Surprise, surprise – the bloody pigs clear themselves over illegal Hager raid


Surprise, surprise – the bloody pigs clear themselves over their illegal raid on Investigative Journalist, Nicky Hager…

Police did not intentionally deceive judge in Dirty Politics raid – IPCA

An unlawful police search of journalist Nicky Hager’s home came from officers neglecting their duties rather than intentional misconduct, the police watchdog says.

Officers did not deliberately deceive a judge when they failed to mention that Hager was a journalist while applying for the search warrant, the Independent Police Conduct Authority said in a ruling released this morning.

Instead, the IPCA found the unlawful search of his Wellington home in 2014 was the “result of unwitting neglect of duty” and “did not amount to misconduct by any individual officer”.

Police searched Hager’s home on October 2, 2014, for 10 hours. They were seeking evidence about a hacker who provided information to Hager for his book Dirty Politics, which was published on August 13, 2014. They were acting on a complaint from blogger Cameron Slater, who said his emails had been hacked.

my case against the Police for involving me in this fiasco is still in front of the Human Rights Review tribunal where the Police are attempting to hold a secret trial using secret evidence and watching how far a corrupt police force will go to hide their corruption is sickening.

Note the language here, there wasn’t any misconduct in not telling the Judge who signed off on an illegal search warrant against Hager that he was a journalist, oh no, it was a “unwitting neglect of duty”!!!!!

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What a load of bullshit! The cops knew full well that the idiot Judge wouldn’t have signed off on a warrant if they knew Hager was a journalist with the protections that has, they specifically left it off and they have gotten away with it.

These lying scum bags will do anything, say anything and plead ignorance at anything to hide their abuse of power, and when you try to hold them arseholes to account, they attempt to rig the Court process so it can all be heard behind closed doors.

The IPCA are former cops investigating cops and they are as trustworthy as a fox in a henhouse.

If only the media spent as much time on the bloody cops clearing themselves of illegally raiding an Investigative Journalist doing real journalism as they are on Celebrity Treasure Island and a stupid Australian talkback host saying mean things to the Prime Minister

What a sickening, duplicitous outcome.

There is no justice on these shallow Islands.


  1. It is now undeniable that the whole system is okay with the New Zealand Police breaking its own laws that they’re meant to uphold. The strangest thing now is not the madman who thinks they’re a cop. The strangest thing is the cop who thinks they’re cops.

  2. Little and Nash have got to legislate the IPCA out of existence, replace it with a real independent and external body. This bullshit has gone on for too long.

    • That’s very radical to the equality of sentencing in relation to the appropriateness of the crime. The exception to this is The Crown killing Afghanis with guns. So when The Crown gets made at its citizens they make them out to be conspiracy theorists. But when The Crown gets made at foreign Citizens they kill everyone in sight like every other industrial nation.

      Since the 1980’s New Zealand has been competing with America and China for most authoritarian police state. It’s very difficult to say who is correct and who isn’t correct.

      If we want to put people in prison for crimes then why don’t we start with those who are hiding the nudes of Afghani Civilians. I don’t blame the NZSAS because we pay them to do as they’re are told. And the NZSAS are being told what to do by increasingly irrational and dangerous inept political leaders namely John Key.

      I honestly don’t think John Key should be in jail but the Police Commissioner needs to get his Police Force in order and prosecute the real criminals. No one in there right mind thinks Martyn Bradbury or Niki Harger is the real criminals in this.

      It starts from the top down. You can’t bring in an outside commission that will hold the Police Commissioners hand while he gets his house in order.

  3. The Police need to be audited by an Independent Body the IPCA is not an independent body.

    Most organised crime groups in NZ have informants inside the NZ Police force so nothing is secret, you are often putting yourself at risk by actually going to the Police here in NZ.

    • In my view all government departments need to be audited to see what they have done and what they haven’t done and then changes need to take place. If corrections can implement changes then all the NZ government departments need to do the same. They can start with how many Maori are employed in these departments, what areas they work in and their capacity. All government departments need to work towards developing a best practise model for Crown Maori relationships because in my view they have been exposed they have not been providing equitable services and this is not right or fair and breaches the Treaty of Waitangi.

