The politics of kindness doesn’t work on Australians


The most awkward forced smiles ever winced in one political selfie 

You can either read it here first on The Daily Blog, or you can read about it a month later in the NZ mainstream media.

The domestic pressure occurring in the criminal underground by the sudden forced importation of far more violent Australian gangs is being slowly picked up by the mainstream media (the newsrooms of NZ are run by micro aggression policing Millennial’s who don’t have ANY contacts inside the criminal underworld) and I’ve blogged about the impact of this politically for Labour  already.

This is why the PMs visit to Australia to attempt to contest this policy of the forced rendition of NZ citizens who fail a ‘character’ test is so important. If Jacinda can’t stem the flood of violent Australian criminals who happen to have NZ citizenship into the country, this new strain of violence is going to erupt and allow Simon Bridges to dance all the way to the ballot box with some ridiculously counter productive tough on crime bullshit.

Unfortunately Jacinda has already ruled out doing the exact same thing with Australian born criminals and sending them back to Australia because two wrongs don’t make a right, but trying to use the politics of kindness on a country as bigoted as Australia is a waste of time.

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They just elected  a climate denying pentecostal Christian as Prime Minister and when they aren’t renditioning NZ citizens back to NZ, they are holding refugees in appalling conditions and treating Kiwis like second class citizens.

Fuck em.

Its time to actually have a fight with Australia over this because if Jacinda can’t throw a punch for an issue as unjust as this, she’s going to look weak as well as timid in 2020 when she needs to look strong and confident.

If a gang war erupts in public, watch the scramble to look tough then.

Australia: Where two snakes root and a dingo chews a shark


  1. NZ residency for Australians needed to change to be exactly the same as the residency rules for Kiwis in Australia about 20 years ago. We did nothing. We need to impose tax penalties on Australians working here on short term contracts. Same as for Kiwis working in Australia. Any Australian contributing to Kiwisaver schemes while working here should not be able to take their savings out of NZ to Australia. Same as the super conditions imposed on Kiwis working in Australia.All Australian citizens should be taxed at a special rate to cover the costs of returning deportees. No Australian should have access to our health system without paying the full costs for every service. No access for Australians to NZ welfare benefits under ANY circumstances. Even if they are paying tax. Same conditions as those imposed on Kiwis in Australia. No child of an Australian citizen residing here should have access to higher education unless they pay full fees . No access to our student loan scheme. Same conditions as that applied to kiwi families raising their Australian born offspring. Only then we will experience any negotiated change.Only then will the scumbag racist Aussies listen. Wake the fuck up Jacinda. You clearly have no idea who you are dealing with.

  2. Its just another photo op for the gurl … It just makes everybody feel warm and fuzzy inside! Thats the Crises fixed! You know, Homelessness, Housing, Health & Education, Oranga Tamariki … and then Climate Change.

    • I think the irony of the kiwi criminals returning home is not lost on Ardern given Australia was created on convicts. As for photo ops I think she needs to go to a few cafes and pull male ponytails or maybe photo ops with Whailoil or Hoskings and Hawksbury

  3. I lived in Australia until recently.
    I think Kiwis mistake Australians’ friendliness towards us (based on past, largely anglo-saxon) history, sporting and cultural links for being a deep connection between the nations that transcends national interests.

    Australia deports foreign criminals. No matter where they are from.

    What politician is going to allow a criminal to stay and risk a headline-grabbing crime that will be blamed on that politician? (Aside from our own unimpressive Ian Lees-Galloway)

    So the Kiwi Kriminals will continue to be deported back here. Get used to it.

    • I’ve also lived in Oz. They’re actually not much different from us.

      And Ada is right. It would be a shoot-in-the-foot move for any Oz MP to argue to keep Kiwi Kriminals (as Ada calls them) over there, when they can send them back here.

      And the response to those in NZ who blame Oz for their turning to crime, saying “Oz brought them up that way, and so it’s their fault, and they should keep them”: no, says Oz, it’s their (Kiwi) parents who brought them up; you can have them back.

      Realpolitik, Jacinda. We have no choice. C’est la corrosion.

  4. yes we need to change our rules we can’t have them coming here and getting entitlements we can’ get in their country

  5. They’re Murdochian mental cases over there. A slight surface, mind you, on the solidarity where no Ozzie will let a govt step on their own toes for any reason. Versus idealistic us … sigh.

    Main thing, Ardern is a pale shadow of the ideas revolution of Norman Kirk after 12 years of National, but there has been one. We consider the least a lot more — versus Key’s worst failure being not changing the flag according to him. Kirk , however, was serious — these people are mostly painting watercolours in the rain. Better, yes, but 100 times not enough. Kirk and the old-timers were about the enough.

  6. Love the (second) photo and the caption!

    I’m inclined to agree with Shona that we’ve been played for a soft touch. I wonder how Shona’s suggestions would go down in cabinet.

  7. “Unfortunately Jacinda has already ruled out doing the exact same thing with Australian born criminals and sending them back to Australia because two wrongs don’t make a right, but trying to use the politics of kindness on a country as bigoted as Australia is a waste of time”…..

    sad that the NZ resident victims of Australian criminals here have to live with this double standard…. considering Tarrent just murdered so many a few years after living in NZ it seems that thinking about NZ victims of crime and prevention of crime here by foreign nationals, is something that is not very interesting to NZ politicians… they seem to welcome them and advocate for them, which could be why world leaders may give Jacinda accolades but nothing else… and probably laugh at NZ stupidity, aka welcoming in overseas criminals here or giving away NZ assets for free to other countries or tax free status, while the NZ government/councils are borrowing money and NZ standards of living are dropping, while our jails are over flowing.

    Soon there will be so many criminals that the justice system itself is going to be overrun with new cases, and months and years to get a trial.

  8. Kiwi voters like “strong and decisive”. The PM can be an absolute ass but if they’re perceived as “strong and decisive” they’re in.
    Look back and check:

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