Bradbury vs NZ Police ‘secret trials’ case begins this week – open invitation to NZ Media


My case against the NZ Police starts this week on Wednesday in Wellington, the background to this case is here, this week we will be countering the Police attempt to hold the entire trial in secret using secret evidence.

Media have asked me why I think the Police are wanting to create such an outrageous legal precedent, I think there are two reasons.

The first is that I believe I was under investigation in 2014 from any number of Government agencies and Police are desperate to keep that hidden and the second reason is because (as Journalist David Fisher has already exposed) Police were using this loop hole to gain vast amounts of private information from tens of thousands of Kiwis and the Police do not want to open that can of worms.

Secret trials and secret evidence are against everything a functioning democracy should stand for. The right to be able to hear the evidence against you by the State and defend that is a fundamental legal right and if the Police want to seize your bank records they need a bloody search warrant!

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Crown Law, the Police and whatever shadowy agency is behind all of this is not how you defend civil rights , it’s how you lose them.

My Lawyer Graeme Edgeler and I will be available at the hearing for any media enquiries.



  1. Good luck.

    Police methods should be subject to transparency especially in this case, where it is clear you are not a criminal, far from it, a human rights campaigner who has nothing to gain but being secretly harassed by people representing justice, who should be on your side.

    Not on!

  2. Wish you the best of luck with your case Bomber. Given how the police believe “we are the law”, you’ll probably need it.

  3. Thanks for challenging these clowns on their misconduct Bomber,the very concept of holding secret proceedings on this matter of public interest is ridiculously corrupt.

    Its nothing about national security,its all about the Crown avoiding responsibility for its unlawful actions.

    Please remind the court its a public interest matter and the Media has an obligation to report it to us,never mind exaggerated concerns about national security from a shadowy group of spooks..

  4. I wish you all the best as you battle the odds…sadly we are becoming more and more like the US, as governments and their police backers create laws to suit them at the expense of the people…when was the last time the police actually were held responsible for their illegal behaviour…

  5. Best of luck Martyn! Remember that these types trying to do you over are about half as smart and 10% as competent as they believe themselves to be. Stay strong and a chink in their strategy will certainly appear.

  6. Bomber as i have commented on the other posts on this issue you deserve some answers on what the hell is going on here !!!

    I hope you have selected a competent , articulate lawyer who is worth his or her salt and can represent you in a forthright manner and has some experience in dealing with the NZ Police.

    I am not conversant with the law in this case but it is clear too see that the behaviour of the top echelons of our police is deeply troubling.
    Just look at the Thompson and Clark mess that has now been officially covered up.

    It is an indictment that this is not being covered by the media in this country.
    We seem to have left our belief in what is right and wrong down the road somewhere.

    Remember Bomber you are entitled to a fair hearing and the truth.

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