  4. Since when can the IPCA overrule the High Court which found that the cops were in breach of the duty of candour when they applied to a judge for the search warrant to search Nicky Hager’s home?

    Such arrogance from the IPCA. Still, what more can you expect when you have old retired senior cops protecting the current crop of senior cops?

  5. The IPCA and the previous incarnation (PCA?) have long been outfits where cops investigate their own, and surprise surprise – they invariably find that no one is liable or has committed any offense.
    The investigations are white-washes, cover-ups and under-the-carpet sweepings.
    Heaven forbid they actually find that one of their own has done something wrong – it’s not possible!
    I agree – the IPCA needs to be disbanded and a truly independent operation established that will dig deep and find the real truths, holding those to account who need to be.
    I suspect the government will avoid any such consideration as they know it would expose some serious holes in the system and any number of heads would roll.

  6. The judge must be dead in the head if he didn’t know Nicky Hagar is one of the most notorious journalists in the country. Wink wink nod nod.

    • Probably New Zealand’s best Investigative Journalist, he does his research. Investigative journalism was banned under the Key Regime, including the demise of John Campbell on TV3.

    • Joseph – a Wgtn judge, or anyone in the legal fraternity in Wgtn, or most educated Wellingtonians would have recognised Nicky Hager as being an exemplary sort of goodie, who lives in Wellington.

      The police went to a Samoan woman judge in Sth Auckland for their search warrant.

  7. Bomber
    I began addressing the inappropriate role of IPCA in Deep in the Forest article after Tuhoe

    Then 8000 words North And South mag When good Cops go Bad

    Herald ran Officers Culpable
    I did Sanctimonious Corruption on TV breakfast and brutally condemned IPCA on seven Sharp

    My contributions are specific and damning of an investigative body ( to investigative cops) becoming a Court.
    It is not a Court. Result there is no sanction on rule of police.

    With hitherto people’s champions like your mate Andy Little appearing to fall into the same abyss of police mates culture as so many previous defenders of the rule of law?

    As u say above: Was anyone surprised at the outcome?
    Was anyone listening?
    Be assured.
    It’ll be a shindig in the police bar tonight.

    The bigger disappointment however is the the media.

    My novel Out of the Inferno is all about what is contained in this column

    Try buy and read and learn

  8. Expect it’s not possible Nick Hager will offer a column, even if investigatory in purpose. I imagine the police raid was as devastating for Hager as the Mongols in central Europe. So I understand the ‘bloody pigs’ reference. That the police are careless speaks to their culture. A lot can be gotten away with. Police are testero ne and judges chosen for not being that vigorous.

  9. Some kiwi contradictions.

    New Zealand is one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

    Except when you are trying too expose dirty tricks and corrupt politicians then you can expect the full force of the police happy too break the law with impunity to destroy you and your family and then are protected from prosecution.

    We are 100% clean and green until you want to have a swim or see the mountains of rubbish littering our wide open spaces.

    Oh and the National party is all about fairness and has a conscience and really does care about the poor.

    John Key walks on water after turning it into wine.

    The great multicultural society that embraces all races as long as you are European and white.

  10. Bomber i have emailed Golriz Ghahraman and included Jacinda Adern and Stuart Nash as well and asked this question.

    Hi Golriz

    What is going on with our police force ?

    How can they not be accountable for their actions.

    I will provide a link to a post on the Daily Blog that raises some important issues and concerns.

    Where does the Green party stand on this issue ? and the coalition government.

    I don’t believe that Stuart Nash will go anywhere near this and turn a blind eye as the last National government did

    Something is inherently wrong here.

    I hope you will consider taking action to ensure the public has confidence that our police force is not corrupt when it comes too adhering too the law over their own conduct especially in a high profile case as Nicky Hagar’s was.

  11. What were the Police doing going through his daughters panties draw ?

    That is unprofessional conduct ?

    This behaviour could be construed as either intimidation or does a particular police officer have a fetish for little girls panties and needs the appropriate help ?

    You would have thought they would have put them back neatly.

    Who instructed the NZ Police to go through Nicky Hagar’s daughters underpants draw ?

    • Ngungukai- You might be getting a bit dirty here yourself, mate. What makes you think that a male copper searched Ms Hager’s belongings, or that the said belongings should have been exempted from a thoroughly thorough house search ?

