GUEST BLOG: Hone Harawira – Don’t buy the hype, save your SOUL



So government said Fletchers can’t build at Ihumatao until a solution has been found.


Except government isn’t talking to the SOUL of the occupation; they’re not engaging with those who have given their all to getting the land back; they’re not communicating with those who are fighting for the land.

In fact government have cut the protesters out of the picture completely, and are only working with those who support the housing development.

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Government can see Ihumatao blowing up into a 21st century Bastion Point, and they know that if they handle this badly they’ll get scorched at next year’s election, so they’re saying all the right things … while still doing all the shady deals.

So if you’re thinking of coming to support the occupation at Ihumatao – COME! Bring a kai, bring firewood, tents, building materials, whatever you can bring to help reinforce the message that the occupation ain’t over till SOUL gets to the table, and a commitment is made to stop the Fletcher’s Housing Estate once and for all.

I’ll see you all down there.

SOUL (Save Our Unique Landscape)

Hone Harawira is the leader of the MANA movement


  1. And this will be labours downfall if they don’t sort this how come national have got away with saying nothing why haven’t our mainstream media questioned them on this they started a lot of this mess

  2. Kia ora Hone. We need to hear more from you.

    Labour has to face confiscation.

    Confiscation has been buried in Treaty Settlements. But that does not address the wrong of confiscation nor the sanctity of many sites lost in confiscation and Treaty Settlements.
    National want to cap the money spent on Treaty Settlements and Labour has followed this position. So real meaningful compensation has not happened.

    Opening up the corrupt illegal land grabs using “Confiscation” is well overdue but not Welcomed by Govt.

    Significant Historical sites is an appropriate place to start when addressing confiscation as an historical weeping sore the not only damages Maori / Tauiwi relationships and any basic trust of the European dominated Govts and their legal system which also has punished Maori.

  3. Where are all the bands? Big bands like Devilskin and Shihad. Lets have another Sweetwaters or Nambasa festival while everyone is here. Yeah, nah. If the government backs the confiscation principal with this protest, then oh boy won’t the flood gates open up after it. Can’t see it myself.

  4. This has got a long way to run yet. Strength and stamina and the more people the better. This is the place to bring all your frustration and grief for all that has been wrong for so long. Grow and heal. Ihumatao is our chance to show we care and are ready to make change a reality.

  5. Good luck with that! The polls say 45% National and while I personally don’t believe this level of support, not for a second, I absolutely positively know that every single one of them will be against any and all sympathy for this protest, and also harbour a type of hatred towards Treaty payments etc etc …… That’s a lot of our country. Just like Climate Change, this confiscation protest is hugely misunderstood by nearly everyone non Maori and therefore a major campaign to educate is required if progress is to be made.

  6. But you’ve got to go to the heart of the matter.
    And the heart of the matter lies within past personal/financial relationships between our politicians and their Big Business mates historically both here and in AU. In these modern times, those mafia like connections have gone global and the Chinese, the UK and the U$A will all have a vested interest in claiming AO/NZ in part or in whole as their own.
    Our current cadre of modern fellows are really just little wanna be’s charged with keeping a lid on the crimes of the past.
    A Labour government that has no blood on its hands could have solved the Ihumatao issue in hours. It’d be in their best interests to do so. So, why drag out what seems like an inevitability?
    The answer is that they, like national and sundry others, have things to hide. Big things to hide. And if you think we have two opposing political parties vying for who’s going to get a chance to do the very best by their constituents then you’ve been absent on Mars or have only just recently warped back from a parallel Universe.
    Surely, you can see that?
    We have a large country with a tiny population that has an enviable reputation for being First World which earns its revenue by exporting the best essentials globally and we’re all fucked but for a few multi millionaires and billionaires. What? About that? Shouldn’t raise alarm bells when it comes to Maori retaining sovereignty over their lands in this instance?
    There will be individuals hiding in the shadows watching this unfold. We need to find them, drag them out into the cold light of day and subject them to intense public scrutiny by way of a Royal Commission of Inquiry. Only then, will everything else fall into its natural place.

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