What National’s bewildering 45% really says about the Left in NZ


For those comrades trying to crow over the latest TVNZ poll, a couple of sobering truths,

1: Its 50-50 methodology between landline & cell phones is unique and probably closer to the reality than we like.

2: Greens have gone backwards in every election for the past 10 years so have every chance of slipping under 5%.

3: If NZFirst & Greens slip under 5% their vote is redistributed to the Party with the highest Party vote and in that poll, it would be National.

4: National are on bloody 45%!

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It’s just astounding isn’t it?

National on 45%???

After damaging the country for 9 years by underfunding all our social services and basic infrastructure, after falsely pumping the economy up by selling cheap milk powder to China and opening up the immigration taps to prop up property speculation they are still recording 45% in the polls???

National’s continued stratospheric polling is unprecedented in NZ political history.

The stunned silence on Twitter of National being 45% is a reminder Twitter is a tiny woke echo chamber that alienates more than it recruits because there’s no way National deserves 45%.

I’m not sure what is more frightening, that they have 45% for doing nothing or that they have 45% with a leader as weak as Bridges.

The saving grace of the Poll is 13% don’t know which is bloody high – that’s where our efforts need to go in re-electing this Government, sadly the Left are shit at recruitment.

On the Left, we are great at being offended & telling others how racist/sexist/transphobic they are, but crap at winning hearts and minds. I fear other kiwis are responding to our call out social media pile ons and not the movements social justice goals.

Social media has not connected us, it’s created echo chambers where the most outraged voices are algorithmically promoted and in a Millennial culture of safe spaces and micro aggression policing, that subjective outrage eclipses objective reality.

We like to tell ourselves that the satanic hysteria that wrongfully convicted Peter Ellis wouldn’t happen today, but with the spread of woke mob social media where accusation is the new evidential threshold, he’d probably be found guilty of everything under the sun if the accusations were made on social media today.

Look at last years Pride Parade that saw 30 000 Aucklander’s celebrate the rainbow community and then compare it to the bare 2500 who turned up after woke Trans activists stacked the Board and voted to stop Police marching in uniform because the uniform would ‘trigger’ some Trans people.

Pure temple identity politics vs broad church class politics where exclusion is the new inclusion is no way to win the 51% democratic majority when it comes to elections.

I think our most voracious activists on social media have become the worst alienators. This is why I fear the Greens will slide under 5% come the 2020 election (hopefully the cannabis referendum will keep them relevant).

On a lighter note.

5% believe the moon landing was fake.

1% vote for ACT.

More people believe no one has landed on the moon than believe in David Seymour.

That is all.


  1. I wouldn’t worry they wont get in again for some time they don’t have a decent leader and in the mean time jhonkey has been working hard in the background helping his old party he is devious and has done enough damage but is coming back for seconds and why has he reappeared on the scene after her walked away if he wants to come back come back by all means and he will go down he had his turn but hes the one that put forward luxon he is doing a lot more in the background than we think we don’t want this evil little man back

    • Do worry – globally the right is doing exceptionally well and Nationals high polling reflects that trend here in NZ. The fluid center that used to exist in politics has evaporated leaving a solid core of entrenched center right voters who will be hard to win over at the next election. These numbers leave the Labour government vulnerable and only one or two ‘PC gone mad’ issue away from losing 2 or 3 percentage points to National. If that happens the next election becomes very difficult to win for the Left.

  2. The really scary message that comes from this poll is that with no NZF keeping them in check Labour and Greens could gain power. As Marama runs from one protest to the other and Genter halts road building and turns the hospital patients vegetarian we get an idea of the direction NZ could go . Under National Aussie were immegration here but not so much now

  3. I think you are correct Martyn.
    Identity politics and especially the smug self righteous authoritarianism of the left are revolting.
    Best personified by Marama Davidson.
    I watched a brief exchange of hers discussing rental warrant of fitness, she was smugly angling to have the ability to punish landlords.
    I’m not even a landlord but what sort of creature concentrates on the authoritarian power over and above the best part outcome for the tenant?
    Are landlords “us”?
    Are farmers “us”?
    Is Marama Davidson “us”?
    It seems to depend on the wokes moral judgement.
    So they will discover possibly at this election that it’s a privilege to govern, not a right.

