GUEST BLOG: Hone Harawira – Ihumatao


For those of you getting the wiriwiriz because the kaumatua said get off the land at Ihumatao – remember this – Joe Hawke ran foul of his own kaumatua and kuia when he occupied Bastion Point to stop government from flickin’ it off to the developers. But he kept going, and the people kept coming, and helped Joe and the Orakei Action Committee win Bastion Point back for Ngati Whatua ki Orakei.

Don’t be scared. Our kaumatua and kuia will forever hold a special place in our hearts for their connection to the world of our tupuna. But the people we follow into battle will be those with the courage, the smarts, the passion and the determination to win back our rights and our lands.

BE BOLD. This is your world, your chance to stand with the ones who are fighting the developers. Make IHUMATAO your Dakota Access Pipeline, your Mauna Kea. Make that FB struggle for indigenous rights you’re always diving into, REAL in your lifetime, and in your homeland.

Hone Harawira is the leader of the MANA movement


  1. The Dakota Access Pipeline , indeed.

    Good point of reference as it may be not oil, but it is development for short term financial gain mainly for Fetchers and potentially forever obliterating that area in the cultural and archaeological sense. Its time those who hold the power and the purse strings climbed down off their high horses in this country and listen up. And its time we all started to make them listen.

    We are still paying dearly for the neo liberal cancer that was introduced over 30 years ago.

    No more of this Lords, Ladies and serfs bullshit.

  2. 100% Hone.
    The land, the history and the way in which “law” has been used to steal land from Maori, all need to be in the picture of what this is about.

    Confiscation alone is a weeping injustice that need to be raised over and over across every rohe that has grieved the loss of land and mana blatantly stolen by crown agents.

  3. Well put Hone. This type of post Colonial fall out at Ihumātao out can be overcome. With the numbers, the people can win–“Unite all who can be united” and send the Cops packing and force the Govt. into returning the Whenua.

  4. If this is a difference between kaumatua and kuia , and their younger people, then as a pakeha I feel uncomfortable in poking my nose into Iwi affairs that dont really concern me

    Taking sides is not something I feel comfottable in

    It remindsme of the Land Wars where pakeha pitted one tribe against another and then seized the spoils

    However, having said that I fully support a peaceful resolution to this conflict

  5. Awesome words Hone. Now is the time and this is the issue. Good things always come from people standing together to protect the land and their ability to care for it. Enough already. Time to take a stand

  6. Hone your brand of honesty and ability to speak for those left behind in the class struggle, resonates well with many. Dot Com compromised that.
    Beware of Destiny snaring your brand. Destiny is a toxic mix.

  7. John W:
    Those who were at Ihumatao saw Brian Tamaki come on to the marae atea with his Tu Tangata people and Hone Harawira in their midst. From them we heard some good sound sense about the way forward. We saw that Brian and Hone were not afraid to take a radical line on colonisation, the raupatu and our present day response. I distance myself from some of Brian’s comments, but I also accept that he has a legitimate role, along with the Ratana, Ringatu, Pai Marire, Ope Whakaora, Baptist and Pentacostal ministers, te Hahi Mihinare and others who stood on the marae atea at Ihumatao.
    I think Hone now recognises that the role played by these religious leaders in Maoridom is more important, and more constructive, than that of secular politicians and political activists. Ihumatao as a movement is in large measure a religious phenomenon. Its kaupapa – no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco, peaceful action in defence of the land, whakaaro pai ki nga tangato katoa – is profoundly faith based.
    So some of the people who write blogs and comment on this site are not comfortable with that reality? So be it. It seems that the vast majority of the incredible, amazing, inspiring rangatahi of Ihumatao know that their religious heritage is an essential aspect of their past, their present and future well-being, and the message is not lost on Hone. Ka pai.

    • Acknowledge and accepted as today’s reality.

      My comment was really aimed at Hone and Mana not being a part of Destiny and should not or Mana will no longer speak for many.

      I also acknowledge the Maori beliefs before colonisation by missionaries, and these are still held widely and independently of existing churches.

      Maori have been colonised in several ways to their detriment.

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