allows non citizens to vote after just one year of being in NZ.

    Add to that, the Electoral Commission does not do verification checks on eligibility to vote. It operates an honesty box system. It’s why people on working visas register, and vote, despite not being eligible to do so.

    Restricting voting rights to citizens only;

    A) offers an incentive to residents to become citizens
    B) ensures that citizens, who ostensibly have the long term interests at heart, aren’t outweighed by residents who may not have any long term interest in the future of NZ.

    There’s a lot of UK, Australian, Americans who will complain that despite being resident in NZ for 30+ years, this will impact them.

    Fine. Make a grandparented provision that says if you were normally resident in NZ at XX date, you retain the ability to vote.

    It’s stupid to continue letting 500,000 immigrants a year have the right to vote when they may not commit fully to NZ for the long term.

  6. Landscape? Like a McCahon painting brother, with extra gloom…

    The election can be won, but a lot has to be in alignment! The Nats have great attention to detail when rifling trash cans for damaging info, and asking 20,000 Parliamentary questions-Alfred Ngaro-shows where they are at, in “populist destroy mode”.

    Still, the Cannabis Referendum May get a few more voters out, and the Nat factions may have a meltdown. Be better though for the Govt to have a spend up and get people to vote FOR them.

  7. Under Housing Policy:” the Government must make a significant ramping up of state house builds and offer first time home owners KiwiBank backed mortgages”..
    Martyn, You just dont get it. KiwiBank backed mortgages means that Kiwi Bank, which operates as a private Bank will create mortgages from nothing as a debt on which interest is due, just like any other private bank. It is limited in the value of loans it can create by reserves it is compelled to hold as a contingency against runs on the bank. Does Kiwibank have the reserves to do the job you want? No! Is it ever likely to get them in the short term? No, again! Do some reading!

  8. Even though its still a year away from the election, anyone who takes a bit of notice will know that climate change will be a big issue, bigger than it has been ever before and perhaps even the main issue.
    What we know is that National will spend the next year, in conjunction with their flunkies on Federated Farmers, lying to the rural community about what responsibilities they will have to face in the future.
    They will be assuring the rural community that climate change is not THEIR problem and if they keep on voting National then mumsy wumsy National will protect them against the big bad climate activist lefties.
    National’s strategy will be as always – promote the rural-urban divide and cash in on the votes.
    If National truly cared about the rural community – they would urge them to become part of the solution, rather than going around the country setting meetings in country community halls telling lies and shit stirring hoping to score votes from the fall out.
    But they don’t actually care for the rural community at all – they just want their votes.

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