    ““Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

    ― C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays on Theology (Making of Modern Theology)”

    So if you force me to chose, as The woke have by attacking my personal freedoms, it’s going to have to be the robber barons getting my vote until a real option arrives.

  4. One couldn’t assume the Greens will get over five percent but the party represents a section of the electorate that no other political party represents. The biggest danger would be TOP siphoning off a significant amount of their votes but TOP doesn’t look, at this stage, that it will do any better than last election

    • If the Greens try to campaign as not the Green Party but the socialist Maori party led by an incredible band of woke activist representing the LBGT community to give more benefits and cannabis into the community in particular the hard done by millenials, brutalised by racist whites that cause the CHCH massacre, I think their could be a problem with their numbers.

  5. With the pride parade, it sounds to me like the organizers were attempting to oppose institutional abuses. The corresponding fall-out was because the army and corporate sponsors then withheld their support, in solidarity with the police.


    Note that the parade organizers were asking for the exclusion of UNIFORMED police officers – not police officers themselves: It was the uniforms they didn’t want (at least based on the above). Why this also wouldn’t apply to other institutions (e.g. Army) is beyond me. The question is, is that in the goals of the parade/march, and/or the best direction for the event? That’s the direction the board members – clearly some in the community – wanted to go in. But the fallout left them without wider institutional support, causing the event to be much smaller than previously.

    • No, the woke Board initially wanted no Police in uniform because the uniform might trigger Trans people who had bad previous relationships with Police.The need to suddenly expand that occurred once the entire fiasco started melting down. Why do you think it went from 30 000 to 2500 if these were just structural issues?

      The woke Board forgot how hard Police had fought to gain access to march in their uniforms in the first place and should have known that by asking Police not to march in uniform they would leave. Woke politics of exclusion as inclusion was on display and it continues.

      • No, the so called “woke” board understood the malignant role the police play in our society in upholding racism, capitalism and transphobia. They didnt care about how hard the police fought to gain access to it, because the police are a violent oppressive institution with no place in a pride parade.
        It doesnt even make sense, you are not there to represent your job, you are there to represent yourself and your sexuality. Being a police officer has nothing to do with this.

        • Woke ideologues are well aware of the seductive nature of colonization and teach there initiates how to be keyboard worriers who preach inclusivity. The paradox of course is in creating and enforcing this philosophy is entirely motivated by fear. Fear of losing people to profit and capitalism, and fear of losing a younger generation to consumerism and in doing so forcing countless people (woke people) to see modernization and evolution as urges to be resisted.

          Across the many woke activists we have seen countless protests turn into self destruction most notably between James Shaw and Marama Davidson. I would argue that creating this woke doctrine has put Marama Davidsons social justice against James Shaws climate adaptation. I would argue that expressing emotion while suppressing other people’s emotions have leaked more Green Party votes than National could have hoped to do themselves. I would further argue that by creating this non-violent, woke social justice doctrine has created irreversible damage to the principals the Greens was founded on – Can a person truley commit to reducing harm while reducing the capacity of the police to do so, for those that are meant to be protected.

          It seems to me that to be woke is a tragic thing. Being woke to the world of possibilities is sharply made binary in a world in tune with its emotions. Either you choose to express your feelings in a happy safe way and risk being warped into a Prue temple church through no fault of your own. Or you become a capitalist and teach yourself how not to feel and live with out really being alive.

  6. It doesn’t really surprise me. Western politics has become one of hard-line division some time ago. Parties now continually talk about and pander to their “base” – because most these people can’t really be shifted one way or another. Because the Greens are run by people who are, dare I say it, “out of the loop” (or outright loopy), they have completely lost track of this basic truth. The fact is that only about 10-15% of the population actually determine every election – the so called “swing voters”. These people don’t have particularly strong feelings one way or another, which is why National and Labour continually focus primarily on centrist “wedge” issues (e.g. taxes, minimum wages and infrastructure) to court these folks as opposed to tackling harder socio-economic problems that potentially might negatively impact their “base”.

  7. Labour have done nothing about immigration, which is why even though National started it, that NZ First is a gone burger, Labour may not get another term etc…

    Think about the amount of housing and infrastructure, hospitals, doctors and teachers needed, as the social services, etc for the amount of people coming into NZ which is WORSE under Labour than the Natz..

