MEDIA WATCH: Jack Tame destroys National Party Finance Spokesperson Paul Goldsmith’s climate denial & hoax regulation bonfire


Thank God for Jack Tame and Q&A last night.

National have launched their bonfire to burn regulation madness which is funny because they utterly ignore climate change in their economic policy release.

National are playing to the petty bigotry and low imagination horizon of muddle Nu Zilind by trying to claim we are awash with useless red tape that is slowing down our economy, yet as Jack Tame devastatingly pointed out, the National Party in the last term of Office actually conducted a Rules Reduction Taskforce to look at this exact issue and what did the Rules Reduction Taskforce find?

It was a surprise to us to find out that a number of the loopy rules are in fact just myths. They are misinterpretations and misunderstandings that have been repeated so often that they have taken on the status of facts. We heard many examples where people are not clear about what they need to do and why. Myths fill the gap when clear information is hard to find. We highlight these myths in this report along with the loopy rules that need to be changed or removed. We discovered that loopy rules are difficult to get rid of because they’re part of a wider system, because a focus on the customer is absent, or because of the interests of experts or the fears of their administrators. What’s clear is they thrive when rule makers fail to take responsibility for them.

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…well, well, well. Over regulation is just a myth and demanding to burn two for every one implemented is like amputating any foot with an ingrown toenail! National have already looked to reduce regulation and their very own Task force found that the whole over regulation was a myth!

But the Q&A debate went further, after highlighting this myth to Goldsmith, Jack asked why National’s economic plan didn’t bother mentioning climate change once, and Goldsmith’s stumbling, bumbling explanation that tripped over itself and accidentally fell into the red tape bonfire he was lighting is the kind of delightful self mutilation only a self published author could manage.

So National are promising a bonfire of red tape that doesn’t exist while ignoring a climate crisis that does exist???

If NZers are stupid enough to vote for this, we all deserve damnation brothers and sister.

Amazing journalism from Jack Tame.


  1. And that is all it takes to unravel such a shallow party the national party ask the hard questions thank you Jack Tame

  2. Oh dear, the economic ignorance of trained economists rather than educated economist. His responses are typically of the dogmatic approach of a trained economist. Grow is good, grow or die, climate emergency denial, fear of regulation when it’s clear that good regulation allows for good economic decision making, they are all just ignorant repetitions of the mantras of neoliberalism

  3. Q&A is really lite weight now with a smart arse presenter always looking for away to trip up whoever he is interviewing . Hard to take the programme seriously any more

    • Comrade, I disagree, Jack really nailed Goldsmith with the previous taskforce pointing out that the over-regulation myth is just a myth and also threw Goldsmith when he pointed out that in 40 pages of economic policy, there wasn’t one mention of climate change, that’s very good journalism and highlighted the yawning gaps in National’s vision.

      Whether you like Jack’s style is a moot point when he is bringing that level of insight.

      • The only lightweights are the ones who think it’s hilarious to troll New Zealand’s Prime Minister for being unwed and such sexiest bullshit. Y’know all the ones with out the brains for policy.

  4. Imagine if National Party MPs had to answer to someone like Al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan. You’d never get the blood out of the furnishings.

  5. So basically it is reconstituted National political ideology from 30 years ago, when they embarked on deregulation of the labour markets and certain skill based industries. They were warned by certain advisors not to take this path, as it would lead to a rise in work place safety incidents, decline in skill levels and poor standards of productivity/practices.

    10 years later – BOOM. Distinctional building industry full of cowboys, building defects, rise in accidents, leaky buildings, dodgy developers scarpering from responsibility, heartbreak for owners.
    Then there is the hostility industry, that struggled, and still struggles to get enough skilled chefs and management today because of the very same reasons made 3 decades ago by National

    30 years later, we are still paying for all this and playing catchup. It has, and is still costing the country 10s of billions of dollars in redressing the defects and lost productivity. All thanks to National’s narrow mindedness, and their minority, yet , influential “donor’s greedy pursuit of the quick dollar.
    If even more than enough to put this irresponsible party back in power to repeat this policy of deregulation to potentially reak hovoc on various sectors, and allow unscrupulous individuals to thrive again, then we are a truly stupid nation.

  6. goldsmith was about to make a run for leader of the natzo’s and tame was ‘paid’ to do a hit on him?
    Remember? In AO/NZ politics? Nothing is as it seems.
    paul goldsmith:
    “Goldsmith was born in 1971 in the Auckland suburb of Mount Eden. He attended Auckland Grammar School and the University of Auckland.[1] Goldsmith then worked as a press secretary and speech writer for Phil Goff (Labour), Simon Upton (National) and John Banks (then a National MP).[2] In 2000 Goldsmith became a public relations adviser and worked for Tranz Rail and the University of Auckland.[2]

    Goldsmith graduated with an MA in history.[1] He has written the biographies of John Banks, Don Brash, William Gallagher, Alan Gibbs and Te Hemara Tauhia as well as a history of taxes, Puketutu Island and a history of the Fletcher Building construction company.[2] “

    Jack Renfrey Tame (born 4 March 1987[citation needed]) is a television and radio journalist and presenter. He is the former co-host of Breakfast,[2][3] is the Saturday morning host on radio station Newstalk ZB,[4] current host of Q+A since April 2019 and a columnist for the Herald on Sunday.[5] He previously worked as the US correspondent for TVNZ, based in New York City.
    He currently works in two roles for Newstalk ZB: Saturday morning presenter (9am-12pm) and Mike Hosking Breakfast fill-in presenter (weekdays 6-9am).
    NZ Herald Sept’2016
    Jack Tame came back for love – Hilary and his mystery romance

    “…with Hilary Barry believed to be paid twice that of Rawdon Christie…”

    “…It’s understood the broadcaster recently settled legal action from presenter Peter Williams, who was dropped from his Breakfast news reading duties earlier this year to make way for the new-look Breakfast team, led by Hilary Barry…”


  7. Grant Robertson and David Parker must be thanking the almighty that they have someone the calibre of Paul Goldsmith to oppose them in the house.

  8. Clayton’s policy. The policy you have when you have no policy.
    They are pitching themselves to potential voters with a comprehension level of a four year old.
    Are these the depths we have plummeted to as a nation?

    Anyone stupid enough to be captured by this deserves a Chinese water bottling plant in their back yard.

  9. Destroys !!! give me a break.

    Goldsmith left himself exposed for the fraud he is with some gentle pressure.

    Tame could have taken him too task a number of times but the producer wont allow it.

    Then Hooten got the last diatribe at the end with Mc Carten interrupted and told he was not being fair too the National party.

    Fuck we have got too do something about the bullshit bias of our public broadcasting media !!!!!!!!!

  10. Destroys !!! give me a break.

    Goldsmith left himself exposed for the fraud he is with some gentle pressure.

    Tame could have taken him too task a number of times but the producer wont allow it.

    Then Hooten got the last diatribe at the end with Mc Carten interrupted and told he was not being fair too the National party.

    Fuck we have got too do something about the bullshit bias of our public broadcasting media !!!!!!!!!

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