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  1. Sugary drinks sold in New Zealand supermarkets may be the most unhealthy in the world, a new study has found.

    The latest OECD update found New Zealand to have the third highest rates of obesity in the world, topped only by USA and Mexico.

    The study found 52 per cent of drinks purchased in NZ contained added sugar, compared to 42.2 per cent for Australia, 42.8 per cent for Canada and nine per cent for the UK.

    Fizzy drinks and fruit juices are the most sugar-laden, Chepulis said.

    And New Zealand had two to six times more fruit juice product available than the other countries.

    (Possibly explains our obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, even the fruit juice they add sugar in NZ!)

    What are the government doing, the usual, a talkfest to waste time of a business run solution, rather than independent health experts to solve the problem, because government can’t possibly help society when someones profits are at risk!

    “I plan to meet with the food industry and will aks them to outline their plans to reduce sugar levels in our processed food and drink. I want the industry to step up rather than have the Government immediately step in and regulate.

    “However, if there is not sufficient progress we would need to look at other options.”

    (yes, look but not do anything that will have an immediate effect, you can’t help pollution by taxing consumers and you can’t help unhealthy products by putting the onus on consumers not manufacturers!)

  2. Labour should grow some balls, and get things done; – as time is against them now.

    Labour seem to be loosing their way somehow on making the right decisions ‘in our best interests’ as they made a big mistake by setting up so many “think tanks” as these “thik tanks’ are so far removed from ‘reality’ and we public don’t get any say in making any sensible changes.

    Labour are in trouble here now I fear, as the beurocrats are running Government now; and not the Government it appears sadly.

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