      The only possibly plausible fetish in this whole disgusting saga would be e.g. a serial pony tail puller.

      Person after person here is ignoring the big question, which is why were the police behaving the way which they did to Hager and Bradbury ? Hmm ? Were there angels sitting on their shoulders ? I don’t think so.

  12. What were the Police doing going through his daughters panties draw ?

    That is unprofessional conduct ?

    This behaviour could be construed as either intimidation or does a particular police officer have a fetish for little girls panties and needs the appropriate help ?

    You would have thought they would have put them back neatly.

    Who instructed the NZ Police to go through Nicky Hagar’s daughters underpants draw ?

  13. Imagine if you could get away with a crime because you didn’t know that it was against the law

  14. When did the investigators first know that the police officers were incompetent and/or deliberately misleading? What is the documented process for getting a warrant? What steps have been taken to review, update processes and correct the training deficiencies?

  15. Disgusting. When the police openly breach the law for what ever reason they should be punished just like anyone else!!

    In my view Dirty politics was directly run by John Key and the unsuccessful witch hunt over finding Rawshank was due to worry over emails that John Key and the Natz have personally written coming back to them which may not exactly be of the legal variety!

    The police should be independent from the politicians so they they do not become a political force run by individuals in power (aka Russia, China) rather than the state and have the ability to investigate crimes at the highest levels including politicians!

    What is ever funnier is that the police seem blind to eventual TPPA outcomes where “to save money” police will be trawled in from around the world, similar to what happens now with private contractors in the military, health, education, building etc, and not a local force. Well we can see how that has worked out for the building industry!

    The independent complaints authority is clearly not independent at all!

    The justice department, is now becoming a joke as well, if they allow the police to ‘forget’ to mention major information when they give out warrants!

    Pathetic arse covering, all around and probably to cover up crimes at the highest level!

  16. saveNZ “In my view Dirty politics was directly run by John Key and the unsuccessful witch hunt over finding Rawshank was due to worry over emails that John Key and the Natz have personally written coming back to them which may not exactly be of the legal variety! ” Read the book. It’s packed full of precisely what you are suggesting. It is probably much worse than you think. It’s why at least two lawsuits are pending against dirty players.

    Likely it’s what Nicky Hager, being a gentleman – remember them ? – chose not to publish which worries some people – apart from the character at the top of the pecking order – cockroaches could teach you and me a thing or two- they don’t even have to keep their backs to the wall because dark cracks envelop them more lovingly than any Mama’s big soft bosom.

    And, when considering your antipathy to immigrants, perhaps consider how different NZ could be now if we hadn’t kindly let the Keys in.

    • @Snow White, I don’t have a strong antipathy to immigrants, I have a strong antipathy to government’s lazy immigration policy of the past decade and the lack of analysis of the outcomes of that mass migration in terms of ongoing employment, environment and housing to the existing residents of NZ who may not have those dual passports to cheery pick between work overseas while satellite familying with WFF in NZ.

      The issues of NZ are not solved by mass immigration they are just making them worse, aka Kiwis were forced to go overseas normally OZ by Rogernomics here compared to other countries, making our wages even lower by immigration while piling on large students debts from the 1990’s, so having a kinder Rogernomics going forward are not going to make NZ better because the migrants are going to do just what the Kiwis always did, aka go overseas if they need to for work, is nothing to do with ethnicity!!!!

      The brain drain works whether you are Maori, Pakeha, Indian or Chinese. Having lazy immigration of petrol workers, farm hands and very low waged jobs or investment and construction of property, is often getting more dross into NZ for wage exploitation and scams which are worth a fortune, and the ones that want opportunities to make real careers in high quality industries with real degrees not the ‘masters in international business’ who work at the food importer, are literally forced to go overseas no matter what ethnicity.

      So we have more and more people on benefits and needing health care and infrastructure, including the new migrants who come here with a fake business, job or marriage, and once getting residency can sign on, like everyone else and qualify for the state house etc, not to mention the lucrative drugs scene which is sky rocketing with all the new recruits. Meanwhile the above still working a medium to high paid job are whipped along daily to work harder, pay more taxes!

