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  1. How the super rich are profiting from deals with council owned organisations and the bovine RMA system that is facilitating that.

    In short the council that used to be the gatekeeper on planning, is asleep at the wheel for public planning if they even have proper independent planners anymore who advocate for the public good, , while the developers are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make extremely lucrative deals for themselves from public assets, including names changes of areas, change of use of specials areas that people think are protected (Marinas, waterfronts, forests, beaches, urban/rural changes) and gaming a flawed system to recreate the special features and protections of areas.

    Why is Auckland Council so eager to sell prime waterfront real estate to a millionaire developer?

    And the current RMA process is a joke, because who do you think is submitting the public or the super rich to create the RMA in their own image of NZ? Aka profit driven for the 1% with no controls to speak of and able to litigate to remove even those pathetic controls that still exist.

  2. RNZ – more advocating for more aged migrant parents into NZ… considering that a low cost Kiwibuild house for the poor needs income of up to $130k, and NZ high skills are things like chefs, fast food workers, aged care and low end IT support workers, you wonder why the don’t examine those issues, in the interest of journalistic freedom… and why NZ should support people’s parents when they left their parents in the first place and we have a crisis in NZ for aged care!

    ‘High cost’ parent visa could deter skilled migrants – 19 October 2019

    Don’t forget we have been hammered by RNZ on this from them already with multiple pro articles…

    but nothing about the alternative reality.. aka
    Reopening parent visas

    Aka while the NZ are being told there is an ageing population that we can’t cater for of NZ and a housing crisis and a health crisis, and a teaching crisis, those who actually paid taxes here most of their lives… we somehow have our government giving out visas to relatives to make all those situations worse …

    “For a couple of decades, parent visas made up a pretty large chunk – around 10 per cent – of total residence visas issued. From 1997/98 to 2015/16, 75000 parent visas were issued. ”

    “Parent visas weren’t the only such questionable streams, although it was the largest. Over the same period, for example, almost 20000 people got residence under “sibling and adult child” provisions.”

    The point should be, when we have a housing and poverty crisis for locals, why the hell are we giving out visas for relatives who need support from NZ social services!!!!

    • There will always be reasons that you can find to be a mean spirited and miserable pearl clutcher. Maybe we could just take a deep breath and realise that the reason we cant afford things is bevause we have decided we cant. Treasury is awash in cash. We are a sovereign country with our own money supply. There is a desperate need in these areas so supplying them through government spending would not be inflationary. But I guess its just easier to direct hatred or at least negativity towards immigrants. Easy targets sfter all…

      • @Spikeyboy, So you have think that questioning, laissez faire, deregulated immigration is mean spirited, and treasury should spend the current taxpayers money on people who don’t live here, instead of those who do?

        Migrants are now essential for big business here to profit further, why do you think they get special treatment by our mostly overseas owned private equity media to increase NZ to a lower wage economy and helping spread neoliberal values…

        Jobseekers is up 11% last year when we imported in circa 250,000 temporary migrant visas and circa 50,000 new residents. Wages are stagnant, in fact going down in industries that used to have decent pay like Chorus workers. Prices of everything is going up… health spend per person going down… Emergency food parcels going up, construction costs going up… petrol going up, transport congestions going up, pollution going up.

        Even small crap like the cost of having a pet and getting them treated is astronomical! Part of this is that the cost of living bears no relations to the wages incomes anymore.

        I don’t blame the migrants apart from the criminal ones, I blame the government policy, right wingers and wokies for the problem.

        The NZ government focus under the Natz seemed to be to increase our dependance on low wage labour for sunset industries in NZ and expect the younger generations to pick up the bills aka Rogernomics trickle down but nobody was expecting the same Natz immigration pro low wage migrant policy from Labour/NZ First/Greens.

        While you might think that treasury should borrow money to give away to just give it away to other nationals rich families just like our government (the Greens!!!) give away our water, others might disagree, that does not make them meanspirited!…

        At the end of the day, retirement is a growth industry and makes one of the highest industry profits… so of course big business wants more retiree’s coming into NZ (which has been a considerable amount of migrants coming to NZ) because it is so profitable, likewise recruitment agencies that sell NZ visas making $50k a pop to get the worlds unemployed living in NZ!

        In NZ our government has screwed over those that lived here for 30 years, so why stop now!

