Minto for Mayor – for a future which makes sense


Keep Our Assets Canterbury (KOA) will announce it is standing John Minto in a campaign for the Christchurch mayoralty at a media conference to be held

Today Tuesday 6th August, 2pm at WEA (Room 3), 59 Gloucester Street

We have decided to stand John because Christchurch faces unprecedented challenges:

  • Global warming from greenhouse gas emissions has created a climate catastrophe which threatens us all.
  • Our precious drinking water is tainted with contaminants and threatened by nitrates.
  • Deep divisions across the city mean many people struggle on poverty incomes without dignity or self-respect. Housing conditions and social impacts for many are as bad as the 1930s depression.

Our current path does not make sense – it’s not working for us.

The seven policies we will bring to the campaign will show the way to a future which makes sense for all of us.

These policies are outlined below and will be explained in more detail at the media conference.

John will not be available for interview before the 2pm press conference.


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  1. Aw Jesus!
    Trust me to be miles away when I read this because I’ll miss this event. If I was a migratory bird? I’d be the bird arriving as everyone else was leaving and the reason for that would be that I’d be a season too early.
    This early birdie reckons John Minto as Mayor of Christchurch would be as curative and progressive a change for Christchurch as Tim Shadbolt’s been for Invercargill.
    If it were not for Tim Shadbolt, Invercargill would have died a slow and terrible death decades ago.
    I know. I’m a Southlander. I have a street named after my paternal family in Invercargill and there’s a town not far away that bears the name of my Grandmother’s family name. The Wallace’s. You, dear reader, might remember reading about William Wallace ?
    I’m in Invercargill as I write this and as the snow flies past my lounge window, as the wild skies put on a light show, as the deep, southern ocean fishing boats bob and roll about this place feels alive and kicking. It’s an extraordinary and progressive city that feels more Scandinavian than post colonial Britain or, God help us, some ‘merican-esque, narcissistic debt trap like Auckland.
    Invercargill’s quirky, wealthy, eccentric and teeming with foreign bodies thanks to Tim’s brilliant idea to promote a free polytechnic, the SIT, here which has been like a blood transfusion into what was destined to become a dreadful, rightwing, redneck, rural wasteland like, for example, Balclutha. A little bill english town.
    Christchurch people? If you want to be seen as a proud flag bearer for the dawn of an AO/NZ renaissance then vote for John Minto. If you don’t? Your unfortunate decision not to will haunt you in more ways than one.
    ( Tim Shadbolt was voted in as mayor of Invercargill, then voted out, then, once the people of Invercargill came to realise their dangerous mistake, they voted him back in again.
    He’s mayor to this day in the amazing little city he saved just in the nick of time.)
    For Christ ( Church’s) sake. Vote for John Minto. If for no other reason than for us to be able to watch the cabal of neoliberals currently in office there to slink off in a sulk when they get chucked out. Then? We can rub it in later when the city flourishes.
    Oh! Happy days!

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