What is actually happening inside NZ First’s implosion?


The catalyst for the current meltdown we are witnessing inside NZ First was Winston’s ‘rugby injury’.

Apparently Winston’s ‘rugby injury’ was a lot more serious than reported and provoked sudden movements inside NZ First as they scrambled with the possibility that Winston’s ‘rugby injury’ meant he wasn’t coming back.

That scrambling by some MPs disgusted already disgruntled members and a push back was embarked upon.

The surprise was that Winston made a Lazarus like return from the grave but the tension that had built up was already in motion.

Disgruntled NZ First insiders were created by a lack of the more redneck elements of the NZ First platform from being adopted. Winston is smart enough to pay lip service to his supporters petty bigotries but not actually have any intention of implementing the dismantling of the Māori seats or culture tests for migrants or reducing the number of MPs to 100 or public stoning of Muslims.

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This lack of a redneck agenda was the catalyst, but as these disgruntled insiders started scratching around for dirt and stumbled upon the pay for play element of NZ First.

NZ First generate the majority of their wealth from donations that are washed through a laundromat so no one knows where they come from. Talking to sources it looks like the Fishing industry and Trucking industry have made large scale donations that have then led to policy written for their interests and not the wider interests. This realisation is the reason why the NZ First President has suddenly stepped down for ‘moral’ reasons.

The tensions inside NZ First between the angry rednecks who want angry redneck policy and Winston’s more rational stance combined with the retail politics need for vested interests to fund you will run riot because NZ First doesn’t have any real ideological values.

National’s 2020 election campaign is to promote Blue Greens enough to drag the Greens under 5% and could use this recent implosion inside NZ First to sink them as well.

If Labour have no coalition partners, MMP will redistribute that vote to the party with the largest majority.

Winston’s demise could be Jacinda’s demise.


  1. Surely now is the time for the Greens to shine and get that 15% if they are ever going to.

    And Labour needs to ditch neo liberalism but how likely is that? Radical Green greens, and a “for the many not the few” Labour could take 2020 along with the Cannabis Referendum.

    But yes, the filthy Nats will likely come through the mess and the dark, racist, selfish NZers will govern again.

    • The Greens can’t shine because they too are a neoliberal party. I have faith in a lot of the people in the party but somehow the party as a whole is just in the wrong place

    • Similar to the problem with NZF identity see my comment below. At a time when Greens should be shinning where environmentalism is mainstream and everyone can see their effects, the Greens have morphed into 1% red guard type thought police wokies flip flopping between thinking everyone is a closet white supremacist, while being too busy giving bottling water rights to the Chinese business, mental health and cannabis reform, a fan in the bathroom when homelessness is rampant and another 300,000 temp residents hit NZ needing housing, in a so called worker shortage wages seem to be dropping and job seeker benefits up, giving their questions and greasing to the Natz, to worry about immediate effects and policy changes for the environment… you know 2050 is the new 2020!

  2. Labour are doing a pretty good job on their own of alienating leftists like myself. No need for help from NZF.

  3. My advice to you Sean is to harden up we have been alienated for at least 150 years we are still being called savages and cannibals as we were deemed not human from savages themselves

  4. “Winston’s demise could be Jacinda’s demise.”
    And, I ask; so what?
    Imagine, if you will, a roving black hole suddenly materialised within our government buildings and dematerialised every politician over to a parallel universe where the other us’s had less patience with a pack of greasy wankers sucking on the public titty while strangers, friends and whanau try to survive by living in the gutters of their largest cities.
    What would be different for us?
    Other than not having to work that extra hour a month to pay the worthless scum fucks to prance about in their highly polished shoes ( That fat prick shane jones looks like a constipated penguin. ) I’d say nothing. Nothing at all.
    I’m suggesting peters is a bent wee man. And it’s no surprise that he’s had donations from trucking ( They fucked NZ Rail. ) and fishing ( The fuck us over daily and we can’t buy fish without a six figure salary behind us and one must ask? Where the fuck ARE our fishes anyway? )
    It should be remembered. Lawyers, like prostitutes, can be bought to do a dirty job.
    ( No disrespect to working girls. )
    Here’s my prediction for winnie and the NZ First political party scam.
    Winnie gets the boot ,then, in his retirement as he writes his memoirs, he has a fatal heart attack and his memoirs disappear.
    Here’s one for you winnie. For you, and those whom you made a career out of running defence for while you and they watched us suffer and fail as our lives drain away.