        As for why the media in particular RNZ, are so pro retirement…. the profits are huge to big business and also to the migrants that benefit from generous pension benefits within 10 years and free health care, not available in their own country for the most part!

        “Retirement villages are a booming industry. Since 2008, the number of New Zealanders aged over 75 who are living in one has risen by 33%. And demand for these ready-made communities for the “active retiree” – as the marketing goes – is yet to reach its peak, as baby boomers start thinking about selling up the family home.

        But that comes at a cost. Retirement villages are big business… and that’s how they’re run. Nationwide, five private operators – Ryman Healthcare, Summerset, BUPA, Metlifecare and Oceania – now dominate the sector, controlling more than 50% of the market.

        The businesses are also able to claim deductions for expenses incurred in operating the villages, which can reduce the net taxable income to zero or less. These include salaries/wages, rates, insurance, food, medical supplies, interest and repayments to residents when buying back occupation rights.”

        Note, if you put your assets in a trust, then you won’t have to pay rest home fees, the public will.

        If our government wants to decimate one of the most economically run, decent health& ACC systems in the world in NZ, they are going the right way about it and the pokies and left wingers are asleep at the wheel to who is really benefiting (and it aint the world’s honest poor being shopped here under false pretences, it’s the dishonest migrant capitalists, who seem to reap the most benefits here)!

        But hey, spicky boy, why worry about the big picture, and instead make our government dysfunctional so we can go with the US or Chinese user pays health/ACC systems!

        • Migrants are people just like you and me. If you want to direct your anger at tge govt for not supplying sufficient infrastructurw fine but if you just want to count pennies in the dollar then most definitely a mean soirited penny pincher with little to no empathy

          • spikeyboy, Charity was supposed to start at home, but under Rogernomics/Thatcherism and Neoliberalism, taxes are the new charity for the world’s capitalists…

            It does not help the migrant cause for wokies to think all migrants are sweetness and light and should be shepherded into NZ through a flawed process with money thrown at them once they emerge with permanent residency… the labour inspectorate for example is grim reading on who is doing their share of exploiting and it is not just locals it is recent migrants.

            Our immigration laws are too deregulated and often being skewed by the exploiters to their favour.

            The reason I mention $$$ cost is that unfortunately that is how our government seems to think these days, aka sell NZ assets to make money for the private sector or quasi private sector, sell our immigration visas to make money for the private sector, we give away our natural assets so others can make money… you get the picture….

            The irony is that we were sold high immigration to help pay our pensions so it is absolute irony that it has proved to be the opposite with our dysfunctional rules encouraging migrant pensioners and supported people to NZ to live off NZ taxpayers instead.

            Rather than look at money for immigration, I think NZ could be giving asylum and residency or even temporary residency to inspirational people who champion democracy, peace, equality and human rights aka Nelson Mandela types or in the arts.

            Authors, artists and academics, world class people,.. but sadly those people would probably never get through our dishonest and process driven immigration system that wants people with no questions asked qualifications who can cheaply change a bed pan or make a GM Burger for under minimum wages while not dobbing in their exploitative big (and small) business employer.

            Even if we do manage to get someone highly skilled and world class to come to NZ, the Rogernomics and process driven stupidity drives them away.

            “Wellington Hospital lost its leading cardio-electrophysiologist, Dr Alejandro Jimenez Restrepo. Born in Colombia and trained in the US, Jimenez had arrived here in 2012 with his wife and young family, intending to settle permanently in New Zealand. Within two and a half years, he was gone.”


            • I realise that “wokie” is the smear de jour for the daily blog but it adds nothing to your argument.
              If migrants are a bad thing then they should not be admitted to the country. However, once allowed to enter they should enjoy the same rights as anybody else. To do otherwise is to adhere to an ideology not far removed from slavery. If you cant see that it is because you lack empathy and believe that dollars are more important than people.
              Its pretty simple really

  3. Woo hoo!! Young New Zealand First have stepped up and are speaking out – That party ain’t dead yet.
    (It’s not ‘mine’ but I appreciate that it is in the Coalition, and the resulting diversity that represents for all of us.)

    Apparently they have changed the party policy on drug testing at festivals. Stuff cover it here.

    Also, Winnie himself enters our top ten longest serving MPsin NZ history.

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