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  1. An interesting article popped up on Stuff today about if we should be paid more for weekends.
    It is primarily about strike action by Sky Casino workers who feel entilted to higher rates for working “unsociable hours” as the article limply termed it. Weekends and nights are not just unsocialble hours, they are also family hours and sleeping hours.
    The paradox of all this is that we all used to get extra for working weekends and nights. It was a widely accepted facet of life that we all were entitled to our nights and weekends off, and if it was necessary to work such times then we should be compensated for it.
    But what happened? We had Rogernomics, neo-liberalistic forces and Jim Bolger paraeconomics which turned New Zealand into Nu Ziland, 24 hour 7 day a week shopping. As smaller family owned stores gradually got swallowed up or run out of business by mega internationals they sought to normalize continuous trading and once you turn it into something normal then extra-normal payments are not necessary.
    They found a willing accomplice in the National government of the 90s, determined to break any semblance of union power and make workers vulnerable to the “take it or leave it” choice. And the take it choice naturally involved getting rid of those pesky extra payments which they preferred to send as profits to their overseas billionaire masters.
    These forces basically destroyed what we used to call the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are little different from other days of the week for a large proportion of our population, they continue to do the same work they do on other days except that they have the additonal problem of juggling their family time around it.
    There are few wage jobs now where people get any extra for working extra or unsociable hours. Some tradesmen, some drivers to think of a few.
    The argument that because most of us no longer go to church removing the need for extra payments for working on Sunday is a red herring. Sunday has been a traditional rest day for thousands of years, predating Christianity, and continues to be quite strictly observed in some countries and cultures (eg Pacific Islands).
    We have had our weekends stolen from us, for the benefit of the rich.
    We allowed them to do it with our irresponsible greed, wanting everything without wondering who was going to be paying for it all.

    • Of youre a union member you join because the union fights for that 1/3rd better pay and better benefits.

      The union strikes because they’re fighting for you, because your boss is being unreasonable and that union organisers think that they can get you a better deal.

      Don’t undercut the people fighting for your best interests.

      Strikes suck, and no one wants a strike, but if you work underneath a strike you’re just showing your boss that you and everyone you work with doesn’t deserve better, and they can get away with not giving you better.

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