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Today the Herald asked…

What’s behind South Auckland’s recent crime spike?

South Auckland’s reputation as a hotbed of crime isn’t always deserved, but right now something new and disturbing is happening. There’s been a spike in violent crime, including shootings, and changes in the social structure of the area are being blamed.

Gang numbers in traditional gangs are increasing, and there’s a new gang in town.

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The Rebels and the Comancheros, deportees from Australia, are settling in the area and shaking up the established order.

TDB answered this back in June

The forced importation of hardened Australian Organised Crime into a crime culture like NZ that has a far less violent nature has led to an explosion of gang related killings and assaults as the imported Crime Gangs immediately set to dominate the local versions.

This is an imported pest that is far more dangerous than anything attacking our wild life and the lack of clear strategy and funding to be able to cope with sophisticated violence of this scale is lacking and that risks an eruption for gang war and an explosion of cheap higher grade Mexican cartel shipped meth into every corner of NZs lower socio economic bedrock.

In May a shooting in Ellerslie was a Australian Gang related warning to the Auckland syndicates. Various Gang club rooms around Auckland have been reinforced with steal panels since that attack. The fear of open warfare by a class of criminal far more violent and well connected meth wise than the local syndicates Chinese supply chains is real and the possibility of an all out guns blazing in the streets public break down of law and order will terrify the average Kiwi voter.

The impact of roid pumped up criminals posing with expensive motorbikes and bedazzled in gold chains are a recruitment tool on social media is as savvy as ISIS propaganda. Combine this with the meth explosion in Pacifica communities and we have serious instability within the communities that can least cope with addiction stresses and trauma.

The Police have the powers to move against organised crime, what we are seeing imported to NZ is unlike any other event previous to it within the criminal culture and there needs to be a rapid upgrade of Police capacity to actively police Australian Organised Crime Gangs in a very unique counter intelligence manner.

This Gang War is not being anticipated and the uniqueness of the imported criminal element hasn’t been appreciated.

You can read it here first or catch up on it a couple of months later in the mainstream media.


  1. The other issue is that the blue collar jobs were often Pacific workers, so under the current pay for jobs visa schemes and people hiring their buddies to get visas, operating in NZ, Pacifica in AK are some of the biggest victims…

    The latest MSD data shows the number of people receiving a jobseeker benefit has increased by 13,000 or 10.9% in the last year.

    And it isn’t evenly spread. The increase by key demographics is:

    Maori +14.6%
    Pasifika +15.9%
    Under 25s +13.7%
    25 – 40 year olds +16.7%
    And even bigger growth with hardship assistance. The special needs grants are up 45% and advances up 53%.

    People need real and fair and worthwhile jobs…. if we operate ponzi’s pretending that there are jobs when they are just scams it pushes people into other areas like drugs, crime etc…. while plenty in the MSM about the exploitation of migrant workers, there is little thought or analysis to what happens to populations that are pushed out of the workforce entirely… and with a growing drugs trade operating the most profits out of NZ… there are going to be turf wars between the Asian, local and NZ gangs coming into NZ.

    So much money to be made, and NZ just keeps granting residency to drug lords and importers to add more and more operations and types of drugs into the mix.

    • savenz- a number of the bad gang criminals are unfortunately entitled to residency here as they’re kiwi in origin and they are being dumped on us by Australian govt policy.No-one wants them.

      • Yes, I know Snow White, but they are also giving other’s residency like Sroubek while in jail, so it’s pushing more and more criminals into NZ to live and operate.

        I think the government just naturally seem to be heading towards NZ being a place for criminals to find a home here. Sadly as more criminals come, other’s leave so they are actually doing something really stupid by not taking a firm hand and removing petty criminals or serious ones, on any type of criminal activity if you can because it is an exponential situation and more are coming anyway as they are being expelled from other countries.

        We have plenty of local criminals government could be more compassionate too, but don’t!

        In particular young “criminals” in care or on the streets, who if given the money and care they deserve, not being diverted into neoliberal thinking like propping up low wage businesses, and overprivileged migrant criminals, could turn our crime rate and social costs, around.

        Charity begins at home. Something our government got rid of during Rogernomics.

  2. Is this a fucking joke? NZ has just seen the worst murder atrocity on it’s shores followed by clampdowns on our freedoms, communications and ownership and yet these bully fantasists can ride around shooting the country up willy nilly? Do the police have a soft spot for the gangs or are they just one big gang? Does Jarrod Gilbert need more material for a new book?

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