      It’s not sustainable which is why our debt is going up and NZ has to sell off assets, productivity is low and the government is making things worse by keeping the Ponzi going which judging by the 250,000 work permits this year up 100,000 from under the Natz, the labour scam Ponzi has taken on a force of it’s own.

      In Auckland , people sign on, and then get paid $8 p.h in cash or less in Manakau factories. Or you have children and get a massive accomodation top up which the tax payers pay for and it is even higher if you have heavy social needs and need to go into community housing! Yippee lets make money from social hardship!

      NZ has grown an internal industry of social need, and and sunset exports industries like tourism, profits being exported, poor construction, and dairy! Meanwhile all the money and donations are about construction and immigration which is feeding themselves in their own Ponzi.

      John Key’s family came here as refugees and got the state house and state education and then became prime minister and sold off the state houses and supports the privatised education and assets sales so this idea that immigrants or refugees are better, nicer people who are going to grow NZ socially, has a lot to be desired.

      • The other way to make money in NZ is through drugs. Apparently the drugs are starting to come in via boats and then the importers throw over the drugs and a local crowd come to pick the drugs… slightly risky but when you can get in 501kg of methamphetamine and only the local folks get caught….

        Obviously drug imports through containers and cruise ships are also lucrative ways to get large drug hauls in!

        You then need to launder the money through your NZ business or sky city, if you get caught no conviction, it seems!

        • And the great news is for criminals, that if you throw over the drugs in remote seas, and have the locals pick up the drugs onto local beaches the police cars can’t even follow them, because most police cars are not four wheel drives.

          Meanwhile the police are too busy giving out traffic tickets, fining someone with a cannabis joint, or going through Nicky Hager’s daughters undies, to notice the billions of dollars of social harm in our country exploding from drugs and money laundering, and keep ahead of the real criminals!

          Instead the police resources seem diverted into criminalising the commuters, whistle blowers and messengers!

          if they do happen to find a money launderer or drug importer, they seem to be instructed to stand down or give them a sentence so light it sends the signal that NZ is open for business to drugs and money laundering!

      • SaveNZ:
        > “not to mention the lucrative drugs scene which is sky rocketing with all the new recruits.”

        The only thing that makes the market in illegal drugs different to any other entertainment business (alcohol, tobacco, gambling, horse riding) is that prohibition forces it underground. Which compounds any inherent harms the drugs have, and adds a bunch of new ones. The sooner we bring this black market under sane legal regulation, with licensed retailers paying income and sales taxes, and able to be held accountable for the quality of their wares and their host responsibility, the better. Immigrant workers wanting to work in these businesses would then face exactly the same regulations as those in any other entertainment business.

        • Quite franky I think we have enough people on Meth and hard drugs already in NZ without legalising it. The drug users are part of the victims who then go on and victimise other people while under the influence. So the trick is to stop the drugs in the first place. Making money from drugs is never going to be successful just like smoking and gambling, sadly it is not a freedom of choice issue, but often an addiction that destroys lives and communities including the family members lives (kids, partners, relatives) of the addicted person and closes up more and more resources like health care, justice and mental health.

          With the biggest drugs bust, sounds like the police were lucky to even catch it, only because the criminals made so many mistakes and locals noticed.

  17. saveNZ – Sorry, I’m in a hurry, but although NZ did provide a home for many tragic European refugees post WW11, the Keys did not come to this country as refugees, but as immigrants from the UK where they were living at the time – assuming that the following recorded facts are correct:

    Key was the son of an English father and a Jewish mother, who fled Austria for the United Kingdom in 1939. The couple married in 1948 and immigrated to New Zealand, eventually settling in Auckland.

    • @Snow White, Sorry, I did not know that – the fable of John Key that seems perpetuated from the media or maybe his extensive propaganda campaign – is that his family were poor refugees fleeing the Nazi’s…

  18. Another fucking jackup obviously here so we cant trust the cops to be honest though their are goood cops out there the phoney agency that polices them is crooked as a bent spoon.

  19. Ngungukai No. And Nicky Hager’s daughter is a senior student at VU and you have done her no favours whatsoever initiating lascivious comments about her underwear. Still, I suppose it could be worse if she was the little girl who you suggested she was, and other kids got onto it. Belt up.

    Read “Dirty Politics.”

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