The Black Caps didn’t lose, they just didn’t win


Let’s not be this.

The Black Caps didn’t lose, they just didn’t win.

There is an enormous difference.

Relitigating rules, complaining about peculiarities of a unique sporting event situation and raging at how unfair it all was seems so petty and beneath the titanic competition we all witnessed.

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I think this weird hyper competitiveness at all costs shit is pretty damaging, we were all privileged to the most incredible match of cricket in the history of the game & the humble grace our team played with tells its own victory.

This was no malicious under arm bowling game, we weren’t cheated by spite, every team knew the rules going in, luck favoured our opponents at crucial stages.

Luck doesn’t pick sides.

No one lost that World Cup final, on the day England was simply first amongst equals.

Jacinda Ardern was in TVNZ breakfast this morning suggesting that a parade would be too much, I think she is deeply wrong. We should give this team a parade, they might not have arrived with the cup, but they are still winners who did us proud.




  1. For me i was sad we didn’t win but i am so proud of our cricket team because the cricket commentators said the Indian and English teams
    had too much class for us but they didn’t. We showed we can match it with the best in the world we are the ones that showed class and our black caps deserve a parade for show casing us on the world stage.

      • Uuumm it’s the second final the Black caps have been in Sam. They were finalists in 2015 as well. And have been semifinalists in every world cup tournament. Just saying. And the trophy should be shared as England were awarded on a rule cut and pasted from T20 cricket and recommended against by most coaches and appointed officials.Both teams scored the same number of runs and in fact if you really want to get technical the huge error made by the umpires over the 6 run over throw could be appealed against as there is enormous support for the Black caps among sitting officials of the MCC. England won ….yeah right! It is a tie.

        • Half the players won’t be in the Blacks caps next World Cup. In 8 years it will be a new bunch of players. There’s a difference between change and evolution. In World Cup cricket you get 12 years at the max to evolve into a World Cup winning side before charge wrecks your dreams.

          • Still wasn’t a fluke Sam.That’s the point.And it doesn’t take that long to develop a cricket team these days due to T20 it is a game that is always growing.

  2. The pomscand Blacj caos shouldve been declared equal winners

    Sometimes two opposing players or teams are so equally matched that we have to recognise the obvious

  3. No wonder we’re all getting depressed when the country’s Prime Minister is now saying that it’s the winning that counts.

    In the dim and distant past when I had to play team sports we were told it was how the game was played that counts.

    Were the NZ cricketers that bad that they are to be snubbed when they come home, instead of being cheered and being told, ‘ Hey – well done guys.’ ?

    I wouldn’t know a bad cricket match if I saw it – even tho’ I once managed the Kilbirnie Cougars – but it is not particularly edifying being seen as sore losers.

    It’s sort of ironic that when a group most needs support, when they have failed to win, that we turn our backs on them, and maybe that is a neat little illustration of just how flawed our national psyche has become – maybe a couple of Jungian advisers are needed in the PM’s inner orbit.

    What do we tell the kids now anyway ?

    • No winning is not the issue. The issue is the idea that sporting accomplishments can be predetermined at a young age.

      People can infer natural talents onto young people like speed and power and those natural talents will be distributed unevenly across the roaster but by the time they all reach 25 there’s a kind of even out of skills as people learn to deal with different body types and those different players who pose different types of challenges.

      Y’know players especially when they are young need discipline more than natural talents. So if you think of a test day for your average Black Cap they’ve got over a hundred different decisions to make from food, to transport, maybe they need to wear a special shoe because they’re sponsored but the food aspect is so fundamental for the high performance athletes and keeping hydrated.

      Y’know making sure your foods prepared for the day so no matter what interruptions come up you’ve got the discipline to consume the minimum standard nourishment while at the same time completing the required training regime and then doing the extras to get ahead of the competition. And when youre young you shouldn’t really be worried about going 10 grams over or 10 grams under the special requirements adults say will get you to the results, young people should just get started on developing there own winning culture.

  4. Just a certificate of participation (a ribbon each?) and a barbie at the sports minister’s place would be enough for the boys I reckon, save heaps. Surely a precedent for parade can’t be set for every second place result for teams at whatever level, especially with women and amateur sportspeople excelling without recognition.

  5. The wives had already organised post tournament holidays. Why would they want to come back to Nz in the middle of winter to be paraded in front of point scoring politicians for coming second?

  6. Regardless of the result it was a great series with very high quality cricket played on individual and team levels. The level of good sportsmanship shown throughout was also very gratifying.
    The Black Caps went down as valiant losers and helped provide a rivetting final that defied all expectations.
    Good on them for putting everything into it and to England for doing the same but with a better result.
    I agree that a parade is probably not the best way to celebrate their achievements, too American and too predictable.

  7. IMO, the English cricket team was AWARDED their “win”. I think if the English team were honest, they would disavow their “win” & facilitate the honest win that the NZ team demonstrated.

  8. To say we were lucky to make the finals is utter bull we beat a star studded Indian team who underestimated us as far as they were concerned they had already won the game yet they were outsmarted. We need to stop that tall poppy syndrome bullshits not good for us and not good for our young ones. Let the English have there glory i really enjoyed watching them sweating it out till the last ball and we almost beat them despite being written of by many including us. we could have done an Aussie (under arm) but that’s not us aye!

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