    In particular the ability for people to piggyback off a easy to get temporary visa, then more people who have never paid any tax in NZ bring partners and kids over that on the basis of a 2 year working visa get free medical and other care here…

    Although Labour got down the permanent residencies they seem to have then gone crazy on temporary visas.. which also allow partners to tag along too..

    ON 30 June 2017 there were 152,432, temporary workers present in New Zealand. It was 16 per cent higher than the year before.

    By this year it is reported that there are now 250,000 temporary workers present in NZ from 2018… again a major escalation of numbers.

    2019 350,000? who knows, but there are at least a queue of 11,939 partnership temporary visas waiting to be processed (more houses and doctors needed then) and god knows how many already here, and increased numbers of people applying in all visa categories.

    Meanwhile jobseekers is up, women give birth in carparks in Southland and people who live here and have paid taxes, die waiting for hospital care.

    OZ tries to get rid of their criminals, and stop people coming there to go on the benefits and get health care from overseas, meanwhile NZ welcomes migrants to get permanent residency here from jail (Sroubek) and encourages OZ beneficiaries and unemployed to come here to lure people like Tarrent!

    I wonder NZ First is dead in the water, and Labour and Greens unable to fathom why they are polling erratically!

    Even if people don’t think immigration is the issue, because those in power have been minimising the immigration figures for the past decade, people, in particular working people, do notice that they have less money in their pockets (howls of anger from teacher’s when after tax, their $1500 bonus pay rise was half when they popped into the top tax rate to lose 50% of their bonus, with all the tag along taxes put on, aka Kiwisaver and Student loans)…

  8. Like I have said a million times, 40% of New Zealand electors will vote for anything blue. In many ways I don’t blame them ..

    The housing/land bubble has made National supporters feel very wealthy indeed. Infrastructure is also only a problem for workers going to-and-from work. The rentier class just receive bank transfers every week .. no infrastructure required.

    The Greens never achieve anything, Labour only promises change if you vote them in again AND NZ First is a check-n-balance .. though there currently seems nothing to measure. Grant Robertson is preforming poorly, forever choosing the path of least resistance.

    So, well done National – you’ve picked up 5% !!

  9. Government departments seem to lead the way on expensive restructuring and redundancies contributing to NZ’s transient work force that seem to be able to be dismissed yearly with the constant reviews… and costs a bomb.

    “Redundancy payouts to 250 staff at Immigration New Zealand have cost almost $8 million – and the restructure has achieved a fraction of the savings it set out to.”


    “Immigration New Zealand says a shake-up of senior management aims to forge new relations with businesses and focus on fraud and worker exploitation.”


  10. Firstly, let’s pop seymour on the moon? That’ll solve two of your aforementioned problems for the fringe-loonies. He can be the first to do a Moon Twerk? ( Or will he be….???? )
    But? Have you been out and about recently? I have. I get around, man. I was in Auckland several weeks ago, then I was in Wellington, then Christchurch for a few days then Dunedin and now I’m in Invercargill. Invercargill’s great! There’s a lovely vibe here. Don’t expect me to elaborate on my interpretation of ‘vibe’ save to say, there’s a ‘buzz’ about the old, wind worn town of R rollers that’s unlike the rest of Nu Zillind. ( Yep. Forget about ‘buzz’ too. )
    Here’s what I’ve noticed. Labour are the same as National. Yep. They.Are.The.Same. For those of you who might still think, in your charming innocence, that Labour’s somehow different to the true blue, be-suited cadre of cheap crooks we know of as the dreaded Natzo’s, you’d be very, very mistaken. Dangerously mistaken, I’d go so far as to write.
    I was just doing the dishes and thought I’d try a little RNZ after I heard my watch go ‘ Ding Dong! Twelve o’clock! Ding dong! Right Wing indoctrination time! Ding Dong ! ‘
    OMG! If any of you are wondering why the sun’s rising on a new natzo dawn? Go and listen to dear old, fucked old rnz.
    The radio-lingo is entirely and unapologetically fascist thus natzo biased. For example: The unemployed are termed ‘ Job seekers’ and if they ask for work? That’s called ‘expressing interest in employment’. Ba hahaaa a a! That, right there, is the language used by our masters.
    What the fuck is that about? For those dear souls who think there was never a moon landing? How about this? Moon people have, instead, landed here!
    Seen this ? Is fun.“ Iron Sky” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Sky
    The real reason the natzo’s and their clone party, Labour, are riding high is because they own the stats coming in from their brainwashing machine that was once our MSM and free to air TV and Radio.
    The softly-softly approach to woe the ignorant, ring-a-ding-dingers away from the suffocating, stupefying effects of judith collins’ arm pit odours or the panoramic sweep of mini-adolf bridges’ widdle hair do’s is to go there, grab them by the arse of the pants and drag them away from the effects of the hypno toad that our msm and public radio has become.
    TDB? Do you have monogrammed fridge magnets? Bumper stickers? T shirts? stationary? Pens? Pencils? Coffee mugs ? I know, it may seem trite and tacky to have a ball point pen with TDB on it but the banksters do it! So do their parasites of choice, the real e-snake ‘industry’ so it must fucking work, right?
    Man, you’ve got to play a harder Game for the good guys. You have a flash new Blog layout but you don’t have a marketable personality. That’s why 90% of the voter-people have never heard of you. I heard about Martyn Bradbury on RNZ just before they gave you a life time ban for criticising yankee doodle psycho jonky-stien. THAT ! Is the kind of power they inadvertently gave you! Criticising that riche little shit, now A Big Gun at ANZ, on OUR RNZ and they fired your arse. THAT. Is gold.
    You need to $-employ 2x people. Immediately.
    People#1 An actor. With a good script that can engage people. Think adern and her man Clarke. You think they don’t chit chat about this and that?
    I’d suggest giving Taika Waititi a call. I’m serious. He’s pretty cool.

