Election of CTU officers


The 4 yearly elections for the Council of Trade Unions officers occurred today in Wellington.

Successfully elected by the 27 unions affiliated to the CTU were –

– President, Richard Wagstaff. Wagstaff was re-elected for a second four year term.

– Vice President, Rachel Mackintosh, re-elected for a second four year term.

– Vice President Māori, Syd Keepa, re elected for the third time.

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– National Secretary and Treasurer, Melissa Ansell-Bridges was elected to replace Sam Huggard, (who did not stand for re-election).

New CTU National Secretary and Treasurer Melissa Ansell-Bridges comes to the CTU from her previous role of Director of Equity New Zealand where she had worked since 2016. As the Director of a small union, she oversaw all areas of the union’s operations. Ansell-Bridges has been a member of the Film Industry Working Group where she has successfully advocated to secure the right for contractors in the screen industry to be able to collectively bargain for minimum terms and conditions. She holds a BA/LLB(Hons) with majors in Politics and Sociology.

Ansell-Bridges believes deeply in the power of working people to come together to create social change, “Working people and their unions have the ability to make New Zealand a better place at work and also more broadly within society as well. The power of collective action; what can be achieved when we work together, is a deep motivator for me.”


  1. The NZCTU was formed in 1987 as labour market deregulation (essentially union busting) was continued by the initial Rogernomics Labour Govt. 1984-1990. Prior to this there used to a “Joint Council of Labour” where Union leaders spoke direct to Labour Party leaders.

    The big test was National’s 1990-91 Employment Contracts Bill/Act. The then CTU leadership failed that one spectacularly, and has disappointed ever since apart from the time with Helen Kelly at the helm.

    What the peak labour organisation has always needed, is leaders with a class analysis and ability to lead the working class and support their struggles directly–rather than be another lobby group, or international style organisation on an endless round of conferences.

    80s FOL President Jim Knox was an ex ’51 Waterfront Lockout veteran and could walk into a site and get a standing ovation from workers. The world may have changed a bit, but Unions like Unite and First that keep on organising regardless of Govt. show it has not changed totally!

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