TWITTER WATCH: Ummmmm – why did Simon Bridges meet with the leader of China’s secret police???




Why is the Leader of the Opposition meeting with the leader of China’s Secret Police while being chaperoned by a National Party MP who is alleged to be a Chinese spy?

Look, I get that the handling of a sexual assault allegation by Labour’s hierarchy is appalling and MAFS should be cancelled because of domestic violence or something and how terrible it was that 3 of the Block contestants worked free for 3 months, but this story of the Leader of our largest Political Party meeting with the head of the Chinese secret police and the manner in which the SIS & GCSB managed to get away with enabling torture are stories of far greater significance to our Democracy and the way they’ve both been eclipsed is a tad alarming.

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  1. Well we need to ask soimon what benefit it was to the NZ tax payer and public him meeting with these people
    and he needs to explain the reason remember he works for us the tax payer

  2. The fact that this is not being picked up by MSM is crazy . . and why is Yang even allowed in the country let alone allowed to be an MP?

    Are the Nats literally trading our sovereignty away while everyone just stands idly by while this is happening?

    What is the point of the SIS if they aren’t doing something about this kind of sh*t?

  3. Simple Simon, of course he is happy to be a puppet to a higher power for an undisclosed donation.

    At the end of the day, 2 Chinese is worth more than 2 Indians, and Pakeha’s are fucking useless.

    So no doubt they have a lot of beliefs in common and Simple Simon is seeing if he can get a cheaper security deal than 5 eyes in the Pacific.

    Post Thatcher in Natzville, there is no such thing as society, only individuals and families (which is now amended to no such thing as society, only paid politicians, corporations and profits)

  4. I like the spacing of the chairs in pic. The Chinese obviously like to keep wankers like Soymun at a suitable distance!

    The lack of attention the bulk of New Zealanders pay to security agency matters, apart from performing like trained seals when prompted–“Jihadis, boat people, ooh scary…”, etc. is a worry. The SIS and GCSB let the country down woefully by not monitoring neo nazi type nutters with firearms. And their increased powers and budgets ultimately restrict freedom of speech, and other democratic rights, rather than enhance them.

  5. as for… “how terrible it was that 3 of the Block contestants worked free for 3 months”, get over it, it is now expected in our low wage economy that people who work may not be paid for it, and that labour belongs to a higher power such as corporate profits of TV3 owned by US hedge fund Oaktree Capital Management… or the humble subcontractor constantly not being paid with liquidations of major companies that happen weekly in NZ…

    I mean if it was migrant labour working for 3 months at a car yard or cafe or actually not working at all but just coming here and being unemployed, then it’s clearly a different story, with Jacinda’s minders from MBIE sending her down there with a hijab on ASAP, followed by a slew of international interviews about migrant exploitation before jetting off to that conference on reducing carbon and climate change.

    Just a few Maori and Pakeha locals being exploited by corporates, that’s Rogernomics and free trade, stupid!

  6. It was peaceful while he (soimon) was away only his bum girl pulla came out to play and this morning she had her say she could be a police man with her way or perhaps she could just fuck of and go away

  7. Simon says ‘nothing to see here’

    He is a snake in the grass for sure.
    Well posted Martyn.

    What the hell would we do without your virulence over our very lack security?

    Now then we see these Chinese want to push us to have ‘5G’ next without providing “Environmental impact studies firstly” or any any safety documentation that firstly has proven it’s safe and they admitted this already?????

    First destroy our brains then take us over? is that the game?

    The wireless industry has admitted they have NO STUDIES showing that 5G is safe (and have no plans to do any), while DOZENS of peer-reviewed, independent studies have indicated that 5G is harmful.

  8. NEWS FLASH: Simon Bridges has been detained and tortured by the communist Chinese govt and has given this “forced” confession for a Chinese propaganda arm — in which he praises Xi and soft-soaps the repression in Hong Kong. He is our own Manchurian candidate. He is either looking for a big donation or a post on the board of a Chinese-owned company. Simply unbelievable.

  9. Why do we have the Five Eyes? Why do we have a listening post here in NZ and more besides? We should we be beholden to foreign interests? And yet……

    • …and a non-English-speaking race-based military dictatorship is infinitely better to be beholden to than any member of the Five Eyes… if you’re a brain-dead faux-left moron, a traitor, or a foreign colonist , that is 🙂

      Uighur, please!

  10. The Chinese leadership probably were more perplexed with trying to work out the exact roles of such two unusual characters such as the likes of Simon and Gerry. Probably still undecided on which one is the monkey and which one is the organ grinder.

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