    People#2 A proper, internationally experienced Ad Man/Person, a marketing consultant. You could ask Glenn Greenwald? Ask him if he knows anyone?
    You write about woke echo chambers? So are you guys FFS! I ask, on my travels when I have some poor soul pinned down and can’t run for it. Like, in planes for example.
    I ask searchingly:
    “ So? You ever heard of The Daily Blog then?”
    Most common answer: “ Nah…? Wo’s that? “

    • An entertaining read and no doubt a cathartic experience for the author. I think The Daily Blog is doing fine. The best way to be in business is .. to be in business. The Daily Blog is in business.

      Maybe Martyn wants to grow The Daily Blog, maybe he doesn’t – it’s a lot of work. Don’t despise the days of humble beginnings .. besides, we’re all reading it. Philosophically; quality news drives out poor quality news. That’s not to say I think TDB always has quality news/op-eds.

  11. “On the Left, we are great at being offended & telling others how racist/sexist/transphobic they are“

    Maybe because it’s true when calling out a bigot? What would you do Martyn, stay silent?

    The reason (or one of the reasons) National is still in the 40s% is that property prices rose dramatically during their 9 years in office. It’s their only achievement. But make no mistake, it made the properties middle class feel rich through their unearned, “paper wealth” and that’s whats captured their interest. When National says they are “ good economic managers” that resonates only because people feel wealthy. Never mind it’s artificial, like the share market in the late 1980s (before it all crashed), it’s how the lumpen middle class feels that matters.

    In this respect the Nats were very successful.

    That’s why nationalist Is still polling high despite their drop kick leader who has the intellect grunt of a guinea pig smoking synthetic weed.

    • “Maybe because it’s true when calling out a bigot? What would you do Martyn, stay silent?”

      He’s not saying we shouldn’t call out bigotry when it happens, but that the left tends to be very quick to call people horrendous names when they are offended rather than address the idea being said. ‘Racist’, Nazi’, ‘Transphobe’ are very loaded terms.

      Yes, there are some genuine racist and bigots out there. But most people aren’t overtly racist, and are just trying to get their concerns / point of view heard. Those points of view may very well be wrong, and their views should be discussed and the issues pointed out to them. But crying “RACIST” tends to kill a conversation outright and often leaves that person feeling attacked and like they don’t have a voice.

      Many of these people will go on to make their voices heard at the polls by voting against the left (arguably what we are now seeing in the US and Europe). Some will go and find like minded groups where they can discuss their ideas further. And occasionally these groups will radicalise.

      The left needs to move away from calling people fascists. Attack the idea not the person.

