MEDIAWATCH: Sanctimonious wailing by mainstream media over Tamihere’s taken out of context comment


The sanctimonious wailing by mainstream media over Tamihere’s taken out of context comment would be hilarious if it wasn’t eclipsing the NZDF covering up an actual war crime – the woke shallowness of our media is extraordinary.

Just before the last set of questions, I asked the following questions…

UNCLE PHIL: – You were very self congratulatory last year when you told everyone that you shut down crypto-fascists Molyneux and Southern – but as Mayor do you really have the power to censor voices you don’t like? 
UNCLE JOHN: – If John Banks was Mayor and he didn’t want a  council venue used for a Gay Rights Activist to speak at, should the Mayor have that power and what will you do if these alt-right crypto-fascists  try to come back here?


…Phil justified his censorship, John argued the Mayor shouldn’t have that power. Phil carried over his defence of censorship in his last question (the question the media are showing you) and in response, Tamihere quipped “Sieg Heil to that!” which was in reference to Phil’s previous defence of censorship.

The way the media are attempting to frame it was Tamihere just announced he was actually a Nazi and was invoking hate against mixed race grandchildren.

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If Tamihere is secretly a white supremacist Nazi, he’s done a bloody good job of disguising it as a Māori. Chris Trotter has written the best review of this entire fiasco here.

Meanwhile the NZDF continues to cover up an actual war crime, if only the NZ mainstream media and the perpetually outraged woke on Twitter could focus on that as much as they have on this.



  1. Corporates should never have had control of any media and TVNZ should be what it once was a public broadcaster that does NOT return a profit.

    At least other countries are mature enough to have more than one slanted right wing force fed opinion and have a balance of view points , left , right and the braindead celebrity tripe to keep the other children entertained.

    Chris Faafoi and the coalition must act and return too public funded broadcasting and have it protected in legislation.

    It is a intelligent kiwi’s right too have corporate free journalism.

  2. Watched your live Pub Politics video, did not hear it, so was it cut (the ‘Heil’ part), or was it missed in the noise and BS?

    I am not going to vote in this BS Auckland election, I always voted, I have NO hope of any sorts anymore for this shit city.

  3. Obviously the Israeli front grabbed the zieg heil with both hands and bled it to death against JT. Whether that was Goffs team or the pro zionist labour jokers taking things to the twilight zone, who knows but it was a shameful display of politi speak knee jerk at its ugliest worst… suggestion tho-, JT needs to think first before he jolts the camera with stupid stuff like that. Does him more harm than good!…

  4. It’s great seeing fuckknuckles like Goff and Tamihere scrapping it out over their sanctimonious bullshit opinions about how things should be. They’re just like Bert and Ernie except unlikeable although just as entertaining. Keep it guys.

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