Ummm, so the Ark of the Covenant is visiting Auckland….




The. Ark. Of. The. Covenant???

Is. Coming. To. Auckland???

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The sacred supernatural carry case of the 10 commandments that was used to defeat the enemies of the Israelites with the burning force of God’s will is coming to the Aotea Centre?

In downtown Auckland?

I’m glad it’s an ‘All Answers’ event, because I have a few questions.

1 – I  would have thought the discovery of the Ark, the Biblical home of the 10 commandments etched out on stone tablet by the living God himself,  would be leading news media a bit more than an event post on Facebook. I mean, where’s Paddy Gower and John Campbell interviewing those responsible behind what would be the greatest archeological find in the entire history of humankind?

2 – Shouldn’t the editorial staff of the Herald, Fairfax, Mediaworks, TVNZ and every other news outlet resign on mass for failing to alert the rest of NZ that a supernatural artefact has not only been found but is visiting the ASB Theatre this month?

3 – Doesn’t Indiana Jones have the Ark stored away with ‘Top people’?

In an age where disinformation on fluoridation in water, anti-vaxxers and anti-1080 are rife and criticised, shouldn’t there be a healthy amount of cynicism dumped on this mad event?

I feel oddly drawn to this to see for myself what a hot mess this really is. If there is a god, David Farrier will be visiting this and documenting it for Netflix.



  1. Farrier will be tickled pink, like the time he got a job speaking for the telco almighty and asked “What’s your driverless car?”. (Hint: It’s not someone in a pink shirt moving backwards at less than walking pace in a fugly golf cart)

  2. The Israeli PR team is arriving in Palmerston North on Tue 10th Sept at the ‘Crossroads” evangelistic church at 7 pm. Where the Israeli Ambassador to NZ has organised a discussion with the PNCLG [Palmerston North Christian Leaders Group] and our very own Mayor Grant Smith will welcome this Israeli terrorist to our fair and peace loving city… we are meeting outside the Cross Roads building in Church Street if you would care to join us in a NVP demonstration…at least there will be no Israeli Defence force killers in attendance we hope, I don’t doubt that the KIWI blog owner who visits Israel from time to time, paid for by the Israeli government…as was Whale Oil until he was blown away…keep a grip on your passports Israeli military love stealing them…

  3. Most people don’t know, like I didn’t till recently, is there aren’t ten commandments but at least two different sets of commandments which include a lot more than ten, and the commandments aren’t actually the commandments we think they are.

    “There is no greater damnation of the commandments than reading what the Bible has to say about them. Anyone who argues for reverence of the damn Commandments in our government buildings should see this video and shut up afterward. This was my presentation to the Secular Humanists of East Texas at Stephan F Austin State University in Nacogdoches TX on 2014/04/26.” – Aaron Ra

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