Farmers are screaming about water. Yawn.


The hysteria being generated by the bloody Farmers over the Governments limp water policy shows how much of a joke the debate has become.

It’s exactly like the Bosses screaming about the toothless worker rights laws. The Landlords screaming about having to do the minimum in insulating houses. The fishing industry screaming about having to do anything about over fishing. Every time this Government tinker at the edges the response is that Western Civilisation as we know it is about to collapse.

The bloody Farmers have had it too good for too long! They have their own Political Party (National) and National have allowed them to steal water, pollute water and create climate change gases with gleeful abandon.

National sold the hydro assets so that they could create an irrigation slush fund for the bloody farmers for Christ’s sakes, so being told to do the minimum should be the least they are prepared to do, and this water policy is the least.

It goes no where to ensuring water quality and it certainly doesn’t put the brakes on intensive farming the way the brakes should go on.

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The simple truth is that the Dairy Industry is a sunset industry, synthetic milk powder into mass produced food ingredients will easily overtake real milk powder. For those delusional Dairy apologists who scream that there will always be a market for organic dairy, you are seriously telling us with a straight face that the vast majority of our milk powder which is used as a base ingredient for mass produced food will still be in demand despite those mass food producers not giving two shits about anything other than the bottom line for their salt and sugar drenched products?

When synthetic milk powder can be made cheaper than organic milk powder, those mass food producers will turn on us in a millisecond. Watching Dairy apologists desperately gloss over this fact is like watching a drowning man tell us his arms are life boats.

The Framers are bitching because they are selfish little clowns and the Government is too timid to force real change on them.

We end up with limp policy and faux outrage.



  1. I once saw a motivational image about this I think.

    Mountain Gorilla:

    Highly intelligent, collectivistic, extremely strong.



    Strong, powerful pack hunters.



    Incredibly stupid. Unable to care for themselves in nature. Tastes delicious.

    Composes 80% of all the vertebrate biomass on earth.

  2. Wow Martin did someone spike your milo with grumpy pills last night?
    You’ve got it in for the cockies (especially the gumboot dancers) to the extent there’s a couple of porkies in this rant.
    To say that the government sold the hydro assets so that farmers could irrigate their farms, really.
    To say that farmers have their own political party in national is akin to saying that the unions have their own exclusive party in labour?
    Synthetic milk powder? To early to tell yet as with all potential protein products the early signs are that it’s a goer on the other hand maybe as with synthetic cannabis synthetic proteins could have some interesting consequences.
    You are right as with a lot of people commenting on intensive agriculture there are issues especially to do with the environment but positive progress is happening although not as fast as some want which is understandable, but to pile on the hate on this industry is similar to a spoilt egotistical teenager turning on there fuddy duddy parents who are not as cool as other parents, they dress wrong, eat wrong, got bourgeois jobs that don’t fit in with there new found morals but are only to happy to borrow the car, wear the designer clothes, have the latest, greatest tech gadgets and yet be comforted in the fact that the olds will be their for them when shit turns bad.

    • I love these comments.

      Kia ora Mark, let’s just start with your first assertion because I’m a terribly busy chap and don’t have a hell of a lot of time to feed the trolls.

      You claim the following…

      To say that the government sold the hydro assets so that farmers could irrigate their farms, really.

      …you do understand that the Hydro sales went into a $400million dollar slush fund for irrigation right?

      Here is an article on the very thing I’ve stated after a mere 3 seconds of google search

      How can you be so ignorant of the very thing you are claiming didn’t happen Champ? Why do I need to answer any of the other questions if you can’t even get the fucking basics right Mark? How bout a lot less ‘you’re grumpy bomber’ shit and a tad more self research?

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