      • Unfortunately the woke brigade’s default setting is racist, sexist or whatever the fuck-ist.
        And in the competition to win the “Woke Olympics” they are quite happy not just attacking normal Joes for their “bigotry” but also attack other wokeys if they fail some arbitrary test of “woke purity”.
        They would have MUCH more success if they just left the rest of us the fuck alone and went about their business rather than trying to police our speech or thoughts because all this does is enrage us.
        I for one think that this whole transgender thing is a mental illness rather than anything else. However one of my best friends has a step daughter who likes to call herself a boy.
        She is a really nice kid who my son loves spending time with and 99% of the time there is zero problems.
        However every once in a while she gets her panties in a bunch that I refuse to call her “he”. For what it’s worth she has friction with her mother and step father over this also.
        However, none of us give a shit if she calls herself “he” or quite frankly egg salad sandwich. But this desire to police others speech is what causes the friction.
        If this is her biggest problem in life, then holy-o-fuck she is lucky.

        • You are actually evil. I hope that kid gets as far away from your malevoent arse as fast as possible. Denial of someones identity is very abusive, especially with regards to something something as deepseated as gender. It doesnt even take any effort on your part to call her by her proper pronouns and name, you know she doesnt like it when you misgender, and yet you are still willing to harm her because you are too self centred to give a shit. This isnt a free speech issue, this is a human decency issue. No one goes to the free speech argument to defend school bullies. So why are we doing it here when it is exacly the same thing.
          You understand nothing about trans people yet think you know better than them, if that isnt cis supremacy then I dont know what is.

  12. What exactly would make you think the lgbtq community and its battles are “Left Wing”? Or for that matter any of the ‘woke’ issues and battles. Personally I meet very few people I would describe as Left Wing..and its not from lack of looking. Most of the folk I do meet who claim a Left leaning are also quite passionate about why Bernie and Corbyn are hopeless and not only won’t win, but think that their “socialist agenda’ is dated and irrelevant.
    So I think its time to describe Nationals continuing popularity as more of an indictment of how our Centrist Labour Party/Greens and their supporters are failing to present a bold and compelling argument for a reset of the economy and the way we live and work and survive.

  13. This poll says: “no chance for climate resilience”.

    The whole political spectrum in AONZ would need to be shifted fundamentally, if climate change is supposed to be addressed more effectively, and in a transformational manner, practically dealing with root causes for socioeconomic plunder and destruction.

    A radical political force that could help and accompany driving this shift does presently not exist.

    Probably the best option is strategic re-organization, coming from the left of the Green Party/Labour Party, going in for a long haul.

    Tactical voting is a poor option for the left in AONZ as there are at least two actors / parties willing to omit climate resilience for immediate power gains….

    ….and these are the loose cannons.

    System Change. Now.




  14. Yes its all social media or maybe its a govt that has FAILED again and again to KEEP ITS PROMISES? You know like not passing the CP-TPP, like fixing NZ’s broken healthcare system, its dysfunctional social welfare, and over priced housing. Maybe too not addressing issues of immigration which is indeed used to keep house prices high but also keep wages low. Not to mention sucking up to the US buying military gear in my view we don’t need not to mention suggesting US influence in our neck of the woods should increase!!!

    All the while bleating about free speech and slyly increasing taxes on things like petrol and property owners when they are sitting on a massive surplus. Funny too how that’s not being spent given how many things there are to spend it on.

    This is the reason people like myself on the left DETEST this govt and are thinking about doing the unthinkable and voting for the right.

    • I agree with you Sean, but don’t do the unthinkable and vote right, the right do things worse than labour, but tend to be better at hiding it.

      The punch to the gut is more about you expect more from Labour than the Natz and so are more hurt when they break promises like TPPA which they always knew was going to led to job losses, but did it anyway.

      The rise in global dominance of multinational corporations everywhere in NZ and their tax advantages destroys NZ business, and the first thing multinationals tend to do, is to cut costs in the smaller countries and consolidate to larger ones.

      So NZ government allows the decimation of local industry for 30 years and now has few options to fall back on. (Even so will try to take the NZ companies down, first for any transgression, Kiwibank would never get away with ANZ behaviour for example).

      • Lets keep in mind it was Labour not National who started us down this neo con path in the 80’s. I dislike National but I hate hypocrisy even more. The reality for most real Socialists is NZ no longer has a left. Like the US we have a right and a far right. And one is not too far from the other.

