CNN Democratic Debate Round 1


Here is my hot take on Round 1 of CNN’s Democratic Debate.

How lucky are Democrats that they have 10 remarkable candidates with real passion and vision for America? It didn’t denigrate into insults or mud slinging, it was a great debate of ideas.

Elizabeth Warren was great, I liked Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke and Marianne Williamson reverberated with soul in a political debate.

I think Bernie won the night, and I think only he can beat Trump because positive populism (free education & health care) can beat negative populism (anti-immigration & fear).

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If 5 were to go through I would say Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, O’Rourke and Williamson who made her final word a remarkable insight into the psyche of America.

It almost looked like a functional democratic process. The only bum note was made by Donald Trump jr who tweeted this during the debate…


The only way Trump could creep us out more as a global super villain is if he had a hollowed out volcano for a lair with a giant laser gun.


  1. Bernie puts most of the candidate, and particularly commenters, to shame with his grasp of the issues and commitment to working people. Be great if he and Warren had a joint ticket and if they won have Bernie drop back to VP for term two. Hey dreams are free!

    But whatever happens, Trump has to go and Bernie has changed the Democrat landscape for good. Bernie is the one to take it to Trump in a class warrior manner.

  2. One thing that kept coming through was the strength of the progressive message that Bernie lit the fire under in 2016 but has been saying the same thing to closed minds in the states for years.
    If Bernie is not selected again then there are others who will advance the progressive platform he has promoted.
    The achievement is these issues are now at the forefront of debate in America particularly the influence of big donors on the political system.
    This major impediment to good law is now being challenged.
    Bernie and Warren are dragging the Democrats back to where they should be.

  3. Aside from Tulsi Gabbard and maybe Sanders if I was American I wouldn’t vote for any of the others. Reality is Trump will get back in anyway like it or not. I’ll add he’s not in my opinion the worst thing that could happen to the US.

  4. ” It didn’t denigrate into insults or mud slinging, it was a great debate of ideas.”

    Did we watch the same debate? That muppet John Delaney should be on the Republican ticket

    Sanders and Warren, on the other hand showed us what true progressive should sound like

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