Ummmmm – on the whole ‘Paula Bennett is a champion for victims’ narrative

Paula thanking herself for being so amazing

Ummmmm – on the whole ‘Paula Bennett is a champion for victims’ narrative…

Paula Bennett: PM is protecting her staff and Grant Robertson from scrutiny

Bennett also criticised Mitchell, whose statement today denying being told about a sexual assault claim followed a weekend of teleconferences between Ardern and Labour’s ruling council about the next steps.

“The Prime Minister has supposedly taken charge this weekend, and within hours one of her own council members has defied the very process she has put in place,” Bennett said.

She called Mitchell’s statement “victim-blaming”.

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…let’s put aside the fact that the wheels are starting to come off the Spinoff story, but Paula as the champion of victims?


The same Paula who released private information about beneficiaries is the champion of victims is she?

No apology from Bennett over leaked income data

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has refused to apologise to a single mother whose income details she released in 2009 – and will not rule out taking the same action again in the future.

The Director of the Office of Human Rights Proceedings Robert Hesketh yesterday said a privacy breach complaint by single mother Natasha Fuller against Ms Bennett in 2009 had been resolved and no proceedings would be taken.

The same Paula who wrongfully maligned state tenants for a meth hysteria that Paula herself helped generate is the champion of victims is she?

Babies living in P contaminated houses

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett said the high rate of methamphetamine was “particularly distressing”.

“Any situation where methamphetamine use has been found in social housing is unacceptable, but the number of young children in this case makes it particularly distressing,” she said.

The same Paula who only stood up for the ‘victims’ of Jami-Lee Ross when it was politically expedient to do so is the champion of victims is she?

Marriage comment about Jami-Lee Ross is ‘vicious’ tactic

National deputy leader Paula Bennett said the leadership team raised issues with Ross – but it wasn’t about harassment.

“At no point was the matter of sexual harassment ever put to Jami-Lee Ross,” Bennett told the Herald.

“What was put to him was inappropriate behaviour that is unacceptable from a married Member of Parliament.”

If there are issues with how Labour handled an allegation of serious sexual assault, Paula Bennett is the last person to make political capital out of that.


  1. ‘This was bound to happen’ when national have the media to polish national to look like the ‘champions’, since the National can only retake the power using dirty politics again and exploiting the media.

    We hope that the electorate remember all the lies and corruption we witnessed with the 9 yrs of the John Key Government.

    If labour want to recapture their dignity here they need to finally start their own media platform of the promised ‘free to air (no advertising) public current affairs channel’ to get their policies ‘inbreed’ into the NZ voters minds before the election and do this now not next bloody year.

    “Lets do this Jacinda”!!!!!

    • So what you are advocating CleanGreen is a political news channel to be used by (in this instance) Labour, and the left in general, to put their policy across and basically have friendly left leaning discussion groups? Sure sounds like that!
      Other side of the coin, will you then cry and moan when National are in Govt and use this same platform for their policies and discussion groups? (No need to answer that, we already know the answer)….be careful what you wish for!

      • What Cleangreen is advocating is quite obvious. A platform to compete against the rightwing N.Z.Herald, radio stations etc.

        The fact you can’t see that, is evidence of your own bias.
        What Cleangreen is advocating for is a fair and un-corrupt government you clearly yearn for… be careful what YOU wish for!

  2. Pull’yer Benefit is dodgy alright. The Fuller case was stretched out to the max to take it out of the headlines, but ultimately she, or the Nats?, paid up in an out of Court settlement. Bennett’s main offence of course was ladder pulling, and essentially putting the slipper into other women on benefits when she was in charge of WINZ.

    And lets not forget when the NZ Housing/Homeless crisis was finally acknowledged, Te Puea Marae opened its doors and welcomed all, not just Māori people. Paula Bennett’s “office”–the old Key trick–tried to knife Marae Chair Haumoana Dennis via another release of personal information, so embarrassed were the Nats by such social assistance to those in need.

    Bennett’s use of Parliamentary privilege for an attack line on the Govt and PM in particular, may yet blowback spectacularly on her.

  3. If there’s anything thought to benefit National or herself, Paula Bennett can be relied on to rise from the putrid swamp and spread the odious muck, regardless of supportive evidence either way. Particularly if it smears the underdog, or Labour or Jacinda Ardern.

  4. chairman Simon Mitchell says there were no attachments to the emails sent to him from “Sarah”. She says she did

    So either Mitchell is lying

    Or “Sarah” is lying

    Or……… neither of them are lying and “Sarah” has done what many of us have at one time ir another, clicked on SEND and forgetting to attach documents. In which case Mitchell is telling the truth, “Sarah” stuffed up, and Paula Bloody Bennett is exploiting this shamelessly

    As others have already blogged, given a chance the Natzis will exploit any situation to score points and hopefully win a few more votes. The Natzis have learned lessons from overseas dirty campaign politics and its going to get a whole lot worse

  5. Yuk.
    And the fuckers get $ix figure$ plu$ entitlement$ out of our pockets to boldly behave like vicious arseholes while living in luxury as we must walk past the homeless and impoverished they put in the streets.
    We should be ashamed of ourselves for letting the bastards get away with it.
    If we were French or Chinese our worthless politicians would be running for their lives.

  6. This type of grandstanding leads me to think Bennett’s donkey deep in the Winston over payment trial.
    If ever there was anyone out there whom does not know what political grandstanding is, well, Paula’s your girl.
    Why? Where was she on Key’s ponytail gate?

  7. She did it Bert trust your intuition Uncle Winnies benefit issue has pull da bennies name written all over it and her and tolley think they are going to breach there power like this, no way hose

  8. Kindness is what we need in times like this we need to stand together. It’s a hard job which ever side you are on. Jacinda really needs to be with her people more. It doesn’t even feel like she is our leader or prime minister. Very sad.

    • Yes bert she is another bully she is nasty and she is nicer to the plant and flowers don’t know why these women are like this shes has had a good life and she is very judgemental maybe these rich women are too use to getting there own way aye!

  9. The biggest piece of shit, that is Paula useless Benefit, it even goes beyond party lines, I learned in my humble circle of friends.

    She is with no credit, a piece of shit, no time for her, anything she says is crap.

  10. Yes bert she is another bully she is nasty and she is nicer to the plant and flowers don’t know why these women are like this shes has had a good life and she is very judgemental maybe these rich women are too use to getting there own way aye!

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