The Liberal Agenda – Different Perspectives on Israel – John Minto vs Dr David Cumin


The debate between Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa National Chair John Minto and the Israel Institute’s Dr David Cumin is now on Thursday, 3rd October at 7pm at Auckland University – details of venue will be in coming posts. The debate topic is “Different Perspectives on Israel”.

The debate came about after John challenged Dr Cumin to a debate (via the letters section in the Press newspaper) after Cumin claimed the Middle East situation was very complicated. It is common for Zionist supporters of Israel to claim the situation is complex – it’s a key tactic they use to discourage people from criticising Israel.

It is incredibly rare for a public debate to occur and this is a unique opportunity for both sides to front and argue the issue.

This is a must attend event.


  1. One could almost feel sorry for Cumin were it not for the lies and disinformation he and his ilk peddle.
    Kia Kaha Minty
    Pete Wilson

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