MEDIAWATCH: It’s not evidence of prudent political management – oh no, it’s a left wing government stealing your money – the double standards of msm


It’s not evidence of prudent political management (the way it was when National gained surpluses) oh no, it’s a left wing government stealing your money – the double standards of the msm are jaw dropping in their audacity…

Duncan Garner: Surplus shows Government fleecing New Zealanders

This Government has over-taxed us. Simple as that.

They should be embarrassed by this, but privately they’re celebrating over scones and muffins in Grant Robertson’s office.

As far as surpluses go, this is big. They took $7.5 billion from our pockets when they either couldn’t spend it or chose not to spend it.

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They dipped into our pay packets when they didn’t have to.

…and this narrative follows the same one National used last surplus…

Simon Bridges says surplus shows ‘raid on back pockets’, demands Govt lower taxes

Simon Bridges has demanded the Government use its $5.5 billion surplus to lower taxes.

The National Party leader claims Labour has “piled on taxes” since they came into power in 2017, which he says explains this year’s surplus which is $2.4 billion more than forecast.

“The reason the Government has more money is because New Zealanders have less,” he said in a statement.

“New Zealanders can’t afford this raid on their back pockets all so the Government can waste their hard earned money on wasteful and untargeted spending.”

…I love it when National and their media muppets – who don’t give two shits about poor people at any other time of the year – are suddenly full off crocodile tears for those people’s tax when there is a surplus.

It’s funny when Labour manage a surplus it’s the greatest crime against working people ever committed, yet when National get a surplus. it’s a strong economy that is delivering…

Labour face a dozen double standards with this media, this budget surplus is just one of them.



  1. Well said Martyn;
    This is as silly as the scandal of the immigration Minister allowing Karel Sroubek’s entry into NZ on the grounds of his safety was at risk if he returned to the Czech Republic.

    Now we all pay for jis internment for years, when he should not have been allowed in by the national Government in the first place.

    National are a bloody disgrace.

    Now we see MBIE CEO Carol Tremain on Newshub today spouting that she agrees with Ian Lees Galloway ‘Minister of Immigration’ saying that he had every right to make his decision independent of the oversight of MBIE, which is also again another shocking event that poor Jacinda needs to rectify. Why did Steve Joyce set up this awful agency MBIE to stuff everything up in the first place is beyond me.

    Jacinda is now being Ham stringed by her idiot ministers sadly. Phil Twyford is now working good as he is appropriately attacking the other useless agency ‘NZTA’ for their erroneous behavior over our lack of road safety which was yet another agency setup to fail by Steven Joyce.

    We knew that National was going to leave grenades inside Government agencies when they lost the election didn’t we?

    “…I love it when National and their media muppets – who don’t give two shits about poor people at any other time of the year – are suddenly full off crocodile tears for those people’s tax when there is a surplus.”

  2. Has Garner had a moment of enlightenment and self-realisation?
    He wrote:
    “We should hang our heads in shame; surely everyone deserves the right to the basics.
    “The fact that we haven’t done this shows to me how greedy, selfish and how out of whack our society has become.”

    Or, has he just spent $20 to throw a shade cover over the propaganda machine, so that it can continue unabated?

    Time will tell – Not really holding my breath, but … miracles happen don’t they?
    Lack of Emergency Housing – How Greedy We Have Become

  3. Haha, the heads of those on the right must be about to explode with this good news. So this government coalition can manage the economy and balance the books prudently ay Duncs? Hey Duncs, don’t be a hater mouthpiece all your life.

    • Because he’s an obedient sock-puppet who has no compunction about toeing the line, parroting the “acceptable predetermined narrative” and selling the last shred of credibility he might possess in order to get paid to be a performing seal on national television. Garner’s a waste of space. If he can’t see the double-standard at work here (and you’d have to be blind, brain-dead and have your head embedded in a fucking cinder block), then his only reason for being is to perpetuate the myth that National = sound economic managers and Labour = shameless misers hoarding your cash. He gets airtime because he’s a “safe pair of hands”. He’s not going to say anything controversial or deviate from the script. It’s also the reason I can’t watch him without wanting to punch myself in the face. He’s almost as annoying as Mike ‘Maserati’ Hosking. Almost.

    • Our country is not fucked. Maybe you are, though. Maybe you should try living somewhere else. Then you might start to understand what a great country we have.

      • That’s not what the national party is reporting. The national party will report that NZ is in the worse shape since John Key.

  4. Will anyone ask Simon Bridges

    1 to explain, where the $11B fiscal hole went?
    2 to identify, how much money can be given in tax cuts when the budget surpluses for the next two years are forecast to be little over $1B?

    Another great oversight of our time by the media is in their not asking this question of the government – why do students only pay back their student debts if their income is adequate to provide for their needs and yet beneficiaries are expected to repay debts to Work and Income while still on benefits?

    • I love how WINZ does that. “Here’s some money from the state to make sure you don’t die. Right, now give us some of that money back. And try not to die. Cheers.”

  5. If anyone is seriously considering tax cuts, I can only hope that would be in the form of removal of the GST from all New Zealand grown fruit and vegetables in particular, and related products (honey, cheese, olive oil, grains, etc). This would benefit a wide sector of the NZ population.

    It would help in improving the health of our children. It would help in reducing stress on low income families. It would benefit growers and would encourage producers to use more local products. Ultimately everyone in Aotearoa would benefit from this.

  6. But does the government know what to do with the surplus? More spending on public transport rail infrastructure, or state funded and building of housing for the most in need?

  7. Fact is governments on the right and left (not that I would call this a coalition of the left…more centre right) have taxed Kiwi’s to the gills. Of course there’s the inevitable claims we don’t pay much tax by international standards which is factually incorrect, especially when you consider how low incomes are in this country and the levels of underemployment.

    Yes this government have increased taxes with little or no justification and National will no doubt do the same. My question is why vote for either?

  8. ““The reason the Government has more money is because New Zealanders have less,” he said in a statement.”

    Well that’s factually incorrect. I’m far better off since Labour came into power and he may want to ask the teachers and nurses the same before he makes outrageous statements to the media. I’m sure were “all New Zealanders”

    • Bert: “Well that’s factually incorrect.”

      Yep. He’s blind to the minimum wage rise then? And a dozen other measures.
      Oh, right. They’re not improvements that the wealthy/ uber wealthy would ever notice or care about.

    • Garner’s never let being ‘factually incorrect’ stop him from indulging in one of his pompous tirades. He’s a dick like that. Between him and Marc Richardson, I don’t know how Amanda Gillies handles it without numbing herself with heavy liquor each morning.

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