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  1. How long can the Arctic’s sea ice last. The Arctic is the Planet’s air conditioner. Europe and N.America are baking in yet another extreme heatwave. The jet streams have gone totally loopy. Global average surface temperature is at 1.8C above the 1750 baseline A blue ocean event will eventually boost GAST by 1 to 2c threatening civilisation’s viability.
    Conversation with Peter Wadhams

  2. You have to wonder how it is acceptable that the silver ferns have a whip around to raise $300k prize money after being World Cup winners and they pay for their own flights (surely Air NZ should have been able to give sponsorship of travel at the very least prior to the tournament!), while the Mens Cricket gets 3 million bonus already in their contracts even if they don’t win?

    The tax payers and rate payers stump up hundreds of millions for America’s cup for overseas billionaires, but our local world champion sports women clearly aint getting enough state funding, are expected to pay their own air travel (not even free air travel sponsorship from Air NZ), get no prize money in their contracts, and go home to their day jobs, at the Pharmacy for example? It’s a testament to their ability, that they won at all under those circumstances!

    Good on the sponsors who supported the Silver Ferns, but the amount seems to have discrimination of gender with the clear discrepancy of what the men got and what the women got.

    As usual our government thinks that the ‘market’ will decide the discrimination issue and they can’t possibly regulate anything in that area, instead as usual their priority is ‘trickle down’ to take tax money from locals and give to billionaire sports like America’s cup, while snubbing supporting pay parity and equality for local world champion sport!

    Time to make our country equal and that can start by regulating the amount of media and TV coverage. It should be illegal to have gender discrimination on sports, aka 50% news and TV coverage of both mens and womens sport.

    It is the 21 century, why is there still open discrimination against women, in the law allowed in NZ, when we love to say how we gave the women the vote here, first?

    We have the stupid talk fests about powerful women and gender equality, which helps to distract from the crap equality there is in NZ in practical terms.

    Discrimination of gender and indeed age, is something we talk about constantly in NZ, but the actual regulation and practise of it, goes by the wayside, just like our declining environmental credentials.

    Has anyone noticed how increasingly around the world there is an aspirational idea in 2050 so you can get a good headline, without actually doing anything or spending any real money or having real change!

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