    “Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down”

  5. Gee thats not very nice saying he has heart attack. Heres my prediction Winnie doesn’t get 7% of the party vote and labour and greens can get on with running our country without having to do such a balancing act

  6. michelle
    Please move on from taking every low comment from a twisted, narrow misanthrope about Maori as being representative of what all society thinks.

    Pakeha have been working since before the 1960-70s to make changes in the mindset of many racist citizens and that intensified in the 60s-70s. Your negative approach does not give credit for the work that has been done to squeeze reparations and improvements out of the fists of smartarse ‘whiteys’ with power by both Maori and pakeha. Lots has been done, and should continue to be.

    So please join the wise and positive Maori, pointing out good changes and how they need to be added to, which will encourage the progressive people to continue. The conservatives are out there, wanting to retreat from allowing all citizens to participate in enjoying the country’s life and advantages. Constant repetition of complaints turn off the status-quo conservatives who think, ‘Why bother, they will never feel satisfied with anything’.

    • sorry you don’t approve greywarbler but I will say what I like and will continue to say it because people still don’t listen and people still have very entrenched views contrary to plenty of evidence and whose voice do we hear the most who controls the media and who owns the newspapers and radio channels and says what goes and what doesn’t and who has the worst stats and as for pakeha working since the 1960s on reparation, bullshit! I was born then and it was all swept under the carpet

  7. Currently reading Bernstein and Woodward’s, ‘All The President’s Men”. The money laundering info is interesting – and staggering with the big cash amounts coming in and straight into an office safe.

    NZ First could find this a bit of an eye-opener, but I don’t know exactly to whom to send it.

  8. NZ First used to be a so called anti immigration and anti corruption party (via Winston’s wine box enquiry) and was supposed to put NZ rights ahead of globalism and profiteering.

    When NZF policy got amended for the lobbyists like the fishing and the trucks and the farmers to keep the cheap labour rolling in, they couldn’t still be the anti immigration and anti wine box corruption party so lost their identity as well as their supporters…. at a time where people are now seeing the effects of one of the highest immigration rates in the world in NZ per capita for the last decade and the effects of money laundering schemes, the most…

    • I reckon Michelle is near the honey.

      I reckon bomber is or was until he wobbled away from the pathway that says:
      “Follow the money aka political donations “ – which is the only card deep throat has not played in the game which emulates Winston’s MO of not playing all cards at once.

      What say the resignation of el president was predicated not only on him being denied access to caucus (when Brian Henry is not denied) but was a genuinely held concern about reports of Peter Talley donations to Shane Jones and then surveillance cameras on commercial fish boats disappearing and the railway line Napier to Wairoa affco meat works, being reinstated?

      As for time off sick or injured? At least Winnie’s back on his feet and not prostrate.

  9. “Winston’s demise could be Jacinda’s demise.”

    Winston is an asset to the Jacinda-led Coalition. He lends gravitas, seniority, political nous and experience. He carries weight, provides anchorage. So far, no one person within the Labour party has stepped fully into that role. Hopefully, if Winston is not there for the future then someone else will have grown into it. But he is still here, still very much a person and a presence to be reckoned with, despite the sabotaging flow of leaks to Soper et al.

  10. despite me not agreeing with Winny he saved us from the brighter future lot. Now he might be a centrist yes but he ain’t blind, deaf or dumb and he saw how bad things got under national. I know many Maori despite him Maori bashing they voted for him, why? because they said they trust him more than labour now I am now a labour voter but I was mana/hone voter until he fucked it up with d com.

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