        The real danger here in my opinion is ignoring what the so called left have become and making excuses for them rather than dumping them and looking for new parties and better solutions.

        I refuse to vote for more of the same so this lot wont be getting my vote come 2020. They had a chance, they blew it. Where I do go depends a lot on what other people do. But if altruism is dead all that remains is self interest and the reality is I’m personally better off under National than ersatz Labour.

        • @ Sean, I share your sentiments Sean and think your views are answering Martyns question perfectly “What National’s bewildering 45% really says about the Left in NZ”

          “It was Labour not National who started us down this neo con path in the 80’s. I dislike National but I hate hypocrisy even more.”

          BUT the big BUT, is that National want to destroy NZ as we know it and sell it off cheap to their mates, destroy social welfare here and destroy the environment, screw over subsequent generations, if they can make a $.

          There is conflict between the old Natz and the current Natz led by Key. AKA old farming type Natz and Day Trader globalist types like Key.

          Just like friction between the Globalists vs the Blairites vs the old socialist Labour in Labour.

          We saw what 9 years of Natz did to NZ, the poor are much poorer now than they were 9 years ago. People didn’t sleep in cars 9 years ago and wages were not static and in real terms going backwards.

          So although I am disappointed that Globalist Labour seem to be running Labour I also think they just don’t get what’s going on rather than the Natz goal if they get in to implement a detailed plan of their new privatised New Zealand owned and run by very small amount of people and companies who of course give Natz the big $$$ for running things their way.

          So although I am not happy with Labour I am still relieved that they are here instead of the Natz, however I fear they will blow the next election, because they are have very globalist, free trade & more migration, which is not where their support is coming from and the shit from the Natz like the low paid migrant work force and regulation and spending in the wrong places, (aka coroner blames the parents for their kid being killed by a waste management truck, nobody is going to notice apart from more congestion 1.2 billion on road safety improvements) is hitting their supporters hard.

          • So you are disappointed with globalist Labour but hey they are not as bad as globalist National? Well given they are globalists what difference does it make who runs the country?

            You see the mistake Labour has made in my view is thinking it can be like National and not have people treat it just like National. Reality is my wife and I will pay less tax under National so why would we want to vote for another party that’s just like them but taxes more?

            Take away altruism and what’s left is self interest. I can see nothing bewildering in that can you?

            • @Sean, Globalist labour have less of a hold of the party (although the unions are turning pro globalism, and seem to spend more time advocating for unemployed migrants and more migrant work visas so I guess they are a convert to Globalism, which clearly is not going to work long term, aka when they try and negotiate work conditions now, the private employers laugh in their faces and offer 0% pay rises).

              Natz would have sold off more state houses so would have increased homelessness and crime a lot more. There would be less regulation on climate change and pollution and growing polluters attracted here.

              Labour are better than National.

              As migration and TPPA kicks in though, middle class jobs are lost and being made redundant, which is something that Labour campaigned against aka signing TPPA, nobody is fooled it is different now they rebranded it CA-TPPA or whatever the fuck they call it now. People are just fatigued by the whole process of trying to change things for the better, just like RMA reforms rammed through in the councils, less and less bother to protest until election time when the politicians find out the hard way and their bovine advisors are so so surprised the numbers they were spouting were false!

    • This guy gets it! This government promises everything but delivers nothing. This will probably be the first ever election I do not vote Labour. I’m just sick of getting no results.

      I will not vote National. Possibly TOP? They are open to a National coalition, but I need somewhere to put my vote that actually feels like they have the conviction to fight for change…

      • LOL! Good luck with that!
        The only party with any chance of getting into parliament next year that fits that description is ACT!
        I do have to say that regardless of whether or not you like David Seymour from a philosophical point of view, he is perhaps the only politician that seems to carry the courage of his convictions.

  15. More companies and organisations are making people redundant, and it is the higher paid jobs that seem to be going, while the minimum paid socially poor ones like liquor and fast food outlets, poorly paid seasonal work that are expanding here that the taxpayer needs to top up are going great guns!

