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  1. Another new NZ ‘citizen’ in action… maybe time to have a bit more time before we award citizenship to people who don’t seem worthy of it and strip citizenship of those who commit illegal acts and frauds and leave NZ owing millions of dollars to creditors. Who knows we might even have all the relatives coming over using his citizenship to get citizenship for themselves because their does not seem to be any penalty for ripping off NZer’s in fact is seems part of the package of living here and gaining citizenship quickly without any penalty if they are not a good citizen … NZ has created a slippery slope…

    Mainzeal’s Yan says NZ laws don’t apply in China, won’t pay back $18m


    “Yan Ciliang, or Richard Yan as he is known in English, is the founder of the Richina Group and legal representative of all its subsidiaries. Born in China, educated at Harvard, and now a citizen of New Zealand, Yan is vice-chair of the board of directors of the China Leather Association.”

  2. If you want to take a stand on climate change, and Greta’s message shared at the UN tomorrow, do NOT bother mentioning the name of Jacinda, as she is as hollow as an empty box for Xmas.

    Greta Thumberg may herself be a bit of an attention seeker, but at least she dares speak the inconvenient truth, and tells governments, they failed, and are still failing.

    Governments are held hostage by the conventional arrangements, including old technological networks and infrastructure, and of course the business sector, that has heavily invested in fossil fuel based technology. They and business hold the people hostage, including workers, they are basically told, shut up, we know what to do, and if you want a job, get on and let us do things for you, the more or less conventional way.

    But that is a cop out, and will not address the true challenges, so those humans who care, students, adults, workers, even some business operators and government employees, they better wake up, take a clear stand, and hold our government and global governments and power players, plus the corporations to account.

    Occupy the roads, streets, railway tracks, public spaces, exercise massive levels of civil disobedience, that is now a democratic and public and social and environmental DUTY!

    • “Greta Thumberg may herself be a bit of an attention seeker” – what a weird comment, standing up for something in the way she does it, is clearly not attention seeking but a moral stance she wants to make and she should be allowed to say it without personal attacks… there are plenty of attention seekers out there, but she is not one of them!

    • He let down the people of a ‘small island nation at the bottom of Australia’, where some filming was to happen, in order to instead go to NZ Inc.. I wonder who will miss out there, to please Jacinda?

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