    Air New Zealand jobs go as Oliver Wyman consultants look to carve costs

    Vodafone NZ suggests job cuts fewer than 400 but won’t confirm

    Vice NZ looks set to close as part of a massive wave of global redundancies

    IBM exec awarded $180,000 payout after restructure leaves him with nothing to do

    Wattie’s confirms 70 voluntary redundancies at Hastings plant

    All at the same time as there are unprecedented work permits being given out to foreign nationals…. the companies don’t have to worry about rehiring workers then, get rid of the old ones, and put the new employees on temporary contracts at a lower rates and tell the government they can’t find anyone…

  16. What it tells you is that this Government is the worst since Muldoon.
    Everything they have touched, they have fucked.
    KiwiBuild for example has delivered about 200 houses whilst paying a fortune to wellington bureaucrats. Labour would have been more.effective had they tried nothing.
    They would have achieved the same but special to much less.

    • Since it required 250,000+ more people who needed housing to come here and ‘build’ them and all the other areas of demand this amount of new population creates, I’d say many people are now worse off than before because they just lost their job to a cheaper person or company that can provide cheaper people aka all the NZ construction firms going under.

  17. What this government woke up to and discovered (and still are) was an awful lot of wallpaper covering an awful lot of serious cracks in not only the public service but society. The budget cuts (efficiencies) to the public sector over the previous 9 years were so damaging that many were and are still in a state of engrained dysfunction as a situation normal. Try and turn that Titanic around in 3 years!

    Housing is so imbalanced now simple things like rent and continuity of residence is strangling the life out of many individuals and families and the stress and negative flow on effects are long and very deep. And it is such a key component of a functioning healthy society. And its here, the oppositions best performer, Phil Twyford, did so much damage to his party. Six bloody years he was housing spokesman,
    Six years to get his head around the housing enigma and either plot a course forward for Kiwibuild or warn his bosses it was unachievable and why. But he didn’t, rather it appears, he fucked around in opposition larking it up, 100% comfortable in the cushy little number he had as an opposition MP, never being held to account for a thing. Christ, he must have gone into deep shock when Little called it quits and Labour polling stated tracking north knowing as we all do now, he had nothing to offer up, full stop. And let’s not get started about Transport. And yes I know he’s not the only dud Cindy has had to put up with.

    However it seems a week does not pass when some other time bomb or landmine left behind by the 45 percenters goes off, Ihumatao being just the latest clusterfuck to blow up.

    This government has to sheet this mess, all of it back to its maker, namely National, their comms must be on cue everytime and they need to hammer them publically with their bare faced hypocrisy. Now is as good a time as any.

    And Jacinda’s number two needs to get stuck in and be the steel, the bovver boy, the yin to her yang and she must, must, must have the courage of her convictions and back her own judgement. Fuck them, she’s a good person and good for this country, too good in my opinion to lose!

  18. Another question is What does it say about nearly half of voting age New Zealanders?
    Not much that’s good, I’m afraid.

  19. Low wage economies don’t work because 50% of tax payers on the bottom in NZ apparently already don’t pay tax at all, they are net recipients. Having additional people only helps private business for consumerism, and increasingly private business only pays a fraction of tax here because they are based overseas and there are various legal ways like double taxation which means they pay less than a NZ based company, while the lowering of wages from those businesses using cheaper labour also lowers the personal tax take. It is a downward spiral.

    Therefore if the government is expanding the bottom 50% of personal tax payers that are net recipients and increasing the amount of people on benefits who will also be net recipients, by their economic policies, then there is going to be a big problem. Then there is the massive ongoing social and infrastructure costs of more people that have to be met.


  20. IMO every NZer is over-governed/over-taxed. Every child pays tax. When I was 15 yrs old I didn’t pay tax until I became 16y.o. That “small thing” aside, with a population of around 5 million, (less than the size of a small city in many other countries), we have 20 DHBs here, & the cost of them vis-a-vis what they achieve constitutes a huge financial loss to us all. (& I’m a retd. NZ registered nurse – could see from the get-go the damage that Jonkey & co were doing to the “health” system.) Goddess knows when we will recover from that. I think more would be achieved if every voter sat on the road outside polling booths & DID NOT VOTE! I think such action would convey a powerful message to every expectant candidate on voting day!

    • While a nice idea, sadly the right wingers always vote, so when the left don’t vote instead of change you get destruction of social services.

      NZ loves process and as many layers as they can get, so their are too many DHB’s, then there are all the other organisations like Health Alliance which has a toxic culture. There are not enough doctors and nurses on the ground or in management and money being wasted on bureaucracy.
      Tech is not used as well as it could be in this area, it’s poorly done, takes a long time and doesn’t deliver for the cost, like the councils and most of the government departments.

      The government could save with tech, but don’t, because again they don’t invest in people but think its a process and doing nothing then throwing money and more bodies at a bad situation will get results, big names will suddenly create a result with companies who don’t understand NZ and try to use specialised tech products which are designed for huge budgets and massive amounts of people that need a lot of custom work, or they hire some idiot that recommends the OZ owned Talent 2 (now renamed but same issues) to screw up a simple database to pay teachers!

      More government screw ups aka the CTO role in an excruciatingly unprofessional recruitment process produced a guy who was not technical, had never been a CTO, had not lived in NZ for years, and was imagining his glory at Davos, with a massive budget and team, not the reality of NZ beer budget.

      But substance does not seem to be required in NZ with qualified people, it is more about networking, and purchasing a dream like the Clare Curren Star trek dream.

      There is not enough intelligence or understanding in government of specialist issues, that they can’t even understand how to get recruiters or staff to get someone who is qualified to do something! (again apparently there was some weird procurement situation for government recruitment, so for the CTO role they could not get multiple recruiters to search for roles which might have been more fruitful.)

      • Let’s be clear. Regardless of what Adern said, this dude was recruited because he is a chum of hers.
        This was the first sign that this woman has deeply corrupt morals. The latest example is trying to gag the press over Ihamuato.
        For Adern it seems to be that the ends justify practically any means – presumably because she is so utterly convinced she is “right”.
        As soon as you start breaking your own moral code for expediency, you are doomed.

  21. You’re bewildered by this poll?
    I’m bewildered National isn’t higher.
    1. National will have picked up a few percent from angry NZ First voters who consider Winston a traitor for having gone with Labour. NZF is finished as a party, unless Shane can somehow ‘buy’ an electorate with his slush fund.

    2. Jacinda has successfully alienated tens of thousands of shooters and their families across the country because of her authoritarian approach to the new firearms legislation. She’s created an army of sworn enemies who will use every legal opportunity prevent her re-election.

    3. So many balls have been dropped by this government, it’s hard to keep count. It started with the appalling decision over oil & gas exploration, then there were the fuel tax increases, a failed kiwibuild program, messing with the rental market and thereby driving up rents, unwarranted verbal attacks on farmers, the Clare Curran saga, a billion trees not planted (as they never would be), verbal attacks on both the Australian and American governments via Jacinda’s virtue signalling, poking her nose into Ihumātao, cancelled roading projects, endless overseas trips for trivial reasons yet failing to turn up for the D Day anniversary. Plus many more I forget.

    • Don’t beat yourself up. Nationals numbers are commensurate with the number of lies, cheats, Iwi vs kiwi and con artists.

      • Hate to tell you sport, but Andrew is correct.
        Labour are the worst NZ government since Muldoon totally fucked th3 economy.
        However at least Muldoon knew how to achieve the outcomes he wanted – regardless of the malevolence behind those outcomes.
        Cindy and her bunch of Muppets couldn’t arrange a blow job in a brothel.

  22. LOL! Good luck with that!
    The only party with any chance of getting into parliament next year that fits that description is ACT!
    I do have to say that regardless of whether or not you like David Seymour from a philosophical point of view, he is perhaps the only politician that seems to carry the courage of his convictions.

    • Seymore, The waste of space that has tanked the ACT party which at last election get less party votes than either Mana or the Maori party and is a walking joke costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands in political welfare?

      • I never said he was effective. Just seems to walk what he talks.
        He doesn’t seem to have the same level of hypocrisy that national, Labour, green or nz first demonstrate regularly.

  23. As for NZ First, what a debacle, they finally get in as the anti immigration party and anti globalist party putting NZ first, and what do they do, help approve TPPA, have migrant work visas increase massively far more than the Natz, immigration not down to 10,000 -15,000, more OIA’s are approved, and the provincial fund seems more like propping up a few businesses than helping grass roots grow.

    They seem to have forgotten where their main support came from which was superannuitants and the ‘old Natz’ types.

    It is hard to see their main supporters (or 95% of people) getting excited about what they have been getting through government for the people… https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/government-waives-fees-change-registered-sex-birth-certificates

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